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no sticky header??

Hi, I’m sorry, but it’s not available on Bazar theme.

Hi! When it comes to sidebars, where is the “top” setting. Because if you choose on the page not to have a sidebar, then you might think there would be no sidebar. But there is. And if you delete sidebars from the “sidebar” option in backend in Bazar, then you would think they would disappear. On my shop page “sidebar-shop-sidebar”, just don’t want to disappear. Any suggestions? Any known conflicts? Thanks!

Hi! I want to know if I can turn off the drop down list with product search order options, on the shop page? Or at least remove one of them, most sold items, which is what I really want.

My products displays descending, with latest first, and I don’t want this most sold to show as option there. Thanks!

Hi, try to add this php code on your functions.php file:

remove_action( ‘woocommerce_before_shop_loop’, ‘woocommerce_catalog_ordering’, 30 );


When I click on add new page, I only get to a totally blank page. So I wonder if this is a bug or something you know of?

If I need to update Bazar, how and in which order shall I update (wordpress/theme/plugins)? Should I remove the old bazar and then add update?

I just want to make sure that I don’t loose anything when I update. And always when I update Bazar I have to translate everything all over. Not only strings that are new, but all strings. Would be great not to have to do that. Do you have any suggestion?


Hi, if you have a blank page then probably there is an hidden php error. Try to enable the WP_DEBUG constant in your config.php file and let me know what you see. Thank you.

If i’m going renew support, will i have support for changing the site from http to https ? including all the problem follow after that.

Hi, theme is already compatible with https protocol, probably you simply need update the urls saved in Theme Options.


I already made the activation on yith support, but i still cant install the sample data version, nothing happens, just the circle spins for hours. What else i need to do?

Hi, probably you have a php error in your installation. Try to open a ticket with your admin and FTP credentials, our guys will try to fix it ;)


CEBert Purchased

I had to reset the theme because no changes were happening. Now it’s default but still doesn’t allow me to change any settings, nothing saves.

Hi, try to check if exists a “cache” folder inside “wp-content/themes/bazar”.


CEBert Purchased

The cache folder does exist. What is strange is Theme Options nothing saves. But if I do stuff Maintenance Mode or Backup and Reset those settings change. But nothing in Theme Options saves, the layer that says it has saved the settings doesn’t even appear.

Pre Sales question, is your theme compatible with Visual Composer? Thanks Angelique

Hi, sure, Bazar is compatible with Visual Composer plugin.


xdxxdx Purchased

Hi There

Following Instruction from here—> I am trying to find bazar shop theme in as instructed; however, it looks theme is missing. See link provided

Please advise how I should go further

Hi, in documentation we mean that if you have not installed WordPress, you can download it for free from website.

Bazar can be found only on ThemeForest :)

hi does anyone has a performance issue with ajax? I don’t remember the theme taking at least 15 seconds to load as tested on gtmetrix

any remedy to this problem? Been having this issue for ages and nothing on Google seems to help including delaying ajax and getting the heartbeat plugin moniter

Hi, there, good theme, i have plan to purchase.But two question, can i disable the price or change to IDR??

Hi, yes, you can, but this is not a theme feature, you need set it in WooCommerce settings or use a related plugin :)


djgeoffk Purchased


How can I change the text color of my product variations drop down menu? It should be set, but I have the settings in the Bazar/ThemeOptions/Shop/Typography/Product variations set to Black #000000 – but the text shows grey.

Any help is appreciated. Thanks

Hi, try to use this css code:

#primary.product .sidebar .product-box .variations .select-wrapper select { color: #000000; }


djgeoffk Purchased

That works nicely… THANK YOU!

Hi there,

Can you point where we would edit the store cart page from? I can see where to edit the products but not the cart page.

Thanks in advance! Jen

Hi, what you want change in cart page? The layout or only the style?


baskie Purchased

Hi, I see a lot of messages in the error log from this site.

For instance: 404-error: /wp-content/themes/bazar/core/assets/css/images/overlay-button.png 404-error: /wp-content/themes/bazar/core/assets/images/bg/tab-price-gradient.png

I have downloaded the latest files from but in there, these files are not present.

This is generating a lot of 4xx-errors. The firewall can then block a visitor due to too many of these requests.

Can you explain what is the cause here: where are the files for example?

Thanks, Bas

Hi Bas, in what pages do you have these errors? They are all related this folder ”/wp-content/themes/bazar/core/assets/images/” or also “wp-uploads”?

Let me know, Thank you.


baskie Purchased

Hi Sara: we have them mostly on the product page. We’ve also had a lot of errors like this: 404: /wp-content/themes/bazar/images/icons/small-socials/delicious.png In the download you provide the folder “small-socials” as mentioned in the url above, is actually called “socials-small”. Besides: we don’t need those, so they don’t need to be loaded. Thanks, Bas

Hello. Can you please explain the difference between this theme and your other theme, MayaShop? Thank you.

Hi, they have a different design, a different core and theme options. In Bazar are included also premium plugins like Revolution Slider and uSquare.


solen Purchased

Ciao Sara_p posso aggiornare alla versione wp 2.9 grazie mille!

Ciao, si, al momento non sembrano esserci problemi :)


Dariostar Purchased

Why are all my portfolios capped at 62 images? can’t add more…

Hi, the Bazar portfolios have no limits, this is probably related to your server memory.


Dariostar Purchased

IDK… I used another plugin and could load 200+... But I had to remove the plugin and I have to use yours… So any suggestions on how to fix this? Please be specific. Thanks!


RatQz Purchased

I have red this CSS line to have the sidebar below the product details.. but it does not work.

.sidebar-right .sidebar, .sidebar-left .sidebar { order: 3 !important; }

Is that custom CSS good?

Hi, can you give me the url of your website? I will try to give you a correct css code.

hi sara i need required code to Display Product specific to a category with its ID. Please see pic thanks in advance

Hi, you need add this slider as new tab or you can use the simple Product Categories Slider?

Hi. I love your theme, do you have rtl support?

Hi, thank you :)

I’m sorry, but Bazar doesn’t support it. You can try to check our Bishop theme that is RTL compatible :)