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Just purchased and so far so good. Can you tell me recommended size for homepage slider images?

Hi, Thanks for your purchase :) – The slider image size is 960×400 pixels.

Regards, Juan.

Awesome, thanks!!

I’m sure this is a simple thing that I am overlooking. I’m trying to enter open and close times for business hours but Cntrl+Click to choose more than one option gives hours that are not correct. How to correctly choose hours of operation in theme options?

Duh…never mind, figured it out.

Excellent, please let us know if we can be of any further assistance :)

I appreciate your very quick response! If I could give you more stars for that alone I would! Thanks again!

Thanks a lot :)

Ok, started working with this theme a few hours ago and I am extremely pleased with it! Very user friendly, easy to navigate, lots of theme options! Congrats and kudos on a great theme!

Do you have plans to include option to change background in new release?

Yes, the thing is that it’s quite probable that we need to change the whole scructure in order to have this working (we’ll need to have a boxed layout, with a background image). So we need to think how to merge the current version with changes like that :)

Thanks a lot for your suggestion.

I’ll keep a look out for new feature. In the meantime, will you have more themes here soon?

Yes, we’re working on some new themes :)

Gallery page is not working for me and I followed the instructions in the documentation as well as comments above. Inserting the images into the page does not recreate the demo gallery as shown.

Hi there,

I’ll guide you on how to use the gallery template.

First of all, when creating a page in which you want to show the gallery, you need to select the gallery template for that page.

You can read more on this link to understand how to use page templates:

Please, be sure you select the Gallery template for that page. If you don’t set your page template with the gallery template it won’t work.

Second, you need to upload pictures to that gallery. In order to do this, use the Page mediauploader ( The “Add Media” button below the title in the page form ) choosing as many pictures as you want from your hard drive. You can edit the information for the images. Then save changes and publish the page.

It’s important to add the photos you want for your gallery on the same page, and not use the ones from the media (for example, others that you’re using for other pages/posts).

You don’t need to add them to the page content, as they’re uploaded already and linked to the page.

Finally, the template will make the magic happen.

Ah, I was choosing from the media library…got it now. Thanks!

No problem :)

Hey! First, your theme is amazing thank you so much !

I have a problem, I can not change the restaurant’s opening hours for Monday and Tuesday. I don’t know why but those days are blocked ..

For the rest of the week no problems, the opening hours are changing ! Do you have a solution?

Thanks for your kind words :)

That sounds strange – would you please send me more details (site address, access details) to


Thank you for your help.

Everything works perfectly !

Thank you Quentin! Have a nice day :)

I am having a bunch of issues with the theme after being installed. After being installed I started to get 403 Errors in my dashboard. Then once trying to save my information for the Theme under Nice Themes, Theme Options it keeps clearing out. Any Help will be nice.

Thanks, Richard

Thanks for the help with the issue. I am having one more issue though. Now after the fix, the business hours are not setting correctly. They keep doubling up. Is there a reason for this?

Please use same access details.

Hi Richard,

You need to select the whole block when setting up the business hours, with multiple selection (on windows holding ctrl + click, on mac holding cmd + click). That way you’ll be defining the time block.

For example, if you need to set up from 3PM to 5PM.

All you need to do is pick the hours. So, followgin the example:

- you need to pick. 15:00, 15:30, 16:00, 16:30, 17:00 (on windows ctrl + click, on mac cmd + click)

Best, Juan.

Hi, am I able to have an ecommerce function on this theme?

Hi Rebecca, This theme is not tested with any ecommerce plugin. However, several users mentioned that it runs perfectly well with woocommerce.

Best, Juan.


just purchased this theme but when i go to install them on fresh wordpress 3.5.1 i keep getting this

Unpacking the package…

Installing the theme…

The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Theme install failed.

any ideas!

Hi There,

Thanks for writing. You’re trying to install the wrong zip file. The zip file you get when buying the item on themeforest contains 4 folders inside: bbq, documentation, licensing & psd. The theme files are inside the folder bbq. You can either compress that folder into a zip file and install it through the wordpress installer or upload through FTP the folder I’ve mentioned before into your site’s /wp-content/themes/

Thank you

Thanks for advice but still no cigar. I zipped those files as you said but got the same message when i tried to upload thru WP installer. I uploaded via ftp and installed ok so all good for me

Ok – It’s quite strange that you still get the same message when zipping the “bbq” folder. You shouldn’t be getting any error message.

Please let me know if I can be of any further assistance.


Which font did you use for the logotype?

The font is Bree Serif, with some slight modifications (in the letter Q).


Hi – Can you tell me how to change the background to an image and have the text area stay white? Thank you, Jane

Hi Jane, Thanks for writing. Unfortunately you don’t have options in the backend to do that. However if you have a little experience with Web Design, you can do it yourself by adding some CSS.

Check for example, this thread:

Thanks again.

Hi !

I’m trying to set up several languages ??on the theme. Unfortunately WPML does not seem compatible.

Can you recommend a plugin (responsive web design) for this theme?

