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Why does the site not showing css updates? I saved in custom codes css section

Hi farmanahmed,

you could have some cache installed or permission problem in the “bazar/cache” directory, can you write a ticket on our Support Desk ?

I know my support has expired, but I just noticed this one bug and I think this is beyond my particular support, but rather helpful to someone else who is having the same issues:

I’m trying to make a new gallery. I go to PORTFOLIOS > ADD NEW, type my title, choose the style and publish.
Then I have to add my images… And here is when the problem shows.
I can only add NEW images. Can’t choose from existing ones…
Is not worth it to add again the same images I already have and want to use. So how do I do this?
Is this my problem only (That I don’t know how to do it) or is it a bug?

Your support is greatly appreciated!

Never mind. I already updated everything and still is not working.

Try yourself!
Add a new portfolio. Now try to add existing images (don’t upload new images! use the ones already on you media folder)... Is not working on my end.

Nope, in Add New Portfolio the Insert To Post button is not showing. According to all I read it might be a plugin that is interfering. I still need to be able to do this. Can you assist? Thanks

Hi Dariostar,

you should write a ticket on our Support Desk to let us to assist you directly on your installation, anyway if we encountered this errore we will included the fix in the next update.

hilo my dear i hope you are fine I want to translate the them to, my language, but this file I can’t find this file name (default.po) also I can’t understand the steps there in the ducomntion My language, Arabic please help me Thank you Regards

Hi anwafet,

the default.po is not existing anymore, was replaced by yit.pot, just copy and rename it as ar_AR.po in the directory in the “wp-content/themes/bazar/language and then start to translate as exaplained in the documentation with poedit.

Is the latest version of this theme compatible with WP Rocket?

Hi evanholmgren,

Bazar was never test with WP Rocket anyway if you buy the theme and there is some trouble our Support Desk will help you to fix.

Hi, I bought the template to update a site that I have taken over but I can not find updates for: - checkout/form-pay.php - order/order-detalis.php

best regards

Hi lombardic,

the file “woocommerce/checkout/form-pay.php” and the directory “woocommerce/order” were removed with last version of the theme.

Hi! I like your theme but I would like to know if it features the special sale box option with countdown, items sold/left and all the features as per this screen capture:


ecee Purchased


Is it possible with theme to let visitors sign up for a newsletter? Where do I do that, and where do I then find this list of newsletter subscribers?


Hi Sara, is there a quick way to change the spelling of the Product Inquiry tab to the UK spelling of ‘Enquiry’, thanks.

Hi ergosum,

try this to put the code below to the functions.php:

add_filter( 'yit_ask_info_label' , 'yit_custom_ask_info_label' );

function yit_custom_ask_info_label( $text ) {

$text = __(  'YOUR CUSTOM TEXT', 'yit' );

return $text;



For a client of mine I’m using your theme. I’m using the Bundled Product add-on of WooThemes, but this add 3 products to the shopping cart item count instead of 1 (which is the bundle).

I changed some CSS in order to use the WC Cart info (change class name of “ ” in cart-search.php. However, now the AJAX which adds a product when clicked on Add To Cart, doesn’t work anymore.

Could you tell me where I can alter the AJAX function in order to work with the new class name of the cart-items-number?

Thanks in advance

Kind regards

Hi HugeTree,

you should contact our Syupport Desk for this kind of things


When I deactivate “stock management”, the theme still shows “out of stock” and does not allow my customers to order…

Is that normal behaviour ?


Hi bartman,

this happen when you change the stock management in the edit product ?

Alle the products have a stock of “0”. But when I deactivate the “stock management” in the woocommerce settings, your theme still shows the “out of stock” ... that’s not logic

Is this theme going to support wordpress 4.6.1?

Hi Flaszky,

yes the theme is compatible with the last version of WordPress.


ecee Purchased


Is it only possible with pagination on the shop page? Or is it possible to have lazy load of products?

I also wonder how I can turn of the hovering effects, that the product flickers/get bigger when you hover over it?


Hi ecee,

1) Can you be more specific please?

2) you can remove the hover effect going to “Bazar / Them Options / products page” and then set the option “Style products layout (in grid view)” to classic.


ecee Purchased


I erased your Live chat plugin (through wordpress plugins page), because it has a horrible effect on my page load time. But, it hasn’t disappeared, but I can’t find those files that must be hiding somewhere. Do you have some tips on how to get this totally erased?


Hi ecee,

If you don’ t want live chat plugin just deactive it.

the problem I encounter in responsive Cart once purchased prodottise I click on your smartphone “view cart” will reset in the shopping cart, on desk top is updated, but the floating window under “view cart” drop-down in the site’s head marks always “no product in cart “although visually marks the quantity and price. Typing “view cart” fit properly in the shopping cart page, but any changes on this page after clicking the button “update cart” does not make any changes, to see the changes you have to reload the page or change page. How can I do? Thank you

hello I want to know because I had to reinstall after a bit of time and updating the template from scratch all over now I have these problems that I had before, so the support period has expired if it’s a stupid thing you can help me here … . if I have to ask for support for another six months I could evaluate to change template. But any new instructions and new documentation do not exist ??

Sorry! But at all with woocommerce 2.6.4, wordpress 4.6.1, the cart, the comparison does everything correctly ?? Only I have these problems ??

To renew support directly from here? I can not find a new template that I like what Bazar, then I would solve all the problems that I listed before, renewing soon support hoping you can help me. how do I proceed? renewal here, and ….?

I am using woocommerce as a catalogue but just under the SKU, where the wish list and add to quote box was there is a small rectangular box left with nothing in it. is there a way of removing it?

Hi Antonius,

write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly with your request.

Sorry my support has expired :( so i can’t submit tickets anymore.

Why is it that you cannot change any styling like H1 to ul with an external CSS style sheet, never mind using the internal one provided which does not make sense as it will be wiped when updating the theme?

Hi Antonius,

you can change the style of H1 as you want in the theme option of theme, but of course you can change the style of it with some external css using the correct property

Aha, so the font-size property is changed in theme options but other styling is done through css. Awesome thanks :)


How to change the favicon ?

Hi therem

just go to “Appereance / Customize / Site Identy” section.

Am new to wordpress and i will want to customize the website my own way, but i have already followed ur procedure and i have activated the default one, how can i go about it, i do not wamt to use ur original ppage i will like to set it up my own way

HI emmanuele,

write a ticket on our Support Desk as we help you directly to configure your theme.


Is it in the bazar theme a link to insert the tracking code google analytics?

Hi 73photos,

yes you can add it to “Bazar / Theme Options / Custom Code / Custom Script” page.

ciao yith-andrea posso scrivere in Italiano con te? Volevo sapere visto che il mio periodo di supporto è scaduto, se i problemi che ho sia nella versione responsive e su computer dell aggiornamento del carrello e altre problematiche legate sempre alla parte legata a woocommerce potete risolvele una volta che rinnovo il supporto. Per rinnovare il supporto direttamente da evanto o dal vostro sito? Ci sono particolari passaggi da compiere?? Ciao e grazie

Ho reinstallato tutto wordpress compreso 4 volte, ma c sono troppi problemi… ho addirittura problemi a caricare le immagini .. da cosa può dipendere???

Ciao bassfade,

purtroppo questi problemi sono relativi alla tua installazione/configurazione e abbiamo bisogno di entrarci per capire la causa e risolvere, puoi estendere il supporto direttamente da ThemeForest e quando hai la chiave di licenza segui questa procedura:

1) register yourself in our site:

2) Then active your theme in this page: 3) Then in this page: open a ticket and explain your issue.