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Is it compatible with the latest version of phpBB ?

Hey TR, 3.0.14 for now. My other theme, FLATBOOTS will be the first one to be updated to 3.1.x and the due date its actually very close now. Cheers! Dave

Love your work! Wish you made vB themes as well, I’d be a customer for life.

Mike! Glad to see a fellow Canadian here :-) Thanks for the appreciation! Dave

How do I contact you for freelance customization?

Hi JD, via email please. Click on my username and then use the contact form. We’ll continue from there :) Cheers! Dave

I couldn’t find anything in the forum, so I’ll ask you here. How do remove the background image/color and increase the size of the content background to the entire screen. http://i870.photobucket.com/albums/ab266/joslator641/background_zps1yamjpxr.png

I want to remove the gray background, and expand the content background to the entire screen.

Hi :)

The forum is where you would ask to get a better answer :) Its easier to post code etc and it’s also searchable..

Did you take a look at the documentation folder? It explains some quick “How tos” just like the background you need to change :)

For the full width layout refer to this instead: http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=3661#p3661

Cheers! Dave


Can I integrate this theme with my Wordpress website? Also does it work for phpbb version 3.1?


Hi Zeen :)

Yes you can integrate it. You will need a bridge plugin and the one of the best bridge I use for my clients is bridge-dd. The pro version enable allows you to integrate the header, footer and widget. You will still need to code certain things to get it work and also apply part of the WP style to the forum. This is usually something I do as freelancer task for my clients. Send me an email if you are interested.

As far as 3.1.x, not yet. FLATBOOTS will be compatible as of tomorrow :) It will be the first update to support 3.1.x. I will release BBOOTS update soon, I just dont have an ETA yet.

Cheers! Dave

Hi Dave,

Thanks for your reply.

I sent you a message earlier through your profile here. Did you get it? :)

hello,i just set the theme,it seems very nice,thank you for great work but after i creat categories,only one of them i can send post? the rest says : There are no topics or posts in this forum. could you help me

Hi Bronze,

That is because you have not set the permissions for your categories and forum yet.

See how to set your categories and forum correctly:


Cheers! Dave

thank you

You’re quite welcome! I know it can be tricky to wrap your head around the phpBB permission system… That tutorial should help you understand how it works.

How can i change the logo?

Thank you for your great suppor and i also wait answer for my mail to you about some little custom work…

No problem I’m here to help :) I’ll get back to your email soon, possibly by tonight.


Thank you

Is there a Russian language?
Best regards, Igor.

Hi, Dave.
I purchased this theme.
Hopefully in the future you do not stop its support in actual data.
Good luck in the works.
Best regards, Igor.

Glad you did purchase it. I’‘ll see you over at the community forum: http://www.sitesplat.com – You will see a very active development with custom premium addons, tutorials, and much more… :)

Cheers! Dave

Thanks, Dave !
Best regards, Igor.

i like to thanks to you for your support,hope you grow more because you are very honest and great webmaster with your great creations,greating from istanbul and now my site seems great because of you…

Very much Obliged. Thank-you for supporting the project and being an awesome client :)

Much more good stuff is coming up. Follow me here or twitter for the latest updates.

Keep in touch!

Cheers! Dave

i know maybe its out of theme subject but user can not upload more then 1 photo after our mini css work ?could you help me please

Hi Some major server re-factoring. Should be up and running by tonight. Follow on Twitter for status updates. @sitesplat

Regarding the “photo” what do you mean? In posts?


user can not uploda more then 1 photo on the forum or attach..

I’m still not sure what you mean. Send me your forum info via email and a link to the problematic post. Thanks!

Hi, what happened to your forum, its not there, 404 error…

The automod will not install, says that the files are not found in the umil folder, there is no db folder or the db files.

also your template is not recognised in the phpbb styles panel.

Hi, yes sorry for the inconvenience. Some major server re-factoring. Should be up and running by tonight. Follow on Twitter for status updates. @sitesplat


i dont use twitter, its a waste of time IMO…

Is sitesplat.com down?

