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Does the theme works with amazon affiliate system, will the user be redirected when he clicks to checkout,or what?

Hi FlegmaCRO,

sorry Bazar have no this feature, you can try to find some plugin that to this.

Hi i last day buy your script..i love it :D but i have one problem … who pis… me out . i change all settings .. and use STRETCHED loyout… but 1 hour later i found error ... website automatic got BOXED loyout.. Not really BOXED but same… look pic : ... what can be problem here? ty

Hi there,

please write here the ticket number as I see what’ s going on.

Hi andrea…now is all good i talk with support and make it fix… They uploade again style.css in my chache/style.css. Ty

Happy to hear bradesko :)

How subcategory open after click category in sidebar widget?

Hi mediaexpert2010,

to realize this the widget “Custom Menu” is used.

My support has expired, but before I renew it, I wonder if the menu like this page is possible:
Thanks in advance!

Hi Dario,

there is not a real limit of menu links, but when happens that “all the image url’s disappear ” usually is a memory limit exceed. So you should increase from php.ini or ask to the hosting to do it. About ubermenu no, is not supported by Bazar.

Of course there is a bug! I can only add a picture to the last item on the menu. That pic will stick after saving. Then I can move that item up and will stick and after that I can keep adding pics without them disappearing after saving… This is not normal! And there will be a division line (grey, vertical) before the last item but nowhere else… this is a css coding I guess, but why is the rest happening?

Dear customer,

unfortunally we can understand what’ s wrong with your site just investigating on your installation, so please write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can help you in the best way.

Hi, I’m still running Bazar 2.5.6 + WC 2.3.11 + WP 4.2.2 … there were a lot of update issues back in this time and I couldn’t risk upgrading the system. Is 3.0.1 compatible for update or what do you suggest? I’d like to add new bazar theme, then update WC, then update WP. Is that the correct/recommended order?

Hi tbaseller,

I just suggest you to put the site in maintenaince mode, then you can update in the order you prefer.

hi … :D again have a little issuse :D my comment icons disepere look on screen shot ,any solution? :D ty

Hi bradesko,

just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong.

Hello. is it possible for customers (my webshop customers) to login using facebook ?

regards Jesper

Hi jesperholk,

yes you can do it using our plugin YITH WooCommerce Social Login :)

Hello,I am trying to make an amazon affiliate site. Is it possible to redirect to amazon directly on product click, instead of being redirect to product details. Plugin i used to import products is WooZone.Thanks

Hi there,

please for this write a ticket on our Support Desk and we try to help you with your request.

Hi i need one help … i need custom.css code for this :

and css code for this : ( here i need only custom css code for Number of Related Products ON MOBILE and i need only 2 not 3 . ty

Hi Bradesko, just write a ticket on our Support Desk as we can help you directly on your installation.

Hi, may I know this theme can support any kind of multi vendor plugin?

Hi Alex,

of course, Bazar support the our plugin YITH WooCommerce Multivendor, take a look.

Hi, do you have any demo page to show the multi vendor work?

Hi Andrea, I want to have the coupon box open all the time at checkout to be more visable. I don’t want to have to click on “Do you have a coupon link” to open the box. Is there a way to do this please?

Also: When there is an Error Message with an input field in checkout. eg. “Billing Email Address is a required field” or “Billing Phone is a required field”.

Is there a way to highlight the text in a different colour or more bold text? We have had over 20 customers comment on how hard it was to identify what went wrong at checkout because the text did not stand out enough. Thank you so much.

Hi bbbb25,

I think is possible, just write a ticket on our Support Desk and we help you with your request.


I updated your theme. Previously the custom css has always disappeared then. Now it didn’t disappear after updating. Have you changed anything, so that it keep the css, or hasn’t the update been as it should?


HI ecee,

no we didn’ t change anything, sometimes you can have this kind of issues when the permissions of directories are not set properly.


There always happen bad things when I update your theme. Now it seems like it’s not responsive on mobile. It looks very weird on my mobile.

And I have got a strange hover/selected background color on my navigation menu items (it’s a color that I have never used before, it’s a dark blue color something that is just there.

Are these things something you know about?


Hi ecee,

you should write a ticket on our support desk as we investigate directly on your installation.

sorry pre sales question. in the category, can appear choice variations, like this no quick view, like this website because theme like bazar shop, I want to buy can be like this. I will use woocommerce and this plugin

please tell me? thanks

Hi triptonic,

yes you can use that plugin or our plugin YITH WooCommerce product Add-Ons

hey sarah, seem to be drawn back to this theme, been a while but extremely busy. can you tell me if this theme excepts wordpress widgets and does it contain the wp-header and footer hooks? etc for running custom plugin widgets. bests

Hi savaloy,

yes contains that hooks and you can use wordpress widgets.

Hi there, I wanted to ask you. Every thing was working perfect but since last few days I am unable to see visual editor on my products posting page. on front end every thing is there but on back ends whenever I wanted to edit something it looks like blank. unable to see visual editor and the material I wrote. Can you please advise how to fix thanks

Hi benzasports,

officially Bazar does not support any visual editor, just some customers use Visual Composer, anyway write a ticket on our Support Desk as we check directly what’ s wrong with your installation.

hi Sarah can you tell me if a user posts a listing, can they choose which category’s to list ad under . also the auction plugin thats new to yithmes , does the plugin get planted in the shop page in the listing as seen in your demo. thanks lee

Hi savaloy,

sorry I missed this message, about “Auction” work in the shop page as you see in the our demo. I’ m not sure of what you mean, anyway yes an user who write an artcle can choose the categories of it.

Hello, how can i hide the blog title: “class=post-titlle” with css?

Hi RatQz,

try this :

.post-title {display: none !important;}

When my site is viewed from a desktop, all the the navigation links show up fine. However, when the site is viewed from a mobile device, tablet or ipad, the “Shop” tab does not show. The “Shop” navigation link is a dropdown menu with links to other categories. Pleas help, this is urgent as my customers view the site from mobile devices…


Hi tvcash,

sorry for the late response, I missed this message, just write a ticket on our Support Desk and we help you to solve your issue.

It’s a LOT Easier if you just



  • BE Enough, I have to wait DAYS for response for Mobile links when the WORLD is on MOBILE and not Desktop.

Please post FIX HERE!

Sorry tvcash,

this section it’ s for pre-sale question and little fix that doesn’ t need to check the installation of the customer, it’ s not your case and if you had immediately wrote you would not have waited all these days

Hello, When will this theme be updated / compatible with Wordpress 4.6? Thanks.

Hi djgeoffk,

the last version of theme works yet with WordPress 4.6 without problem.