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Hello I really like this theme and I would like to use it for a project of mine, but I need to ask if there is an option to display 4 colums + sidebar instead of only 3.

Hi there, 4 columns of products? Yes, it’s possible :)

Thank you very much for the update, is this a free option or css guide mod or there is the need to pay extra.

It not compatible whits woocommerce 3.3.3

Hi there, yes, Bazar is compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.x

hi is it safe to update to woo 3.3.3?

Hi there, Bazar is compatible with WooCommerce 3.3.x

Hi I noticed I can’t track Google Analytics for Ecommerce as I get this error any ideas? Other stats are fine but Ecomm tracking isn’t just working as I keep getting errors in my GA dashboard.

My support just ended but if you could just help me out with this one problem I’d be so grateful!

A screenshot of the error using Google Tag Assistant Tool: I posted the tracking code in the theme options


I also disabled adblock as some google searching recommended that, but it didn’t work

info pre sales.. hi, my client ask me also for a countdown for special offers and also possibility of make for some products a auction

Hello there, for that you will need two external plugins like this ones for example

https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-auctions/ https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-product-countdown/

Have a nice day

my website omsi.in

showing 2 menus. one responsive, one non-responsive.

search bar showing peculiar icon.

header bar is also all disrupted.

Could you tell me what’s missing.

Hello, can you check if in wp-content/bazar exists a folder called cache? if not try to create it manually

Have a nice day

I just update Bazar to 3.1.5 Why I cannot move product tabs and related products under sidebar in single product page when responsive? (WooCommerce 3.3.5) Thank you

Hi there, can you write the url of your single product page?


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Ciao ho dei problemi con la versione php 7.1 o superiore

Ciao, che tipo di problemi hai? Errori PHP?


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Ho risolto Sara_p ti ringrazio non era la versione PHP ma un problemi col server clou vps. Comunque il problema che mi dava era la scomparsa del carrello. Non c’era sincronizzazione tra server e database poi ho ottimizzato e aggiornato tutto ed è andato a posto.


Maintenance mode locked me out so I wasn’t able to login. After looking at some of the comments, I saw what I had to do to disable it via ftp, however now that I’m able to login, the Bazar theme options has disappeared from the panel. On top of that, my website doesn’t load. Any FTP help will be great. I know how to edit php files, just need to know which one.

Nevermind I fixed it!

Ok :)


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Hi, since we ran an update the images on the product page are off a bit. http://www.fergutec.com/shop/pfeiffer-tmh-261-250-030-split-flow-turbomolecular-vacuum-pump/ Please give us an update on this, or CSS so we can correct this. I was not able to solve this myself. Thanks, Bas

Hello Bas, add this code to your custom style

.single-product div.product div.images { margin-left: 0; }

Have a nice day

The PDF Invoice comes out without my logo, just the image path… what could the issue be?

Hi there, I think that this problem is related to the plugin.

Hi, i want to see the documentation of the theme, qhere can i find it?

There’s a bug where the “Company Name” and “Phone” fields are not aligned on the Billing Address page. Also confirmed this issue on the theme demo :( Hope this will get fixed asap.

Hello there, thank you to advise us, please add this code in your custom style

billing_company_field {

clear: both; }

billing_phone_field {

clear: both; }

Have a nice day

Can you help me?

when I try to use this beautiful theme, I have a little problem. the product size is smaller than usual. you can see this screenshot for details >> http://prntscr.com/jhjmoc

can you help me to make the size of the product to be normal like the one on the demo?

Hello there, in Wordpress Dashboard go to Appearance > customizer > woocommerce > product images then set the Thumbnail width size to 254


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Ciao Sara ho rinnovato il supporto per chiedere assistenza su woocommerce in particolare sul checkout. Però non sono rimasta molto soddisfatta del supporto il ticket è questo #121600. La risposta è molto vaga tipo arrangiati noi non diamo supporto per il plugin non nostri. Il bello che non è un plugin non vostro è per woocommerce integrato nel vostro tema. Mi dispiace scrivere questo però mi aspettavo che pagando oltre 45,00 dollari potessi almeno avere un dritta su dove mettere le mani. Ciao e grazie Elisa.


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Comunque pazienza mi arrangerò da sola in futuro.


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Perfetto non credo comunque compro questo plugin https://yithemes.com/themes/plugins/yith-woocommerce-checkout-manager/ P.S bastava che il supporto me lo dicesse e finiva tutto li. Managgia ciao grazie.

Ciao, scusaci per il malinteso, purtroppo non possiamo fornire supporto per plugin di terze parti. Comunque sia il plugin che hai acquistato dovrebbe risolvere il problema.


Any CSS code to fix the price tag image that is under the current price and options price?

Hi there, can you write the url of the page with the price tag image?


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I have the latest version of the theme and new recaptcha keys v2 but I still see the message “recaptcha v1 is shutdown” on my forms.

Can you help me?

Hello there, the recaptcha v2 will be present in next theme update, that will be released in this days

Best Regards

Hola, ¿pueden arreglar el campo “Teléfono” y “Nombre de la empresa” en el formulario de compra? No aparecen alineados. Gracias.

Hola, ¿eso le pasa en el Multistep checkout o en el Default Checkout?


Hola, ¿tenéis ya una solución? También os pasa en la demo que tenéis subida: https://live.yithemes.com/bazar/checkout/#

Hello. I am interested in this theme. Does it have any card payment gateway to accept payment in Nigeria? Does it have pay on delivery option?

Hi there, I’m sorry, but this feature is related to WooCommerce, not Bazar theme.

Hello sara,

I am looking for a CSS code to remove the price tag image from the side bar. The price total font color and the image are basically the same color. Id like to remove the tag image please

Hello there, add this code in your custom style

.product-box .price { background-image: none; }

Best Regards