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Hi Sara,

Love this theme! Is the image hover effect you use in Sistine to show different images for the same product available yet in Bazar?



Hello Zoe, Bazar does not contain this feature, I’m sorry.


hrm Purchased

Hi Sara,

How it’s possible to show a TIME DELIVERY of each products?

P.E: Delivery in 3 Days

It’s possible?

Thank you

Hello, you need to ask this question to WooCommerce team!

hello guys, have installed theme but not seeing home1,11 etc on my widgets or sidebars? can you please help me with this please. thnaks

Hello, please submit a ticket to and submit your issue to our developers. Thanks

Hi Sara,

Quick question. In which resolution should my background image be? Because currently, I have created a large image 5000×3000px and I upload it as my background image, but only a partion of my picture is there as a background?

My options are centered full size image. Other options are centered, fixed, no-repeat.

Regards, dzaba

Dear dzaba, the background depends of course from the resolution of monitors. With a 5000px image, in order to view properly the image you need a monitor with a resolution of 5000px or more. In web design one of the most used resolution is 1920×1200.

Hi Sara (and Everyone), I’m posting this to help anyone who gets an error when they update to WP 3.6.1:

When I updated, I got this error – “Fatal error: Call to undefined function wp_validate_redirect() in /home3/domicile/public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 1305”

I could not see anything or get to my admin panel. I had to go back to my FTP files and “roll back” my WP to the previous version 3.6.

Once that was done, I was able to log into my dashboard again.

Hope this helps someone!

Rita Lorraine :-D

Hello Rita, please open a ticket to and submit your question to our developers.

are we getting any update for 3.6.1 ? I am about to buy this theme just want to make sure before I buy, thanks

Hello, the theme already supports WP 3.6.1

Hi is there a way we can get a Reporting option ? how many products are sold etc ??? if not is there a woo commerce plugin available you can show me ?


WooCommerce already contains statistics regarding the sales. If this is not enough for you, you should submit the question to WooCommerce team.

Hi, I’m about to purchase this theme, I just have one question before I do. Is it possible to change the colour category in the sidebar to writing so I can specify two or more colours instead of just one plain colour block. for example – black/red, black/white/green etc.

Thanks :)

please disregard this question. I worked it out.

Hello, great theme ! I know its a third party plugin but its a best performance optimization plugin around. Its W3TC and when I activate it I get : Fatal error: Call to undefined function w3tc_button_link() in /home4/serdar/public_html/ on line 99

Thank you for your time :)

Hello, I cannot help you with this error. As you can see from the path of the error /home4/serdar/public_html/eternal-shop. net/wp-content/plugins/w3-total-cache/lib/W3/GenericAdminEnvironment.php, the error comes from the plugin folder. You need to contact the plugin developer.

The only thing i would like to add to this theme is an ajax dialogue to the “add to the cart” function when the visitor is at the detailed product page (and all the other appearance of this function, a simple “added” may not be enough). Some people are not familiar with the eshop process and a popup that will ask them if they want to checkout or continue will be good. saw it to other wp woocommerce carts like idshop and i liked it a lot. However i do like here that the wishlist comes as a standard. If developers could implement an option like this at the next version the next click would be the top right button where says “purchase”

Hello, your request is on development yet but we do not give you a date for the release. Regading the wishlist, it is already included within the theme

Hello , can you help me telling me where or how to edit the content in the section id=”header-cart-search” , I want to add a custom button link below the 2 modules that are already in there.


Hello, please submit a ticket to our support developers: and ask them this question. I cannot help you with technical issues!

Hello sara,
Just waiting for a bigger one upgrade, as you informed that BAZAR will come up with one HUGE and interesting update in the month of September after your vacation.

I am seriously waiting for that interesting feature or more, if you are really coming up with.

Hope you have remember that, and if you are really working on, i can wait more.
But to be true i am very much desperate to see and know about that

Thanks :)

Hi – I need to change the slider on the page that shows the results from the “Search For Products” feature.

How can I change this?

Thank you!

The slider can be selected from the metabox below the content editor of the page.

I can’t find the page that shows the search results. Where can I find the page so I can change the slider?

Hello, I apologize but I read your question wrong. Could you please submit a ticket to our developers and ask this question? I really don’t know what is the template used for search page.

Yes, even I am also waiting for that bigger update that has yet to be released for September, as was informed by you.
Hope that could fulfil my wish :)

Just wondering if it is soon about to launch, as i could not wait anymore to buy it
Much thanks Sara

Hi Sara, I really like the shop layout of this theme and how the shopping cart is presented at the top however I like the subtle design icons you have used in the Cheope theme. For instance I like the use of the icons on the table of Cheope Homepage version ix… am i able to modify this theme to include icons like those or are things set in stone? Many thanks

Icons are included in our theme/sample images. If you need to use them in your project, you can use them without problems.

Random pre-sales question… In the pinterest-style blog view, what determines the amount of the content text that displays? Can that be controlled with CSS? I tried playing around with it in Firebug but couldn’t figure out how to restrict this.

Also, would it be easy to enlarge the height (with css) of the image in the pinterest layout without messing up the aspect ratio?

I’m looking to use this theme for a specific type of site (at first) and am trying to figure out if I can style this page how I want.


what determines the amount of the content text that displays? Can that be controlled with CSS?
It can be setted from Wordpress read more buttom. You can customize the style.
Also, would it be easy to enlarge the height (with css) of the image in the pinterest layout without messing up the aspect ratio?
The height depends from the dimensions of the image. I don’t suggest you to do that via CSS, you’ll ruin the image.

I have a quick question, how to change “Search for Product” to something else in the search bar at the header?

Hello, please submit a ticket to and submit your question to our developers. Thanks

I would like to know where to change the amount of products that appear on the home page… right now I have 8 total products and there it looks like it can hold 12 – thus having 4 empty slots.

I have scoured the theme options and have the products per page set to 6. I need a bit of help because I fear I have missed the obvious. Please help.

The first shortcode is using per_page=”8” that limits the number of products to 8 items.

The second shorcode is using per_page=”-1” that displays all products.

You need to change those values in order to set the number of products.

Found it… and combined what you instructed with a toggle section in the woocommerce catalog page to force image to the correct size. Thank you so much.

You’re welcome :)

Hello Sara,
What is the criteria by which “Must have” products from “Products Tabs Slider” should show

Thanks :)

Hello, you just need to set the products as Featured.

I have been in a learning curve with this theme for over two weeks now. I am very impressed with all the possibilities, it’s what a lot of people say on this forum, brilliant! But being ranked in search engines is no beauty contest, the theme is not very fast if it comes to page speed. GT Metrix shows 12 seconds page load.

I installed the theme as the demo with only required plugins, switching between Bazar and the twenty eleven theme shows an improvement from 12 seconds to 3 seconds page load! Is there already a solution for this issue? Any help welcome!

looking forward to your replies.

Hello, the speed of the page depends from many factors. Eg. the number of products you are showing in the page, the type of server you’re using, etc. If you need further informations, please submit a ticket to our support developers.