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i love this theme great work! it perfect.

One question … the mouse overs in the light versio are black, can i give every menu item a diverend colour? that would be rocking my world :D (i want to link it to other site (MU, same theme, other colours)


Hello C3computers and thank you! :)

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. I can not give you a guarantee but you can try to ask our expert ;)

Best Apollo13

How do I disable the search feature on the left side nav?

Hello Kristen

Go to the “BP Apollo13 Theme>Appearance>Customize Header & Footer>Switch on/off header search form>Disable”

Cheers Apollo13


What font did you used for the text in the Revolution Slider ( in the black text squares ) ? The default one is Arial, and i want the same one as in the demo if possible.

A picture to explain myself :


Hello Dorakz!

We used the Montserrat font which is the same as in the dark demo.

Cheers Apollo13

Thank you.

But no matter what i try, the font inside the black squares stays in Arial.

Where should i change the font, exactly ? The Google Font option in the Revolution Slider main menu seems to do nothing, same for the CSS of the caption squares.

Hello again Dorakz

You must change the fonts in the CSS file of the Revolution Slider: http://snag.gy/9gHmD.jpg and remember to set the Montserrat font in the “BP Apollo13 Theme>Fonts”

Cheers Apollo13

Hello again.

I would like to change the text when you hover over the social links icons “follow us on instagram ”. could you please tell me which file i need to change this in the css.. thanks !

Sorry , one more question : Is it possible to have the new feature of having “my works ” section open a custom link , open up in a new tab rather then leaving the current page??

I would like clients to be able to stay on “my works” page while the selected work opens in a new tab

thanks !

Hello again 7ftsoundsystem!

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

thanks – new thread started—must i start new thread there as well for my previous query regarding the social icons? thanks again

Yes, add this second one too! Thanks Apollo13 :)

Hi, Having trouble with the front page’s Slider and Text effect (Like on your Light Version) – I am using 3.5.1 WP, Only two plugins are activated (JetPack & WP importer) – So two things; 1, What is the name of the font that is being used on the “Menu” on the “Light Version” – 2, How do I make my landing page, just as your Light version, with the slider/ text effects?

Thank you for your help and support.

Hello Fawad213!

A1) The name of the font is “Oswald”
A2) Here you will find the answer: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_frontpage_slider ;)

I hope this helps. Cheers Apollo13

Hi ,my images in the gallery preview are cutted off ,there is away to see it resized in the galleries? thank you

Hello again

Im not sure what you want ;) You want to add icons to the menu for the blog?

Cheers Apollo13

yes i have in my menu the blog link,my blog show a “category” not is a page,can i add a icon to my blog menu tag too? this is my wp site if you want see what i’m try to do : www.mrthehobonickels.com like you can see i have icons in the gallery,contact,but i can’t find the way to add it to the blog link in the menu

Sorry it is not possible to add icon to the tag. You must create blog on the static page! like in our doc: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/main_settings_menu_what_to_show_on_front_page

Cheers Apollo13


I got this page : http://www.lookmedia.nl/login/

And i need a site bar next to it. just like the blog page. Can a add a sidebar somehow to use widgets? I want to display some options on the sidebar for the login page for my clients.

Tnx :D

Hello C3computers!

Now it is not possible but you can ask our Wordpress Expert on the Support Forum but, remeber, I cant give you a guarantee that he will help you with that ;)

Cheers Apollo13

First of all, this is simply an amazing theme! Finally managed to find something that I could showcase video galleries as well as photos! :) Having so much fun putting my stuff together in this theme. Just one query that I have. Having created a Gallery with the Bricks option, the scrollbar seems to expand a lot further past the final picture that loads. Is there any way around this?

Thank you Lancemitchell1983! :)

Im not sure what you mean with the scrollbar so please visit our support forum, start a new thread and write more info with the screen or the live like to your website.

Cheers Apollo13


I would like to set up the homepage to look like you have here:


What type of “slider” is this? Do I use the revolution slider for this?

Hello Creati54

Check the online documentation: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/adding_frontpage_slider

Cheers Apollo13

Hello great design :) One question , :) Is a HTML version will be available soon or there will be the version WORDPRESS

Hello Azidka and thank you!

There is only the Wordpress version available.

With regards Apollo13

thank you for your response. damage, it does not have to be a HTML version of it will success. : (

Hello again -

quick question – i have a picture on the home page / my problem is , when i resize the browser to smaller sizes – it doesnt “always fit” like the option suggests.. i get a white border when the browser is not at full size ..



problem solved – it seems for some reason , fit portrait was the setting i was looking for


Hello again 7ftsoundsystem!

Cool that you were able to do it by yourself ;) Cheers Apollo13

Dear Apollo13,

About “works” page, list of works. Each iteam of the grid can be have different height or width (like a puzzle). Is it possible. Or, at less, different height ?

About “contact page”. Is it possible to have a custom pin on Google Map ?

Warm regards, DD.

Hello China!

In both cases, the answer is yes ;)
A1) You can set the fixed width & height and the auto height and fixed width.
A2) There is no such option in the panel but our WP Expert can help you with this.

With regards Apollo13

Hi there, firstly, great theme!! However, I was hoping to get the front page displaying as bricks (which i can) but then for this to link to another similar page with subcategories. Then i would click on these to link me to the final gallery. (So 3 ‘levels’ as opposed to only 2).

I was hoping that I would be able to achieve this by adding multiple galleries to a ‘work’ but I don’t think this is possible from what ive seen.

I am using WordPress 3.5.1 Downloaded theme is Beach Please Not made any code modifications.

Thanks, Oliver

Hello Oliver and thank you!

Sorry it is not possible to make the third level, you can only create galleries list/works list with the filtration like on the demo.

With regards Apollo13

Hey, I’m almost purchasing this, but I have one question. Is there possible to put lightbox to these “works -boxes” so when i click it, it will open an image into a lightbox (not new portfolio item page)

Hello Arska7!

Sorry it is not possible to open works with the lightbox, you can only use it with the gallery (example: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/gallery/mixed-images-videos/)

Cheers Apollo13

Hey! This is a great theme, I need to translate the contact form into norwegian, where do I find the file where I can manually translate?

Hello Lyngstadmedia and thank you!


Cheers Apollo13

Hello! Loving your THEME! Quick Question? How do you remove the HOME title on the home page? (bread crumb) its taking up too much space :/ http://aphroditevideographyllc.com/new/

Thank you Sarah!

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

already did :(

Really enjoying the theme. I’m wondering if instead of doing the square boxes on the home page like in the demo I could do rectangular boxes, like a film aspect ratio, and do one per line. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated.


That partially works, but I don’t want 2 columns, I want it to default to 1 column.

Dont use the slider because the slider have the limits. Just insert your own width value, example: 1500px ;)

Cheers Apollo13

Works great, thanks.

I need full width text in the individual works pages instead of the default that it is now, any ideas?