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Thanks Promoworks…........any idea why this would have altered itself all of a sudden?

Hi there, I’m having some trouble changing some of the colors on the Shop page, Cart etc. Need to change the yellow to red but can’t find where to change it in the theme settings. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks

some of the colors in the sidebar headers and links, as well as the go to shop page button on the cart.

you can see it here in the sidebar

You have the maintenence mode active, i can’t see the page.

Please the recent Woo-commerce update 2… has altered my shop functionality, it is completely useless and requires some update can you let me know if you have something in mind about resolving this. thanks

We are already working on this and tomorrow we will send the update. thanks

Hi Sara_P once the Woocommerce 2 work is done ( thank you) can you look at adding a skin Element color swapper in the options panel ( sorry the default brown is awful )

A lot of people are asking ( some of the colors in the sidebar headers and links, as well as the go to shop page button on the cart)

This would make your theme the BEST on TF!

Cheers :)

really need this update as well for Woocommerce, my site is completely useless without it!

For the moment you can use the old version of woo commerce. tomorrow we will send the update. thanks

On page “home-ii/” where is the copy coming from on the right of the slide, the one that says:


Vivamus quis posuere nunc. Aenean a purus feugiat augue. Vivamus quis posuere nunc. Aenean a purus feugiat augue fermentum placerat vitae eu odio. Consectetur nisl, in vestibulum diam.


I can’t find where to edit it?

In sliders > revolution you can find the textarea with this content.

This theme looks incredible but it is way too slow.

Plus it tells me to upgrade so I download a fresh copy from themeforest which is supposed to be 1.2 right? and it still tells me it is 1.1 after upgrading.

Layout is all jacked up. Hover images are thumbnails now instead of full size. Can’t browse the home (index) page anymore, getting redirected to the “my account page” [this is for all visitors to the site].

Every time I try to go to a new page in the admin or open and theme options I have to log in again.

Need fixes for this immediately. I built a site on your theme for a client of mine with a heavily trafficked site and now it is useless.

please open a ticket in the support area and ask this to our developers.I can’t help you with tecnichal requests. Register yourself in our site: Then active your theme here:

And then in the “Get support” page open a ticket and explain your issues.

manmademanuk That is part of the slider! Look in sliders > revolution ;-)


Sounds like you have installed woocommerce 2.0 on Bazar Theme 1.2 We don’t have a theme for woocommerce 2.0 yet!!

There is a beta theme but that is also buggy and no good for a live site, we have to wait, hopefully tomorrow?!

the beta theme is not good because on friday the woo commerce team changed a lot of features so we have to work again on the compatibility.

Does Bazar have woo commerce tab manager extension included? If not what is offered to manage product tabs with Bazar theme.

And if the tab manager extension is not part of the theme, will it work if I buy from woocommerce and install it with bazar?

We don’t have this extension include, but you can add custom tab with custom content :) if you add the extension and you will have any issues you can get support in our support area. thanks

all of you having issues go to worpdress and download WC 1.6 and over write 2.0. You should be back too normal until there is a newly updated theme. Worked for me.

I hope this new theme update fixes the speed problem with the site too.

I have completed the Woo Commerce update today and now I have all kinds of PHP errors in my WP dashboard. The Bazar site is also now all the sudden very slow loading on all browsers.

The theme is not compatible with woo commerce 2.0 at the moment. Tomorrow we will send the update.

Ok, thanks.

i’m working with this theme for a different site.

What should the video URL be for a video post?

I tried: and many other variations as well … but nothing shows up.


When you create a new post, on the right hand side choose video from the format tab, scroll down to Post formats and enter this: Byokl-krCcg make sure there is no white space.

definitely best ecommerce template I have seen hare. Too bad nits not also for Joomla. DOnt u think about releasing this template also for joomla ?

I don’t think so, i’m sorry. We work only with WordPress.

okay … its so cool template that I gonna do an exception and build my site in wordpress – there is simply not better template either in joomla or wordpress – really great job … keep up this kind of exceptional design..

thank you sp much :)

Hi Sara, I’m from Mexico and I would translate the entire theme, you can help me with some pointers on what should I change to have it in Spanish

Open the documentation (Read me folder) and in the tab “localization” we explain how to translate the theme. Also, can you send us you translation? :) you will make us very happy!


“When you create a new post, on the right hand side choose video from the format tab, scroll down to Post formats and enter this: Byokl-krCcg make sure there is no white space.”

Tried this as well, no luck.

Is there any other setting that needs to be configured in theme?

Using Wordpress 3.5.1

It works for me:

do you have host set to youtube at the bottom?

Antech, was I crazy, or did I read that you install the theme for set it up for a fee??

Yes i can do that for you: