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Hi, I come from Poland and I bought this theme some time ago and I can say that I am satisfied what I get. Support is very very good. They gave me fast and easy way for translate The theme for polish language. I am getting the answers very fast. They are helping me in every problem. It makes that I can set my theme for my needs and there isn’t problem that I don’t know css. When I will finish customization my theme, I show you results :) I realy realy recommend to buy The bazar theme.

Regards Charles 23

Hello Charles, thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate it! Thank you! :)

Is it possible in the “single product” to get away from the “zoom” on the images. This ruins the awsome template completly..

And question 2 to the first.. will it be possible to use “lightbox” to open product pictures i hover mode.. like most shops uses..!!

Hello, yes you can disable from WooCommerce -> Settings -> Magnifier.

Once you disabled the plugin, you are able to use the default popup of WooCommerce.


bug report / Presale questions

1. there is a layout bug in your current demo, if you add enough products in the cart where the amount is over $100 (over three digits), the header’s middle column will overlap the view cart column when you resize the viewport around 800-1000px wide.

2. Does this theme have product category side bar? The demo is only showing the ajax filter.

3. Can admin change the background color of the header’s menu bar?

4. can admin change the horizontal “score lines” colors?

See picture, link here

Hello, 1. thanks
2. you can put every widget you want within the sidebar
3. yes
4. sure

Hi we have problem with the code from [product_categories category=”bean-to-cup”] i try to only show this catergori and i show all this

what i am doing wrong ? i have some categories in the woocomerces also but i dont want to show there like the brands but i dont want show in the home page what i can do thanks

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hello! I’ve just purchased Bazar, it’s great, super and fantastic! I’m translating it to Russian, using Codestyling Localization plugin. There’s a word “item” up in header, near cart. I translated it, saved and generated .mo file. Now it shows my translated word for a second, on page load, and then swiftly turns back to “item” (in english). Where should I look?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards


I’ve been looking to buy this theme, but not to use with WooCommerce, but with a service called Ribbon (

I just want to know if it would work well. I was thinking I would essentially use the theme as a catalog, and use the links for purchases through ribbon.


Hello, without WooCommerce you are not able to use the theme as Catalog. WooCommerce manages the products so you need this plugin. You can instead enable the option Catalog Mode in which you’re able to hide the Add to Cart button for each product.

I’m trying to get the widgets to work in the header but they’re not coming out right? On the demo site, you have two widgets.

One with a bag and the other with a phone.

I’m using the 2x Header Text With Image widgets but they’re still not working correctly?

Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Good evening, help with questions: 1 – where brands are created and where a product to select it? 2 – Must have on the main page has a slider, as in the tab must have display product? 3-in store category list the brands?

1. Brands could be a category or an attribute for the product. If you want to use our Ajax Navigation plugin, you should use them as attributes.
2-3. What do you mean?

Poor presales support and sloppy programming. Here are why:

I took time and write and provided a bug report and asked a few questions, the least you could do to return the favor is to answer my questions. I know you guys read my questions because you tried to fix the bug that I reported.

1) You guys managed to “fixed” the bug without really fixing the bug. You fixed the bug when the cart contains 3-digit total price, but if the cart now has 4-digit total price, it will break the layout again, very lazy programming. It would be funny if you again fix the 4-digit bug and not have the foresight to test the 5/6/7-digit bug.

2) You guys don’t even bother to do a simple test to see if your “fix” is working correctly. If you narrow the viewport to activate the responsive feature, and then enlarge the viewport, the layout breaks and does not snap back to the correct position. The test would literal take 2 seconds.

See bugs in pictures here

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

Hello jackjackson, you didn’t receive a reply just because it was the weekend and we do not work during the weekend.

I already replied to your questions today. Anyway regarding the header, you do not call it as a bug. We cannot provide an easy solution for each price. Our developers in our support desk provide a custom solution for each installation in order to suite every need of our customers. We cannot provide an easy solution also because each customer customize the Bazar installation with different widgets and we cannot say the space needed from the widgets. tab Product Inquiry write comments there, where they reap see and publish?

