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Hi there, Is it possible to sort media inside a single works-item? I would like the newest media to appear first, so I don’t have to re-place everything in the project when I add something.

If not, will this function be added in the future?

Hello Ivix!

This change is very simple and we will add it with the new update! (max. 2-3 days).

Best Apollo13

Awesome. Great theme!! Keep up the good work.

Thank you so much Ivix! :)

Hey – GReat Theme!

wanted to ask why my contact form is on the left hand side instead of the right hand side like in yoru demo – thanks alot


Hello Yves and thank you!

You can change the page layout to: left, center, right. More: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_new_posts_pages_pages p.s dont forget to rate our theme ;)

Best Apollo13

Thanks! rated – 5stars!

Thank you so much! :)


Sorry I have another problem that isn’t resolved in the forum or documentation. For some reason the uploaded images using the ‘featured image’ aren’t working. I’ve tried .jpg .png and .pdf files and nothing is showing up. They appear broken within the uploader and don’t show up in the post either!

Please help!

Best, Jason

Hello Jason!

We can not see your post on the forum, so please create a new thread because we are not able to resolve your problem on the forum if you didnt write there ;)

Cheers Apollo13

No worries, I got the pictures to work! Thank you!

Great! :)

Also, how do I make the homepage the full screen image/slider like it is displayed on the ‘Light’ version!?

Hello again Jason!

First you must create a gallery (http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_galleries) and then you have to set this gallery as the homepage: “BP Apollo13 Theme>Main Settings>Front Page>Selected Gallery”

Cheers Apollo13

Awesome thank you for the timely response!

Hey Fantastic theme, very impressed with it!

One thing i am not sure how to fix, when i use the dark content version for pages the H1 and H2 tags i have used no longer show as they are still in black.. i tried going into the css and add code for the tags to make them white but it didnt seem to work… can you advise me how to do this please



You probably are using compressed styles(BP Theme -> Advance). You can also use custom CSS field in BP Theme -> Appearance. However I would love you to come to our forum cause it maybe some issue with styles -> http://support.apollo13.eu/

Thanks for a fast response, i have posted it over on your support forum



Hello ! Before buy this theme i would like to ask you some questions about ..

1/ First, can I add music player?

2/ Can I add widgets in sidebar/menu ? Twitter flux for example.

3/ Can I use a “Single Slider” or “Single scroller” page as “home page” ?

4/ Is it possible to insert a gallery (like galleries in preview) as a Instagram photostream, synchronized with my instagram Account ?

5/ Can I change the post format in blog page ? I would like to show just one post by line / all posts in ONE column. So like the layout page.

6/ And finally, is it possible, in “list of works” page, to display all works in black and white, and color them when the cursor is over them ?

Thank you Best.


1. Maybe with some plugin. It is not build in our theme. 2. Widgets areas are available for blog/archive page and single posts in sidebar. 3. Yes you can use single slider like here http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/ and we will ad Revolution slider as front page option in few days. 4. Sorry, it is not possible. 5. We answered this in here http://themeforest.net/item/beach-please-responsive-portfolio-wp-theme/discussion/4534186?page=1#comment_3759552 6. We have such option in gallery. We will add it also for Works list.

With regards.

Thanks for your complete answer. I like very much your theme

Best regards

I unchecked the comments option on the page and now on the bottom it says “Comments are closed.”. How do I remove that from the bottom of my page?

Thank you! :) I love this template by the way. Great job!

Thank you so much Kristen! You can rate our theme if you like it! ;)

Already did :)

Hello there, just one question before buying. Instead of video post I need to put music post, like soundcloud for example, will it work the same as videos ? cheers

Hello Artalys!

Here you have the example: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/the-blog/ (the first post). You can use the sound cloud shortcodes after you install the “SoundCloud Shortcode” plugin! 5 minutes and you have everything ready to go ;)

Cheers Apollo13

Thanks that’s great!

Hello! Very nice theme!

May you help please, when I embedd video to my work from youtube, when I click on play, it shows in pop up window. How to disable popup and make it working inside post?


Hello Z5mart and thank you!

Now you have to “Present media in: Slider” in the option of each work to see video without the lightbox (screenshot: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_works_add_new_work ).

We will re-think this option and ill let you know about results of our discussion ;)

Cheers Apollo13

Really cool theme! How does behave a portrait format picture in a post gallery format? Will it be stretched to fit the post width or not?

