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How can i add a youtube to the video gallery- I only see an upload button. Also single product images comes stretched- the add to cart button is wide on grid view- Thank you-

1- You can add video to a gallery by first adding an image (which will not appear on display), click on the pencil shaped icon, select type to ‘Video’, paste video url/address in the below text field. That’s it. If you want further assistance please contact our support personal at

2- /* Seems like, changes in style sheet causing these problems */ Fix: For Woo commerce Product Image Stretched .product.type-product .images img { Width:100%; height:auto; }

3- Fix: For Add To Cart Button: Remove the padding given to the following rule in your stylesheet or make it 0px. button.button, .woocommerce-page button.button { padding:0px; }

Ok, i found that woocommerce does not use the same HTML on my theme compared to the demo site. <figure .. <section ..

Please kindly open a ticket at with your site URL.

Our tech support team will help you with this issue.

Thank you.

This team does a great job of solving your website problems, and are very friendly and helpful.

Thank you so much :)
It will encourage us to provide even better customer service.

My Item Purchase Code is not working, What can Ido??


Thanks for your purchase.

There are 2 versions of Be Human Template.

1. WordPress i.e, Be Human – Charity Multipurpose WP Retina Theme

2. HTML Template, Be Human – Charity Crowdfunding & Store Theme

It appears you are selecting the wrong version when opening a ticket. Please kindly select ‘Be Human – Charity Multipurpose WP Retina Theme’

Your purchase code should work fine.

Thank you.

What plugins/componants are needed to be preinstalled before this will work “out of the box” as in the demo? I realized the Crowdfunding functionality is actually NOT INCLUDED with the template – is there anything that else that isn’t standing out that is NOT INCLUDED?

Hello Rhantson,

All plugins are included or open source plugins available for free except 2.

1. IgnitionDeck Plugin for Crowdfunding. It is a 3rd party plugin, we have provided its integration with the theme but you have to purchase plugin from its developer’s website.

2. WPML for multiple language translation management. Again this plugin is integrated with the theme but you have to purchase its license from its developer’s website.

Thank you.

Final question – where do we get the Revolution Slider slide demo from? Layer Slider seems to work, but Revolution Slider does not…

Hi there,

We have not provided or added Revolution Slider neither at the demo nor with the theme. If you want to use Revolution Slider with this theme then you can use its provided shortcode inside the column element or in Visual/Text editor of WordPress.

Thank you.

Hi there i am Facing problem in Logo uploading i tried different browsers not working

Hi there,

This generally happens due to some sort of jQuery conflict at WordPress install. To fix this, please try disabling all plugins and then try uploading logo.

It the issue persists after disabling plugins, please open a ticket at http:/// with your WP admin login info. Our support team will help you with it.

Thank you.

is it multilingual also? is it simple wordpress template when development skills are not necessary? I know wordpress and I think I can do all except writing codes

Hi there,

Sure the theme is multilingual. The theme is compatible with WPML plugin and it comes with .mo and .po files. You can use WPML to have more than one language on your site.

The theme does not require any code modifications, it is super user-friendly. The theme is built using our CrunchPress Page Builder, you can make changes to any page or element of your site from our page builder and options control panel.

Best Regards.

Is there a reason why the Logo can’t be changed and why we can’t directly edit the sizing for the logo as well?

HI there,

Here are answers to both your questions.

If you face any additional issues, please contact our support team by opening a ticket at

Thank you.

Will this template be updated at any time soon? There hasn’t been any updates since September of last year. = V 2.4.0 – 09.14.2015 =

Hello Rhantson,

We are working on a major update for ‘Be Human’ which will have new design and development features. Stay tuned :)

Best Regards.

In your major update will be a new crowdfunding page? With comments, FAQs and videos? I’m interested to buy your theme for a crowdfunding platform but the project page (in your demo) are not satisfying at all. Thanks

Hello Albesus,

Next update is going to be a major update. Surely we will add more stuff in the project details.

Best Regards.

any idea when the next update will be? i intend buying this one then – so i can check. thanks.

