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Hi, I downloaded your theme. I think it’s pretty good. I just want to know how can I change the custom taxonomie “My Works” from tags to categories.


Hi again Maghnetico and thank you for purchase!

Im not sure what you mean. Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Remember to describe your question with more details!

Cheers Apollo13

Please consider filtered galleries :) this is a must for photography sites

We think about it but the decision has not been made ;)

Great theme, really amazing. I was wondering if it is possible to put an ‘awesome-font’ icon and a discription in the menu above/below a gallery, just like with the pages. Now it’s looks a bit weird that all the pages (in the menu) have a subtitle and icon except for one

Thank you Mooms!

Yes it will be added in the new update. Ill let you know when it will be ready! :)

Best Apollo13

awesome! thanks a lot

Hi, If I choose a page as “works-list” it will show all the categories (I changed it to show categories) or tags inside the “My Works”. How to show only specific categories/tags?

I want to create a page to show some tags from “Works-list” and another page to show other tags from the same “Works-list”.


If you are using multiple work lists based only on the genres you wont be able to use filters. Ill show you example:
1) The work list with all genres: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/works/ (with the filter)
2) The work list made on the “logo” genre: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/genre/logo/ (without the filter)
You cant use filter if you want to show one genre. I hope its clear or maybe i dont understand you ;) if yes, send me the PM with your site address or post it on the support forum.

Cheers Apollo13

ok…it makes sense. Thanks very much for the reply. I was asking because I changed the taxomony structure from tags to categories.. So…now Genres are working as categories. I have subcategories inside them and for this reason I want to show them. I think I have to change some code to try to show the filter in this way…

I’m glad I could help :) In the case of more complex questions, remember to use our support forum!

Is it possible to modify the sidebar width of the theme to allow more room for advertisements?

Hello. You ask about the main header (with the menu) or the sidebar in the blog posts ? Best Apollo13

Hello, the main header (with the menu). Thank you!

There is no such option in the admin panel but with the few changes in the css file it is possible! We will help you on the support forum after you purchase the theme ;)

Cheers Apollo13

Thank you CoralixThemes!

Sorry all but our theme was unavailable for several hours because one artistic image contained a woman’s breast, which violated the rules of envato.

Instead of a warning, the theme has been blocked. We had to update the files and send again. Unfortunately, we had to wait a long time for the re-approved! But we are online now! :)

Hi. It would be really cool if you could perhaps publish a roadmap of feature requests?? That was people can see what has been asked for – what you are considering and what is not possible.

I am a fan of filterable portfolio ISOTAPE style. Also being able to define width of main side menu – but also for that to offer option of hiding it?

So tempted right now.

Hello Websitedude1985!

At this point, we have our inner thoughts about new features but of course we will consider any proposal if it is reasonable ;) We will think about the roadmap, thanks for sharing this idea!

Best Apollo13

Fantastic looking theme !

One question: Is it possible to display the single blog posts in the same way the pages are displayed as can be seen under “features” ?

Thank you Trycester! :)

Sorry it is not possible to display posts in the same way the pages are displayed.

Best Apollo13

Nice theme – I am currently looking for a theme that will post on the homepage every portfolio item I upload (or at least the feature image) – will this theme do that automatically?

Hello Steveconlon and thank you!

I am confused because maybe the answer is easier than you think ;) Here you have a list of all added works (portfolio items): http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/ . Each newly added work is automatically added to the list.

if I understood you wrong, please send me more information!

Best Apollo13

I think you have answered my question and it will do what i need. Thank you.

Great! :)

how about a staff or team page? Love the theme

Hi – I actually just saw this…lol – Sorry for not responding

Do you still have the layout/shortcode?

Hello Agent8. Sorry im not able to find this :(

Um, just wanna say, GREAT support guys. Sorted my problem right away.

Thank you so much Rawiri! :)

Im looking on my android and i dont happen to see Main Menu?

On my android phone it looks like it should! Can you check with another phone?

ok..I was using an EVO 4g…where should the menu be? is it a drop down? Im not seeing that either…is there a responsive setting in the admin?

The menu should be on the top of the page. Try to install a different web browser than the standard, for example firefox, opera. There is no way of checking all themes on all the phones but it can be compare it to similar browsers. Like i said we tested it on severals popular phones likes iphone, samsung and its works great.

Let me know what will be the results of this test. Best Apollo13

Nice theme well done. I have a pre-purchase question, can Woocommerce be added?


Hello Silviouk and thank you!

Sorry but our theme was not adapted to this plugin.

Cheers Apollo13

hi there, is it possible to have the nav at the top of the page, rather than on the left?

Hello Italika! The theme was designed with vertical navigation and there is no alternative option. Cheers Apollo13

thanks for quick reply. Is it something I could change in the CSS?

The only “easy” possibility for horizontal menu is to make it look like in the narrowest responsive version. I hope you understand? ;)

Hello. I have a pre-purchase question. i would like to embed html on the single vertical post on “The works”. is it possible to embed regular html other then photographs and videos on these portfolio items ?


Hello 7ftsoundsystem!

In works in slider/scroller/full width photos , that are before text content you can only have images or videos. In text content you can use Wordpress editor to insert HTML, shortcodes and other things that are enabled there:)

Best Apollo13

thanks for the reply – another few questions -

1.can i assign URL links to the previews in “the works” portfolio – so if some clicks on the image it redirects to another URL/website

2. what would be the maximum width of embeds be on the text content area on the full width project.


A1) http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/work/monsters/ – yes you can add the URL links to every image displayed in the slider!
A2) There is no limits because the theme is fluid. if I understood you well ;)

Hi again, I have a couple of other pre-purchase questions, I hope you don’t mind.
1 – In ‘Works – Best of Best’ view (home page in live preview), clicking on the top left image brings up the portfolio item (or is it blog item?), can side bar widgets be placed in this type of document such as recent posts etc?
2 – Once into this document can auto scrolliong be stopped
3 – Also in this view can shortcodes be used in the editing process, i.e. for coloumns etc
4 – Also in this view can the left information, date/author/software titles be changed or removed?

Thanks for your time.


Hello again Silvio!

A1) Sorry, you cant add the widgets there
A2) Yes, you can disable/enable autoplay in the admin panel for each work separately
A3) Yes
A4) Yes.

Best Apollo13

Thanks!, one other thing can you have an image background in blog page view (behind the blog article)?

Sorry, not possible. Cheers Apollo13

Thanks for your great Theme. I would like to change the red color of a post title when hoover it. By default is on orange/red. Also on the right side bar. I try different options on the setting menu but I couldnt find the solution. Look forward to your reply.

Hello Nicomad and thank you so much! :)

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

It’s ok I found it :)

Great! :) If you like our theme it would be great if you could rate our theme. It will help us a lot ;)

Hi There,

Great theme, I cannot grab the order number off envato to join your forum? It brings up a generic page on the creative commons license?

Any ideas?

Need to ask you a couple of questions

Hello Dylanstrydom and thank you!

Send me the PM, ill make account for you! :)

Best Apollo13


I just downloaded your theme and I’m trying to switch to the ‘light’ version of this template. I’ve switched all the settings to ‘light’ and have also changed the menu background color to white under the customize header & footer tab. However, it still shows that dark gray color for my menu bar! Help!

Hello Livefastdiefun21!

Please note that all custom appearance fields (inputs) must be empty! (under the switch between light/dark version).

If still it doesnt work please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread and send address to your website.

Best Apollo13