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GORGEOUS! I am purchasing straight away! I would say good luck with sales but you won’t need it!

...thank you, i hope so :)

WOW…WOW….and WOW! I am only 3 pages into the live preview and am blow away!! Good luck with sales Sara!

thank you so much :)


More than 2,5Mo for the home page.. Do you plan to improve the size ?

Please check – – the page is 700kb with the GZIP enabled, 1.4mb with the GZIP disabled. And in our live preview we have also files that usually you don’t have in the shop, like the color picker we are using to show the background availables and so on. The page speed is 84/100, i think is great :)

Ok perfetto, grazie mille !! ;)

Grazie a te :)

You guys are crazy ! :)

It’s the true :D

Just Purchased! Great Theme!!

Thank you for your purchase :)

looks great Sara_p ;)

Thanks :)

will this work with woocommerce 2.0

Sure :)

wonderful theme, will I be able to change out fonts?


sure, you can change the fonts in the typography panel, and chose from 600+ fonts :)

OMG! Gorgeous theme! :D This one is definitely on my wishlist :)

Glad to see it in your cart :D

This truly upsets me. I asked on the Cheope page (pre-purchase question) a few weeks ago about choosing between Cheope and Maya, because I couldn’t decipher the differences or which would be the best theme for me. Researched both for 2 months! Purchased Cheope last week. Having a ton of issues with install and setup. Then this theme is released without even being mentioned. I would have waited a week and purchased this theme over Cheope or Maya in a heartbeat. Very angry. Wish this was mentioned prior to purchase and wish there was a way I could exchange my purchase for this theme.

Hi captmack, i can’t exchange the themes, because i don’t manage the sales of my themes here on Themeforest. If you are not happy with Cheope you can try to ask a refund to TF, or ask help our site, opening a ticket and explaning the issues you have with my theme. We will be happy to help you.

Woocommerce has captured many wp developers attention, it works great. I’d never seen such a great work on all the small details of a theme, it looks awesome even on mobile devices, great, great. I’ve researched many woocommerce themes, this is by far the best. Congratz!!


...Wow thank you! :chuckle:

wow … non ho nemmeno finito con cheope che vedendo l’ultima opera viene voglia di cambiare !!! bellissimo!!! complimenti

...grazie :)

Can we use PayPal advanced with this theme?

Sure, but you have to purchase the Woo Commerce extension for this: :)


Do you think this theme would still look good if we are only looking to sell one to five products? I love the look and the functionality of your site but it looks like it’s geared towards a large catalog store. Let me know your thoughts. Thanks.

I think yes. You can set the size of the thumbnails in the woo commerce settings, so you can have one product with a 600px thumbnail and show this in your home page :)

Hi Sara, Great Theme! So clean and nice looking. Load time is also very fast.

1. Is it possible to use your Theme with Affiliated products? 2. And if, is there possibility to import Affiliate csv or feeds ( from example Commission Junction) ? 3.Does your Theme work with WP 3.5 also?

// Thanks

1. Yes 2. Yes, but you need to purchase a Woo Commerce extension to manage csv 3. Yes :)

Thank You Sara!

Just purchased theme. I’m just wondering if it is compatible with wpStoreCart as oppose to wooCommerce? I’m new to the wordpress arena, so forgive me if I’m asking a silly question. I may have future question, but I must say that after researching countless number of themes, this one is the BEST!!!!

No, i’m sorry, this is a Woo Commerce theme, so is not optimized for wpStoreCart.

Hello Sara, I am having difficulties changing the colors of the blog “read more” and hovering, accents, etc… specifically on the blog page. Do I have to bypass some these by going to the stylesheet?

Also, is it possible to make the featured image a full picture link?


If we missed some options in the typography and colors panel, let us know, we will add it in an update. Please open a ticket, here you can active the theme and here we explain how the support works for our themes. Thank you :)

It won’t be hard to change the product image size on the a category? Like making it’s longer especially for images of clothes.

Change the height is easy, you can chose the edit directly in the woo commerce panel. But you have to use the same height for all the images, you can’t have a different height only for some category :)

Glad to hear that. Now all I need to do is to convince my partner to use this theme!

I’ll keep my fingers crossed :smitten:

Oh yes, love it, gotta have it. Next ecommerce project for sure. Lovely job :)

Thank you :)