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What css code do i need to put on to make the background a picture like you said in the above message?


Hello Ben,

It would be something like this:

body{ background-image: url(path-to-the-image/image.jpg); }

Best, Juan.

I have a client that bought this theme. I’m getting a white screen of death when i go to activate it on a clean install of WP. Their server is running PHP version 4.4.9 which means they can only run WordPress version 3.1.4. Would this be the cause of the white screen? If not, can you please give some other advice in how to resolve this problem. Thanks!

Hi Justin,

It may be because of that. Also, the theme use a script for image resizing that needs to have the GD library.

Have you checked the error_log?

You can write me at

Thanks, Juan.

With the slider on the home page is there a setting to make it auto play?

Hi, thanks for writing :)

Yes, you have different slider settings to choose autoplay, the order, velocity, effect (slide/fade), etc.

Best, Juan.

Is there any demo data for this theme?

Thanks for your purchase :)

Yes, please write me to and I’ll reply with the XML file.

Best, Juan.

My version of the BBQ theme didn’t come with a Menu Category template. Why?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for writing. The menu category template is automatically generated. You don’t need to create any page for that.

If you go to the “Food Categories” menu, and you click on “view” on any of the categories you’ve created you should see that template.

Best, Juan.

How do you populate the Galley page?

Hi Jim,

Thanks for writing.

In order to have your gallery page working, you need to create a page, assign the gallery template and then add images through the media uploader. This means, you need to upload the images in the same page, by clicking the “Add media” button. Once you add images to that page, they’ll be attached and they’ll be shown there.

Best, Juan.

Hi! Great Theme, i love using it!

But there are a few minor bugs:

1. RSS link doesnt work, you forgot to “echo” it. Line 16, archive.php, no “echo” in front of get_category_feed_link.

2. Slider doesn’t work correctly in responsive mode (smartphone breakpoint) if there is only 1 slide. You’re hiding the caption with ”.flex-active-slide .flex-caption”, but with only 1 slide, there is no active-slide :) So the caption breaks the layout.

Anyway, great theme!

Hi gopeter, thanks for your kind words :)

Thanks for pointing these issues. We’ll review everything and get things working for next version :)

Thanks again. Juan.


I am thinking about buying this theme. Would it be possible to plug woocommerce into this theme?


Hello There, We’ve head comments from more than 3 users that it works great with woocommerce. I’m pretty sure that it won’t be a problem to configure that plugin. We haven’t tried, though.

First of all, excellent and intuitive theme! You deserve the 5 stars.

I ran into one problem with the blog template. If you look at the following link you will notice that the thumbnail image claims the whole horizontal space, text appears below it. I already re-uploaded the feature image in hope that the upload process would fix it. Do you know how I can make it look like your theme demo?

Wow, seems like the last code solved it! Thanks so much!

Excellent :) I’m not sure why but the body class for the blog template wasn’t applying in your site. We’ll review this and add the solution for the next version. Thank you Matt.

Have a nice day.

It could be related to the Jetpack plugin installed. Some themes have issues with it especially with CSS. Many thanks again, and have a nice day too :)

I am looking to get this theme. Question though, I am building a restaurant Directory so I will have 20-40 different restaurants with there menu on there own page is it posible to have the menu list for each restaurant ?

Hi There,

There’s a possiblity to build it the way you want it. You can use the parent menu categories as restaurants.

Best, Juan.

Sorry but the gallery template doesn’t work with me. I don’t understand. I’d like to create a lot of gallery like your demo. How should I do ? When I load photo by clicking the “Add media” button, this what I get :

Thanks for help !

PS: Sorry for my english

it’s works, I just changed the get_children array in the php file

Hi, What have you changed? That template already use get_children(), to get the attachments.

I’m trying to add images to the slider… all I get on the front end is an image not found icon, and the source gives the image source as


Hi There, would you please send me your website address and the access details over ?

Thanks, Juan.

How can I centre main menu please (and Logo above)

Hi, you can try the following CSS:

logo {

float: none; text-align: center; }

Best, Juan.

Hi again, Juan! I’ve been loving your theme since I bought it 2 months ago. Have not runned in to any problems at all :-)

However, my client now wants the website to be able to sell the products on their menu. You know, e-commerce. I was wondering if you guys were thinking of working on some kind of integration of for example WooCommerce or eCart?

Or do I have to do all of the customization of an e-commerce plugin from scratch?

What would your recommendation be?

Thanks in advance!


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for your kind words :)

Regarding e-commerce, we’ve heard from some clients that woocommerce runs quite well with this theme. At the moment we haven’t tested any e-commerce plugin. But we may include e-commerce support in the future.

Best, Juan.

Hi there – I just emailed you about demo data so thought I’d comment here so that you know I purchased the theme.

Thank you, Angela

Thanks for your purchase :) We’ve replied your email with the XML demo data. Thanks again, Juan.

Is there a good place to put ads in this theme? Is there a widget for that?

Hi Matt, Yes, there’s a widget named “AdSpace”. With that widget you can include an embed code(Adsense) or place an image with a link. You have several widgetized areas (Home page and blog).

Best, Juan.

Thanks, Juan. So the 6 blocks on the bottom of the home page are the “widgetized areas?” I see where ads would look good on the blog page. Also, do you have to include a menu? I’m really looking to use this as more of a restaurant review site.

No problem :) That’s right. Those areas are widgetized areas. You can avoid using the menu templates, that’s up to you and the way you’d like to use the theme.

Best, Juan.

Hi, great theme.. Is it possible to have the theme work with a members panel like the nice theme members area?


Hello there, thanks for your kind words.

Actually, the member area it’s part of the software we’ve developed for the site. Unfortunately, BBQ doesn’t come with such thing. However, you can try and use some plugin to get something similar.

Best, Juan.

Hey, just a quick question, ‘cause I’ve been fiddling with no success.

Is there a way to change or affect the order in which testimonials/feedback appears?

I’m using this site as a singer, so I’m adding quotes from reviews. I plan to add on to this section of my webpage in the future too whenever I get another good quote from a review. To that end, I’d like to be able to add a new testimonial and have it appear at the top of the list of testimonials, and not the bottom.

Currently, you’ll notice the oldest appear first (or, simply, the order I added new testimonials to my page).

Any help in this regard would be appreciated! Thanks,


Hi Brad, Sorry I didn’t catch this message before. I’ve seen you’ve posted over :) Thanks for your purchase and I hope you have a nice day. Juan.

Hi, looks like a lovely theme. Few pre-sale questions though. You don’t seem to have integrated any social media icons and links. Any reason dfor that? Further, can the homepage slider images link to a page? Lastly, can’t seem to find a standard page with a sidebar.

You can pick wether to select the category template with grid or list style. For any category you can add as many child categories as you need.


No problem :) Let me know if I can be of any further assistance. Regards.

hi, the slider on the home page dont work… it is not enable on on the home page… what can i do?

Hi haby,

Would you send me your site information and the purchase ID to

Thanks, Juan.