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Stunning Theme. but a few questions.

1. would it be possible to add a slider on top of the blog feed on the homepage? I was looking to have a featured post slider on it.

2. The side bar on the homepage could have custom widgets from the marketplace correct?

Thanks much


1) Yeah, you could easily do that with a third party plugin. We have a few recommended in the documentation. If you add content to the homepage, it will automatically add to the top of the blog feed which is perfect for a slider.

2) Yeah, the sidebar on the homepage is just an open widget area. Feel free to customize it with any widgets you need.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hey, I really liked this theme. Though, I have a question. Did this theme support Arabic language? If not, can you do something about it?

Purchase completed!

Dear Mike, I’ve already Purchased the theme, and it is looks great. Though, I have a lot to talk about with you. I’m working on making a post in the support forum that you provide me early. Appreciate all the help.


Sounds great. We will answer any questions you have in the support forums.

how can I add my ads like the demo, didn’t see the settings?

We have written and video directions on how to easily ad advertisements to the demo in our documentation. If you have already purchased the theme, it’s located under “Advertisement Post”.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

I mean I want to add google adsense code with 250×250 pixel, can I add google code directly in the post setting ?

Yeah, you can add google ad code directly into the theme. We have many buyers that have done this and can confirm it works well.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, Before buy this theme I would like to know if I can modify the CSS without break the visualization of the site in tablets and smartsphones (responsive). For example, I want to align the site in the center, I want to change the design of the top. In addition, I want to create a 3-column-footer. I noted that the theme has no footer, is there a predefined footer to be used or can I create one? I also would like to change the sidebar style. Is it possible to do all those changes and do not break the theme?

Thank you. Andreza

Unfortunately we can’t provide support for customizations. Custom development is encouraged but it’s something that is up to the buyer. The responsive layout should work fine if you use our existing grid system and containers. The responsive stylesheet handles that all for you. The footer in Bayside is located in the sidebar. You could easily move this to the bottom of the site if you wanted.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Do you have any plans to optimize the grid display for 480px or 768px? The posts don’t center or adjust size. It’s not a relevant issue at all, but I was just wondering.

You can actually adjust the container size in the theme options. From there, it will automatically display as many columns as possible for the resolution of your screen. If you were concerned about a certain resolution, you could adjust the columns to fit perfectly on that resolution.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Can you use @media queries in CSS to display different container sizes based on the screen resolution? For example, the container size for 320px is not optimal for 480px.

No, these are set via Masonry via JavaScript. You could try over-riding them as we do this in another theme but it is not built-in to the theme. That would be unsupported to adjust the container size on different resolutions. I suggest testing it on your mobile device as most of them will display the container well.

I’m moderately proficient at coding. Would it be something as simple as to call window.Width or something more elaborate? Last question, I promise.

Go ahead and send me an e-mail as this is more about customizing(Contact form is on bottom right of profile page):

Is infinite scroll SEO friendly? As google cannot “scroll”, so without a sitemap this would be a bad idea correct?

Yeah, it is SEO friendly. The scroll pages are referenced in the code as normal pagination. It is then being replaced via javascript and an ajax request. Search engines read these as normal pages and doesn’t know it is an infinite scroll blog.

Let me know if you have any other questions.


Do you include the raw HTML for the theme? I don’t any use for the WP but would love to integrate the HTML/CSS/JS into a project of mine.


Yeah, we include HTML files within the theme.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Is it possible to customize the homepage or does it only show the last posted messages?

Thanks in advance.

Yeah, the homepage can be fully customized. You can add content or choose from a specific category. In addition you can choose from multiple categories or all latest posts.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

regarding adding the adverts. I watched the video on how to place them. I’ve not tested it but wanted to check..

If i post an advert will it disappear from the main page if loads of news is posted ?

if it will is there any way to make it stay on the top area of a page with having to change the date all the time ?


PS: Love the theme

We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to post any questions in the forums and we can help you out:

Also another question.. My site is new here is the link –

But for some reason the heading “10 match ban for racist” is sticking to the top above the other news articles.

