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Sorry to ask so many questions, but could I also get a video to launch when clicking a brick item on the works list the way you do on the demo site with the galleries/video page?

Hello again Toyo7m and so sorry for the late replay but it was the weekend ;)

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Thanks for your quick previous reply, it is appreciated a lot!!

Just a couple of quick questions;

- Is it possible for a person to ‘like’ or ‘tweet’ a whole gallery? As opposed to just liking a single picture within a gallery?

- Is it possible to comment anywhere in a gallery?

Thanks again, Oliver

Hello again Oliver!

Sorry it is not possible.

With regards Apollo13

Hello again.

I am having a situation with text on my pages – for some reason if i make a paragraph the second paragraph text displays as smaller font size.

Anyway for me to correct this? www.leveldiamonds.com thank you

Hello 7ftsoundsystem!

Yes this is one of the feature of our theme ;) If you want to disable this make the new thread on the support forum. Our expert will help you disable this option.

Cheers Apollo13

Hi! Theme’s really awesome! One of the best. Just a couple of quick questions:

What WP language switch plugin will work best with “beach please”? i want to make site with 2 language switch options. Thnaks a lot!

Hello Alpinrage and thank you! :)

You can use the WPML plugin!

Cheers Apollo13

Just wanted to congratulate you on a fantastic theme. It was super easy to use… even for a wordpress/themeforest newbie like me!

I’d give it a rock solid 5 stars rating… if only I could find where to go to do that??

Thank you so much Vevey! :)

Look at this screen: http://support.apollo13.eu/help/purchase-code.jpg . Next to the second point you will see the stars, just click on the fifth star to rate our theme. Thanks again!

Cheers Apollo13

You have to know, this theme just rocks ! Very nice design (galleries are really really cool), clean and modern, very easy to use and to customize, the guys at Apollo13 thought about nearly everything you need.

And the support is… GREAT ! Quick and relevant !

With these two advantages, I’ve been able to drive my wordpress as close as possible to what I was looking for for my professional photographer website : http://www.photographe-gap.org/

Thank you so much Eric for the kind words! :)

I have to say. I just bought this but I’m really impressed with the admin panel you made. It is very easy to edit the template.

Thank you so much Loveisblind! ;)

Nice theme! Just one question: is video on the homepage available? I like to put my company video in there, and the revolution slider. Thanks!

Thank you WZMedia!

Yes you can use video as the home page like here: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/gallery/slider/

You can also use revolution slider with the videos and images as the home page like here: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/

Cheers Apollo13

Hello, can you please answer my mail? This form is not working: http://www.green-suite.com/bm/index.php/contacto

In each of these email i wrote to you that you must visit our Support Forum and start a new thread

With regards Apollo13

Did it some hours ago, now where is the help?

Hello. Our expert asked for temporary access to your WP. Check the forum for more info.

Love The Theme, thank you. couple of things though. On the works pages, is there anyway of disabling the lightbox and magnifying glass on the images when the mouse is placed over? example page here – http://tinyurl.com/mwanna8

Thank you Kideight!

You have some great works in your portfolio! :)

If you want help you must visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Yes ! With the 1.2 update, and the use of WP 3.5 media manager for galleries, the theme really rocks!!! Well done !

Thank you Eric! :)

Hello, the icons (left of the pages, like on the demo) aren’t showing on my page. Yes, I did type the code “icon-rocket” in but it isn’t showing. Maybe I have to do sth. so that it is a first level menu? Thanks for your help, appreciate it. Lukas

Hello Artworkbyliquid

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Hi, I’m interested in your theme, but I’m not crazy about the “blog” layout. Is there any option for making the blog look more standard (like a list as is seen in most themes. Thank you.

Hello Billsmithers!

You can set the width of the posts so you can stretch it to 100% size of the window so they will be look like standard posts.

With regards Apollo13

hi. wonderful theme! is there a way to change the header/footer colour on the works list slider option from light to dark? i have chosen the dark theme for my website, but this page still shows light but there are no options on the works list page to choose dark or light theme like there is in the other page settings. i can go into backend coding, but id appreciate a hand on finding out where i need to go to do this. thanks!


It looks like some cache issue.

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Good morning! I bought this template with a credit card and was not released to download why? What should I do?


You will have to contact Envato, as we as Author don’t have access to such detailed payments, and we don’t decide who will get download link. Hope they will help you quick.

With regards.


Can you also make a Subscribe form for “My Works”. I would like to have people subscribe and getting the latest news of “My Works”.


Hello Atillabayrambas

You can only use the RSS feed like here in the demo: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp/feed/?post_type=work There is no other option for this.

With regards Apollo13

Well ok then thanks anyway!

I wonder how do I run a contact page? I installed the theme but does not work contact.

From already thank you!

Ok, already opened a discussion: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/1419/contact-page-does-not-work # Item_1

I await you help me to solve this problem ASAP

Please have some other method of communicating, which is faster? Would you like to resolve this problem as soon as possible.

Thank you.

Hello Everton

Sorry in case od more complex questions/problems there is no other way of communication with us, only the support forum. (http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/12/before-you-ask-read-this-#Item_1)

With regards Apollo13

The template here says it’s version 2.0 but in my Wordpress version 1.2.1 is showing why?

Hello Evegmattos

It was a mistake in the description. The latest version is 1.2.2. Thanks for pointing out this mistake.

With regards Apollo13


Is there a way to filter by category from the blog page? I currently see no option. An animated filter like on the ‘Works’ page would be fantastic.

Also, is there a way to display number of likes on the blog grid view?

Hello Eraser23

Sorry it is not possible to filter the blog. I think it is possible to show the number of likes on the grid.

With regards Apollo13

Ola. I downloaded version 1.2.1 and now been released the version 1.2.2, how can I upgrade to the new version?