Hello, what do you mean exactly?

Hi Sara,

Not sure if this is only for me or a bug, or if the bug was already fixed.

On Chrome, if you add a product title with the key ” (quotation mark/inches key), the title goes off.

Is anyone-else experiencing this?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Great theme! I am about to buy this theme or Room 09 – but I have a key question to this theme and Room 09.

Is it possible to show online stock quantity on the detailed product page – correct stock according to color and size for clothing?

Does the Room 09 Template have the same option as well?

Best regards

Hello, yes you can enable the stock quantity.

Pre-sale query

Besides running online store, we want to display few of our products for wholesale enquiry basis only. Those products could be same which i will be showing under retail shop also using woocommerce.

Hence, i don’t want the wholesale enquiry products to show Cart widget / price box, but just enquiry box and a bit description (for few products only).

So, in that case, can I use existing portfolio option to display those products / categories and place a contact / enquiry form for each

Will that solve my sole purpose or do you suggest something better.
I know there may be woo plugins out there, but just don’t want to use any paid plugin initially.

Thanks :)

Hello, I’m sorry but some of your needs can be done only with external plugins or an external developer. The theme does not contain these features. For example you can rightly use the portfolio but you cannot include the product enquiry below, so you need to add it manually.

Best regards, Samantha L.

When i hit the button “place order” there is no animation going on, like you don’t get any feedback.

You wait like 5-8 seconds until the order is placed without knowing if the button is working or not.

How can I fix this? Thanks!

And also why does it sends 2 emails after order?

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hi Sara, I have bought sommerce couple months ago and it is the very nice theme. Now i am interested in bazar shop, and i decide to buy this theme to replace my sommerce. I hope it is easy to customize the theme layout. And if i need your help, i will ask your support team.
Keep your good work and support.


Hello Didi, Thank you so much for your kind words! We really appreciate it! Thank you!

hello !I want to display the product categories with this when I enter the shortcode categories ID is not working By default “0” is ok [show_products per_page="-1" category="0" show="all" orderby="menu_order" order="desc" layout="default" ]

Hello, Could you please open a ticket at

Our staff will be glad to help you solve your issue.

Best regards

Hi there I have a question regarding the FAQ, I want to have different FAQ categories show on different pages, I wanted to do this by adding a shortcode like [faq filter=”yes” category=”458, ” ] but when I select only one trough add shortcode and when I click insert the shortcode it forces al categories ticked and places all of them. example [faq filter=”yes” category=”0,45,48,458, ” ]. Can you please help fix this.

Hello, could you please submit a ticket on our support desk? ( Our developers will help you in resolving the issue.

Best regards

I have resolved it, It was an error with ID I was using. thanks anyhow

Hi. Looking at this theme, with keen interest. I am just wondering if there is shortcode that can be used on the homepage to display excerpts from a number of posts, I see there is a posts widget but it just displays the title and date. Many thanks

Hello, unfortunately there isn’t a shortcode for display the excerpt, I’m really sorry.

I love your site, amazingly clean and elegant but im having trouble getting it ready.

I finally picked my layout and get that sorted and everything was fine. Started entering products yesterday and they just wont open.

If you go to my homepage where there is products or on the shop page itself, when you click to open you get the error. You can add the items to the cart no problem but they just wont open. It is driving me mad.

Also I have tried to add the catagories to the side bar on the right and they just wont shop on my site at all???

Any ideas?? My site is

Thanks to anyone who helps!!!

Ok guys!

Here is the shop:

When you click on any of them they wont open apart from the Canon 7d. We have figured out the problem is when I set a featured image.

Everything works perfect without a featured image? What the hell?? Any ideas? Really need to get this site up and going soon!

Thanks again. Colin

i logged a support ticket, really need help. thanks

Hello Colin, please wait the reply of our support developers. I’m not able to help you with technical issues!

@jackjackson2002 I had the same problem with the top header between 980px and 1200px and I fixed it by putting some css media rules in the child theme css.