Thank you for you support

Hi There,

Thanks for writing. We haven’t experienced difficulties with that plugin. However, I’ve read in our forums that some users successfully translated their sites using the qTranslate plugin.

Best regards.

I finally installed WPML, which is quite fickle, but after a few hours and a few clever hack it works correctly :)

Thanks !

I’m happy to hear that :)

Have a nice day, Juan.

Is there a way to put a full line of text on the home page under the slider? I want some introduction text on my homepage however if I insert it as a widget it looks to tight being 1/3 of the content area.

Hello there, unfortunately there’s no widgetized space to do that in a whole block. That area is reserved for the infoboxes (1/3 each). However it’s something that, with some html + CSS, can be easily done.

Best regards.

Hello Where can I change the symbol of the price? It’s currently in dollars and I want to change for R$ (brazilian). Thanks!

Hello Chris,

Thanks for writing. You can find that within the theme options panel, over the Business Setup section. Look for the “currency” option and you’ll be able to use the reais.

Best, Juan.

Thank you for the quick answer! :)

No problem :) Bom dia!

can the home page slider flip from one picture to the next or does it only work manually??


thanks for writing.

You can set that in the options panel. There are different options for the slider, including: Auto-start, reverse order, random order, effect (slide/fade), display the navigation items, display/hide the caption, loop the animation, etc.


Hey everyone!

Can someone help me upload a menus as a pdf/image as an option on the “Cafe Menu” drop down menu?

I’m trying to upload the newest version of our summer cafe menu as a pdf. Our old menu is available on our site from our drop down menu, Cafe Menu under the tab Download Menu.

When I go to the wordpress to edit the website, this option doesn’t even come up on “Pages”. It only comes up under ‘Menus” in “Appearance”. But even there it doesn’t give me options to edit these pages, only the options to change/view the URL, Navigation Label, and Title Attribute.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated!


Thanks for writing. Would you please send me your site access details and purchase id to so we can take a look?


can we do photos as a background on this theme?

and is the header and body backgroun different for color options?

Hi there,

Unfortunately that can’t be made through the theme options. However if you are proficient with css it is something doable by setting some css rules.

Best, Juan

Your theme is cool thank you so much!! Is this theme compatible with WooTheme plugin?

No problem. Actually, the theme is not prepared for woocommerce, but we’ve heard from many clients that they have their sites working with BBQ an woocommerce without any problem.

Best, Juan.

Thank you very much

No problem.

Have a nice day, Juan.

Hi Juan,

can you point me at the right place to add a time option to the business opening hours. I want to put ‘till late’

e.g. Monday to Saturday 9am – till late

Cheers, SC

Hi SC,

Thanks for your purchase.

On the WordPress admin section, under the Nice Themes Options panel you’ll see that there’s a “Business Setup” tab ( on the left ).

Once you click that tab, you’ll find different options for setting up your business information. Below the Phone Number field, you can find a multiple select field for each day of the week. These fields work in the following way:

- If you’re on Windows, press control + click to select a range of time when your business is open. - If you’re on a Mac, press command + click to select a range of time when your business is open.

By range of time I mean, the hours your business is open. For example, if your store/restaurant is opening from 9 to 5 on Mondays, you need to click on every item from the “Monday Business Hours” field between 9:00 to 17:00 (If your business is closed in the middle, you can uncheck them and it’ll work).

Unfortunately you can’t configurate block of days, you need to configurate every day. At the moment you can’t use “Till Late”.

Best, Juan.

Hi love this theme and am installing it now, I just have a few quick questions:

1. How do I get the 3 homepage widgets to show (“WELCOME TO BBQ”, “UNLIMITED COLORS”, “CONTACT US”) as in your demo site? (this does not seem to be in your documentation)

2. How can I manually sort the order of menu categories? (so they display in the order that I prefer)

3. I have two menus (1 for Dine In and 1 for Takeaway) (they have the same items but different prices) – how would you suggest I create these?

4. I want to add a CAPTCHA to the contact form, how can I do this?

Thank you

Hi Debra,

Thanks for sending the details. It seems to be a bug when there’s only one slide.

Would you please add the following code on the Custom CSS option or within the custom.css file?

@media screen and (max-width: 860px) { .flex-active-slide .flex-caption, .flexslider .slides li:first-child:nth-last-child(1) .flex-caption, .flexslider .slides li:only-child .flex-caption { display: none; } }

Best, Juan.

Hi again Juan, is it possible to insert an image into the description of a “Menu Category”? (customer wants a 700px wide graphic to sit underneath some category names) If so, what is the code tag? (I tried but it did not work, thanks

Hi Debra,

Thanks for writing. Unfortunately that’s not possible with the theme as it is right now. However you may find that something like that can be achieved if you use plugins for HTML editing in the Taxonomy description, or images for taxonomies. I would search that sort of plugin in order to get that working.

Best, Juan.

Nice theme. I am interested, but is it possible to have a full width slider on the hp? Cheers, Kim.

Hi Kim,

Thanks for your kind words. Unfortunately, with the theme as it is right now that’s not possible through the theme options.

Best, Juan.