Hello again Eric05!

You pasted me two separate examples. You need to decide whether you’re talking about the blog post or the gallery ;) All gallery functions are transferred from the Hypershot, example: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/gallery/images-3/

Cheers Apollo13

OK, I’m french and this not so easy to be clear in your language!

Sometimes it’s hard to think in the same way, but I hope I answered your question ;)

this looks very nice. I see you are adding slider revolution? would this allow a full screen style slider and then page content also underneath when user scroll? this would be awesome! Like I guess the single slider page where the content is below (although I would like to make rev slider fill screen so content shows on scroll)

I also wonder if at all possible to create a footer on theme that perhaps only opens when clicking a small button say at bottom of page (slides up maybe)? I have seen some full screen/fluid sites that do this but your completeness of this theme by far is better and for me this would be deal clincher for me allowing social media feeds etc.

left side menu – can there be option to show/hide this? maybe on by default but hide option – sliding effect is like on WowWay theme.

finally, sidebars – I would really love option of showing sidebar with pages? widget ready? where do these get placed?


Hello Looktothestars!

A1) Yes we have plans to make exactly this two functions of the revolution slider. It will be ready in 2-3 days. :)

A2) A3) Yes we have these features in our plans but first we want to add revolution slider.

A4) Sorry we dont have plans to implement sidebars to static pages.

Cheers Apollo13

And what about ton insert same album options as you’ve made with hypershot? Especially “Full Height” and “Fit”.

Or maybe you could make a gallery plugin? This would be a great plugin…

As i wrote earlier: All gallery functions are transferred from the Hypershot! :)

OK, good to know!

And what about inserting the same blog “filter by” feature as Hypershot? It is super handy!

And in your future future plans ? ;)

Even in the far far future, we dont have such plans ;)

Doesn’t matter, I’ve purchased it anyway…

Hello .. again , great theme..

Two things i seem to be struggling with :

1. I get a 404 error when i go to the homepage with the slider – I had it working , but then it stopped displaying the gallery and gave me a404 error… any ideas .. [ i saved permalinks a few times ]

2. I cant seem to figure out how to display my posts on a blog page? there is now blog template in the page attributes section—


Hello 7ftsoundsystem and thank you!

A1) Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. You must write more details like live link to your website or screeshots.

A2) Check the documentation: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_frontpage

Cheers Apollo13

once again – a proper read of the documentation has solved the problem – sorry for bothering—this a dream theme

Great! :)

With the new update, its even better…however I liked my items bigger on the slide scrollers, etc. What happen to them? They shrank when you click a portfolio item. What do I need to do for them to scroll bigger? Thanks

I do not know if you were able to fix it or not but if you have questions, please visit our Support Forum :)

One more quick thing…anything I do in the settings including changing Fonts, it is no longer updating. I did change something then hit Save Changes and nothing changed.

I do not know if you were able to fix it or not but if you have questions, please visit our Support Forum :)

I just want to say big thank you to Apollo13 – for the great theme and for unparalleled support.

I’m building my own website at the moment and being an amateur when it comes to web design and coding in general I need help every now and then.

And no matter what my question was I always got a prompt answer which let me achieve my goal in few minutes.

Some other theme designers on some other ‘help’ forums would probably find some of my questions annoying or stupid but not here – Air of Apollo13 is always of great help and there is not enough coffee or donuts you could buy him. :-)

I am getting closer to publishing my site and I could never do it without these guys, so thanks again. Their support is the best.

You know what – just buy this theme, give them 10* and enjoy your work! :-)


We are happy that we have fulfilled your expectations! Thank you for the great testimonials. Certainly we will add it to our description :) and of course we are waiting to see your new website!

Never mind Apollo, I figured it out….if it happens to anyone all you have to do is reset the file permissions on your server. Apollo13 your temp. is the best one on here in my opinion. I only know it’s going to get better.

Hello Gopic and thank you so much! :)

Great that you were able to solve the problem by yourself! In case of any others problem please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread.

Best Apollo13


How do I change the favicon with the little palm tree, cant find an option to change that.


Hello Mjavads

You will find this option in the appearance settings (screen: http://2.s3.envato.com/files/55159927/preview/03_Appearance.jpg – first option at the top)

Best Apollo13

Hi, could this theme be compatible with WooCommerce?


Hello Nomadworker

Sorry but our theme was not adapted to this plugin.

Cheers Apollo13