Hello Mkele,

Nice timing for your question. We are working on a major update for Be Human, it will have several new features included in it. Update will be made available for download in 8 work days +/-

Best Regards.

hi just a follow up, have you updated the theme as you had said. i see still says last updated last year (14 Sept 2015)? or should i keep checking for an updated version?

I have Be Human but can’t use Siteorigin Page Builder for some reason – how do I change the page options to allow Siteorigin to take over? I am using version 2.0 , Do I have to purchase a later version?

Hi there,

You are using a third party plugin. We have our own page builder that you can use with this theme.

It is possible that the Siteorigin Page builder is not compatible with the theme.

We will recommend you to use the page builder of our theme.

Thank you.

Thank you for your reply but is it possible to turn off your page builder for it does not provide the live view that I am looking for and also if I use other themes I can stick with a single editor. I have several other themes loaded that work with Siteorigin page builder so I think your code is some how not releasing the functionality needed for another page builder.

If I can not turn off your builder I guess I have to switch to another theme. Shame for I liked the look but as a software developer I can not be locked into proprietary tools that result in extra time/training for those who need to support software.

Please let me know if I can turn off your page builder and how.

Hi there,

Sorry to disappoint you. It is not possible to turn off page-builder as theme elements are coded to work with it.

Best regards.

hi just inquiring again.when can we expect an updated one please. please do indicate possible time/date so as to plan accordingly. have been waiting a while. thanks :)

Hi there, Theme is updated today and here is changelog for the new update.
        1. Made Compatible with WordPress 4.5
        2. Layer Slider is updated.
        3. Woo Commerce updated to latest version 2.6+.
        4. TGM activation library updated to latest version.

        1. Image Uploader bug in page builder elements fixed.
        2. Minor formatting and styling issues fixed.
        3. Layer Slider ID selection bug fixed.
        4. Page Builder elements zindex issue fixed.
        5. Warning displaying during adding elements issue is fixed.
        6. Logo width and height option bug fixed.    
        7. Woo Commerce outdated files bug fixed.
        8. Product Slider bug fixed.
        9. Logo Upload issue fixed.

Best Regards.

Hi. I need a crowd funding site where people register and then can create projects to be funded. I want the project creation process to be on the front end. IgnitionDeck said that this is only possible on their Enterprise plan. Also I need the payments to go via WooCommerce, which is only possible in their cheapest plan. So this is a problem. Can your theme help me achieve this somehow?

Hi there,

WooCommerce is only used for selling items. You cannot receive donations on it.

About the question of posting projects at users and receiving donations. It will require some custom changes and customization work. You can contact us at for further queries related to such changes.

Thank you.

Hi there,

You are welcome.

Best Regards.

Hi! Do you have html version of this template?

Hi there,

Yes, we have an HTML version for this theme. You can check it out here:

Thank you.

1. Is the donation feature full included? i.e. with paypal AND credit card integration where people can make payment using these methods?

2. Can people without paypal make donation?

3. What is the paypal account required to receive funds? I am doing this for a non profit organization and they have paypal ngo account type.

4. Can I set a percentage of donation (5%) to go me (site admin) and the balance 95% to go to the organization?

Hi there,

Thank you for your interest.

1- Yes We are using built in function for donation which performs the donation.

2- yes they can use there visa , master cards as well as i have also attached a highlighted screenshot which highlights your mentioned issue.

3- any PayPal account would be right as you can go to payment options and set your PayPal account.

4- yes you can set the percentage (%)

Thank you .


bvr Purchased

Hi, I used the default gallery widget, where do I change the text ‘View more’ ? See:

Hi there,

Please go to wp-content\themes\be-human\framework\extensions\widgets\cp_gallery_image_widget.php on Line 117: <?php if($externallink <> ’’){?><?php _e(’+ View More’,’crunchpress’);?><?php } . You can change the text here, Thank you.

I just purchased the 6month support but when I try to submit ticket through support system I get a sorry that purchase code is different. Can you please assist me. You have helped me on this theme before and now Im picking it back up and have a few things I need worked out..

Hi there,

No need to worry, please share your detailed query with us by sending us an email at \\

Best Regards.