Discussion on Bazien - Shopify Retina Theme

Discussion on Bazien - Shopify Retina Theme

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Hi, I downloaded your theme from Envato elements. I have an issue where on mobile menu, the submenu (2nd level) menu does not appear. Entire 1st level menu disappears when it is clicked. Can you pls advise how to resolve this issue? Thanks.

Hi there,

Thank you for reaching out. Could you please send over the theme purchase code so we can provide further assistance?

can you pls specify where I can find theme purchase code if downloaded from elements?

You can find this in the “Support” tab (scroll down to the end of this Support page). Hope this helps.

Hi! you continue to support this theme ? Thanks…

Yes, we still support this theme. Please let me know your question if any.

I love this theme, but is there a way to add 2 custom HTML product tabs? Please help me

Hello Globosoftware, is the mega menu in your sample previews the Globo Mega Menu, or the mega menu that comes with the theme?

Thanks in advance

how can i make the menu appear in mobile view?

could you please give me your shop URL?


Thank you so much for the kind of words. Our team will be definitely happy when read what you wrote.

When using Mega menu, then there are no links on mobile. Is it possible to have links show on mobile?

Hi! I am sorry about our late response. We have just come back to work from our holiday. What is your store URL? We want to take a look on this issue first.

https://www.cohorted.co.uk/ mega menu is added to collections, but then we have no links on mobile

Hi! Thank you for getting back to us. As we have informed you in the email yesterday, your support time has been expired ==> You need to pay us fee so we can check and fix this matter for you. Please let me know if you prefer to go ahead.

We are in the process of setting up our new shop and would like to have the following option and we need support for that: If we have set a product with different variants, we would like to have the PopUP variant for the individual product photos and at the same time see the respective displayed variant highlighted in color, so that the customer can see immediately, which article can be seen in the photo. We see that there is a possibility, but there seems to be a mistake in the implementation. In the zoom version, it works fine. We do not know how to succeed, maybe you have a tip for us

Hi! Thank you for using our theme :) Do you know any reference site which provides this feature? Please send over to us.

Can you guys do customization and full website development for me?

Hi! Thank you for contacting us. Sure, we do provide Bazien theme’s customization as well as Shopify website development service :)

Does this work with woo?

Hi! It’s the Theme for Shopify platform, so it won’t work with woocommerce. Let me know if you have any other questions.

Hi, How I can use the centralized header and logo?

Hi there, Which demo layout you’re mentioned? and what is your store URL? I want to take a look.

Hi, it is main demo 3, my website not online yet.

I notice that your support time has been expired. Please increase it so that we can provide further support. Thank you.

The reason we bought these theme was its retina support right there on its name. We do want hi quality images or at least have control over this quality. However, the theme changes PNGs to JPGs arbitrarily and lowers the its quality. I’m uploading brands’ png logos and these are changed to jpg. How can we avoid this?

Hi there, Thank you for using our theme. You just need to change the ‘brand_1.jpg’ to ‘brand_1.png’ . Let me know if you’ve any other questions.

Well that’s on index.liquid calling the stored file. If the file is stored as JPG changing these lines extension will only cause a 404 on that asset, right? I’ll give it a try…


Hi, Apart from the slider, which content are showing small? Can take some screenshots to describe it for me?


I was able to resolve the small content by changing the to a different homepage. I couldn’t wait the weekend, site down = lost $. If we can resolve the slider and content showing predominantly on the right, that would be great.

Hi, please see our replies below: 1. Slider on mobile: There’s only one solution to make the slide on mobile not being clipped. You need to develop option to upload slider for mobile.

2. I have checked but still can’t get you on the content showing predominantly on the right. Please take screenshots to describe this issue. Thank you!

I purchased the Braizen theme and on mobile devices everything is to the far right so you can’t view the site contents in portrait. Also the slide show on mobile devices is about the size of a pencil eraser you can’t view it. If you change the view to landscape you can see more but still content is either clipped or extremely small.

Thank you for using our Bazien theme. May I know your store URL? So I can take a first look at this reported problem.

Hi, Can you explain how to add My Account, Login etc to the Top menu – Like you have in your demo sites ?? Thanks

Hi there, Thank you for using our Bazien theme. I am sorry about our late response because we don’t work on weekend. You can show/hide Account, Login, etc in the Top menu here: http://prntscr.com/k9q1rs

thanks for reply. is it possible to show both register and login form on same page. just show one link (login) on top menu.

Yes – it’s possible. But there’s no option to set up, so you need to put custom code to do that.

Why is the home-06 not working on mobile?

I have checked and noticed that your store ( ayaconceptstore.com ) is using Bazien Home-04 (not Home-06). Can you please explain the problem with mobile so we can support you further?

Hi, two questions. 1. I’ve downloaded the latest version but where is changelog.txt? This is to upgrade to the latest version so I only want to replace files that have been changed.

2. Where do we find the version number that is currently live? Again I can’t find changeling.txt.

You can check the changelog here: http://prntscr.com/k7v8j3 . Thank you.

Hi thank you for that but are their any upgrade instructions (as opposed to installing the new version complete)? We have a live shop with a lot of customisations which hasn’t been changed since 2015.

If your current theme is working fine, I suggest that you don’t need to update theme. Because we have made a big change with this update. The theme will be managed with sections, so that you need to re-upload all banner images and other contents. All your customizations to original version will be lost too. I mean, If you update theme, you will need to re-do your website from scratch.

is any short code available in theme for listing products or product in custom page

Hi there. Thank you for using our Bazien theme. We don’t provide any short code in this theme, sorry. Let me know if you’ve any other questions.

how can I change the font size of the header sizes. when I go to edit cod, I just a blank page when I click on the theme.scss.liquid in Shopify.

Hi, Please check this screenshot: https://prnt.sc/jixc5z (Bazien layout 1) - Change font size for box #1: Change in .welcome-msg code line, file /assets/megamenu.css - Change font size for box #2: Please search for #novaworks-nav a, file /assets/megamenu.css - Change font size for box #3: Change in .header-links p.label, file assets/main.css

how can I change the font size of the header sizes. when I go to edit cod, I just a blank page when I click on the theme.scss.liquid in Shopify.


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