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Hello there,

Great theme. I ‘d like to know if the the plugin qtranslate works with your template ?

Thank you, have a nice day


Thanks for your kind words.

The theme is “translation ready”. It comes with all the configuration and files required to be translated. I’m sure it’ll work fine with that plugin.

Have a nice day you too :)

Can I import this template into dreamweaver and modify it in dreamweaver? Thanks :)

Hello there, Yes you cn, you need WordPress/php/html/ css skills. Have in mind this is a wordpress theme.

Have a nice day.

Thank you for the quick reply! Have a great weekend!


Nice theme! I think it should suit us perfectly. However, there is one thing I wonder about the contact form: Is it customizable? Or built on a plugin like Contact Form 7?

The reason I ask is that we would like to add a few fields and/or give users the option to select a recipient. Is this possible?


Hello There,

Thanks for writing :)

The contact form is a built in functionality and, at this moment you can’t add or remove fields from the options panel. However, you’re able to use any plugin like contact-form 7 and customize it your way. It’ll take you at most, 5 minutes to remove the built-in contact form for the contact template and use any other.

Have a great day!

Hi there, how do you use the gallery as seen in the demo?

I’ve figured it out, i think you need to make this clear in your documentation. Thanks

No problem :) Have a nice day.

We’ll review our documentation. Thanks.

What an awesome theme! Congrats! I’m just concerned on the responsive feature. I was trying out on an iPhone and I flip back and forth vertical and horizontal. Many times my iPhone screen would freeze and I cannot screw up and down, either Could I move from imaged to image in the slider. Is there any known bugs going on and will this be fixed? I really wanted to buy it, but first wanted to ask those questions.

Hello Antonio,

I recorded a video for you –

This test is over an iphone 4, ios6.1


Thanks! Not to worry. I’m still considering.

Thanks! Let me know if I can be of any further assistance.

where in the css editor would I look to change the font colors?

Well, it depend on the font you want to change. The theme has different spaces with different fonts and colors.

Please create a ticket on our support forum and we’ll be happy to help you:

Very nice theme btw!
When i create a “page” in Wordpress and I disable comments for it, i see “comments are closed” at the end of the page (with full-width page template), you know how can i remove that? i don’t want that to be shown! :D
Thanks in advance.

That’s the framework version. What we’ve updated is the theme. You can check that on Appearance > Themes. It’ll say that your site is running BBQ version 1.0.X

You need to download the latest version of the theme (1.0.6) and then replace your theme files with the new ones. Have in mind that if you’ve done some edits over functions.php or custom.css you don’t need to replace those.

You can create an account over and download it from there, and you’ll have access to our support forum also.

thanks, Juan.

OH, ok.
Thank you for your kind support, i’ll register on the forum for other questions.
Nice Themes, nice author. :D
Thanks again!

Thanks :) Have a nice day, Juan.

Oh, another question:
If I setup a “Blog” page with the tamplate “Blog”, the page is showing the home-page slider too, how can I avoid that?

Hi Mondi, when in your reading settings panel you don’t have to set your “Blog” page as your posts page. Thanks :)

Thanks! although in the documentation it says to set it! :P

whoops! I’ll review that :) Thanks.


Hi Im thibking of buying ur template, but I want to know If I can do so without having a logo. Most of the other templates for restaurants require a logo, and I do jnot have one yet. Thanks

Hello Uneku, thanks for writing. You don’t need a logo. You have the option of having your site title with plain text on the design.

Thanks, Juan.

Hi Im thibking of buying ur template, but I want to know If I can do so without having a logo. Most of the other templates for restaurants require a logo, and I do jnot have one yet. Thanks

Hello Uneku, thanks for writing. You don’t need a logo. You have the option of having your site title with plain text on the design.

Thanks, Juan.

Hi, thanks for your reply.I have 2 other questions. Does ur theme require shortcodes to create ordered lists e.g. for a recipe post? I have never used shportcodes before so I’m not looking forward to having to use them And can I upload other type of posts like videos,audios, and quotes in my blog apart from just image posts with texts? Thanks

Hi Uneku, no problem. The theme doesn’t have shortcodes. With regards to post formats, the theme only counts with the standard format by the moment. You can add videos though. Also, if you need to play audios or something else, it’s plenty of plugins for that kind of things. Best, Juan.

Is there XML file available of demo site files?

Hello pburner, thanks for writing.

Yes, please send us an email to and we’ll reply with the XML file.

Best, Juan.

Really good theme and excellent support! Five Stars!

Thanks a lot :)

I would like certain menu categories to appear before others instead of alphabetically. How can I do this?

Hello Aisha,

thanks for purchasing BBQ :)

We’re working on a new version that will be including menu categories ordering. In the meantime you can try using a plugin like this one:

Best, Juan.

Perfect seems to do the job perfectly. Thank you.

Happy to hear that :) Have a nice day, Juan.

Hi there! Awesome theme. I was wondering where in the code I can find the opening hours widget? I want to translate the names of the days and remove AM/PM.

Thanks in advance. Thomas.

Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your kind words :)

With regards to your questions:

Translation You can do that directly with the .mo and .po files over the /lang/ directory. That way, when a new version of the theme is released you won’t experience any trouble when updating.

Time format there’s an option over the Theme Options panel – you can set that directly from there. You need to understand a little bit of formatting dates with PHP (which honestly, is really straightforward) –

I recommend you to do things this way, because of what I’ve mentioned for the first issue. We release updates for this theme every now and then. If you change some of those functionalities it’s probable that you’ll then lose them, or maybe it’ll be a pain when updating later.

Best, Juan.

Woops – found it myself.

If anyone are wondering where to change/translate the “opening hours” widget, it’s located in functions.php under function nice_opening_hours()

Excellent :)

Please have in mind what I’ve mentioned in the previous message.

Have a nice day, Juan.

Hello, I’m interested in purchasing this theme. Would it be possible to add a background image or change the white to another color? I would also need to change the text to white at that point, is that possible?


Hello there,

Thanks for writing. Yes it’s possible. At the moment it’s not possible to put a background image through the options panel, but with a simple line of CSS you can easily do that. Regarding the fonts, you have different font selectors to choose your favorite fonts with their style and color. If there any font that you can’t change because is static we can guide you on doing that with CSS.

Best, Juan.

Hi, I want to display sidebar on the homepage on iphone layout. HELP!

Hello there,

The home page template doesn’t come with a sidebar. Would you send me more details to or open a ticket on our forums at ?

Thanks, Juan.


When I was uploading the theme to my WP environment, I’m getting this error.

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

Is there any way to resolve this nice and easy? I ofcourse could create my own style.css and include it within the .zip package, but then ofcourse I won’t have this nice and clean theme.

Edit: Nevermind, already resolved it. I forgot to unpackage the intitial .zip file to find the other one included.

Excellent :) Have a nice day, Juan.

Does this theme have social media buttons?

Yes it does :)

Thanks for the quick reply! I am also wondering if the “go to” drop down menu is an automatic function on smart phones and tablets or is it an optional function? Because I am previewing it on my iPad and I am seeing the drop down menu but I prefer the look of the horizontal menu

At the moment is an automatic function. It’s done that way because on devices with smaller resolutions than the iPad, when maintaining the horizontal menu, the layout breaks.

However, we can guide you on maintaining the horizontal menu for iPad resolutions and then using the dropdown for smaller devices.

Have a nice day.