Hi, yes sorry for the inconvenience. Some major server re-factoring. Should be up and running by tonight. Follow on Twitter for status updates.



Good luck. After more than a year of development (mostly because of other distractions), I’ve finally launched the BBOOTS version of v-flyer.com. Took about 36 hours because of some ‘issues’ with databases and upgrades, but now it’s up and running and its an overwhelming ‘thumbs up’ from the users.

Terrific! thumbs up indeed. Well done. Glad to see more and more people experimenting with the framework.


oh btw..

i dont have my forum installed like most do… everything is installed in my root domain level, with no forum folder or phpBB folder. ie, convential way is: domain dot com/phpBB/ mine doesn’t have a folder like that, I don’t like that structure, so everything in the phpBB folder is FTP into the root of the public_html folder.

oh darn it… I just realised, your theme dont support 3.1.5 of PHPBB3 :(

I dont need any help thank you Dave setting up files, etc, i’m perfectly capable of doing it myself – I have over 20 years of experience with Server Administration

I don’t want to use a 3.0.x version of PHPBB3 when there is a newer one available.

There is no AutoMod for version 3.1.x of PHPBB forum Dave… haven’t you read Sir? its not being supported, there are a ton of pages about it on their forum. I’ve looked, have you? If so, can you kindly show where the link is to download it?

On their forum they claim that the developers who rely on the AutoMod are to make the necessary adjustments to their coding or create their own version of AutoMod so it works with their Themes, etc. This is directly from the modeators of PHPBB3, not some user of their forum.

They say that its not needed as there is already a inbuilt extension installer. Which is news to me because I haven’t seen one inside the ACP.

After some digging before posting here, I found this site… its not a PHPBB3 site though, some guy took the time to make a AutoMod. http://forum.dion-designs.com/p14354/automod-for-phpbb-31

Is that ok to use? and will the Theme work then?

Thanks for your time

3.1.x use an extension system. The link you posted is automod for 3.1 fixed up by Dion and the reason I did not post it, is because You don’t need to use unless you know what you are doing with the code.

Like I said the theme is not compatible with 3.1.x until I release the update which I don’t have an ETA at this moment.

Feel free to use FLATBOOTS which supports 3.1.x and when an update for BBOOTS is released I will let e you know.

Cheers! Dave

I dont have FlatBoots though. :( are you gonna send it to me for free, Dave? :)

Hi Guys, Servers are currently down for maintenance. Should be all up later on today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Email me if you need support.



I am unable to see live demo, it is showing 404 page, also i tried to check your FLATBOOTS theme that also not working, when i click on live preview it is download some file.

Please provide me both live link to check demo. thanks


, Servers are currently down for maintenance. Should be all up later on today. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Follow on twitter for updates. @sitesplat

Cheers! Dave

i have set Maximum number of attachments per post 4 but user can not attach more then 1 photo?

thank you

thanks for support great item

Hello,thank you for your great theme,i have a question: can we add category icon ? if not,will you do such function for this theme?

Now i use version 3.0.14 phpbb,can i upgrade it to last version? i have choose this version because your theme but many mods work on 3.1.1 versions so is it ok if i upgrade? does your theme works with it ?

Hi, This for the category. http://www.sitesplat.com/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=1143&p=6124&hilit=category+icon#p6124

Please use the provided support forum for help desk purposes so that the questions are searchable for everybody. Many questions have also been answered there as well.

PS> the update is not ready yet. FLATBOOTS is compatible with 3.1.x



Hi it’s iamsixxis again,

Will i be able to put logo with BBoots & Flatboots?

Anyway, planning to buy BBoots when new version comes out.


Hi :)

Of course. its all in the documentation folder. :)

There is also a Mini CMS available for BBOOTS and FLATBOOTS (phpBB 3.0.x version only at the moment) that allows you to upload your logo directly via ACP + many other cool options.




As always thanks for the rapid response!

Thank you, Dave, very nice theme and support!

Thank-you For supporting the project. Stay tuned for the new things coming up ;) Dave


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