I’ve looked in the settings and tried a few things.. but can’t get it removed.

any suggestions ?

I noticed your site doesn’t have the same issue.

We provide support via our support forums. Feel free to post any questions in the forums and we can help you out:

To any potential buyers: This theme is so clean, it’s kids will have weakened immune systems!

Everything is logically laid out, and the eye moves around the screen very easily. The text is all sized properly so it doesn’t look like a jumble of words smashed together.

The 2-3 times on differing occasions that I needed help/support,the forums or emails are usually replied to within minutes from the creator,(though this is obviously not always going to be the case, it’s a great sign!)

:-) Thanks for the great review. Glad you are happy with our product and support.

I need help using the Live XML how do I use that, how do I use it with Word press

Check out the documentation in the “Help Section” folder . We have written and video walk throughs on how to use Import the Live Preview Data. If you have any additional questions, just jump onto our support forums:

Hi Thanks for your help quicly, next problem I had to re install wordpress and delete bay theme, now when I try to re install Its says its missing the style sheet css

Also How Can I Make My Old Website Files Searchable via this new one…How can I turn My old files into a XML like you did?


Your account has been manually approved. Please post any questions in the support forums:

great theme! does this theme come with footer sidebar options?


Bayside does not have any footer sidebar options. Currently we have the footer in the sidebar. If you wanted to move the footer to the bottom that can be done with minor customizations. We just felt the copyright information would be more visible in the sidebar.

Let me know if you have any other questions.

ok thank you – and if I purchased this theme, your support forum would be able to help me move the footer?

Another question: does the theme offer the option to have a different sidebar on the homepage than other pages?

Yeah, you can easily customize the sidebar so it is unique on pages like the homepage. If you needed help with the footer, that is a customization so we cannot offer support for this.

Hi, I’ve purchased this theme and tried to register on the support forums but did not receive a confirmation link in my email.

Issue that I have is that my latest post title is appearing at the top of my main homepage. How can I fix that? Link is here for your reference:

Yeah, sometimes the confirmation e-mail gets lost. Let me know what your user-name is and I can manually confirm your account so you can post questions in the forums.

Note: Your question is covered in the documentation under “Creating the homepage”. You can find more details on our forum as well:

Many thanks for your prompt reply. Confirmation email finally came in. Woops, I should learn to RTFM before posting questions! I’ll have a look at the video and have a go :)

No worries, glad it was an easy fix :-)

I had several questions before purchasing this theme:

1. Does your theme have/support megamenus? ( style) 2. is there an integrated “Author Box” option? (one that shows info about the author at the end of the post?) 3. What are the Advertisement possibilities? 4. Is there any review system? 5. What are the color options?

Please reply, it might get you a purchase :)

1) No we do not support mega-menus. There are plenty of great plugins that can add this functionality though like:
2) There is no author box but you can add this with a plugin like:
3) The advertisement possibilities are shown on the live preview. You can have advertisements in-line, the sidebar, or at the top of pages before the content starts.
4) Review systems can be added via third party plugins like this one:
5) We use the WordPress Theme Customizer that allows you to adjust most colors from a color picker on the front-end. You can find a screen-shot of this here:

Thanks for the reply

Let me know if you have any other questions.


It’s a great theme.

Once question I have:

Is is possible to set a maximum width of the content area and also change the width of the article boxes?

I would like to have maximum 3 columns of articles or maybe even two, but wider.

I have a high resolution monitor and right now I can see the articles on 5 columns.

Also, is it possible to center the layout?

What I want to accomplish is something similar to Mashable.

Thank you.

Regards, Alin!

1) Yeah, you can easily adjust the box widths. This is a simple setting in the options panel. You can set a maximum width of the entire content with some custom css max-width.
2) The amount of boxes is dependent on the box width you set. The only customization is one line of CSS to add a max-width around your content.
3) Centering the layout would require customizations. Note: We do not provide support for customizations so you will need to make these yourself and/or hire a developer.

Let me know if you have any other questions.