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I’ve been trying to get help on an issue about the saving process and the forms, I know it is difficult to help everybody but I am gettning on my nerves, I like this theme very much but I am starting to get frustrated by the customer support and the lack of profesionalisim.

Hello Akatzuki_itachi

What you wrote is not fair, because you’ve been waiting for help just a few hours and you didnt answer on very important questions (http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/12/before-you-ask-read-this-#Item_1)

Please look on your thread again: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/1439/contact-map/p1

With regards Apollo13

Sorry, I have read the customer support policy, and I understand that I pressure too much, I got so excited to finish this, I still think this theme is one of the best I’ve seen here, because is awesome and fast as hell. If anyone read my previous comment, just let you know this guys in apollo13 are following the procedures to help you.

Hello apollo13. Just a simple question: How can I remove the search field from the sidebar / menu? Thanks a lot. All the best.

Thanks for your answer, but the two things I mentioned (Menu background hover color & Menu background active color) cannot be changed there via the panel. I guess I have to take a look at the CSS.

Another thing (sorry for disturbing) ... I wanted to make the site title font smaller, so I tried changing the h1 font size in the style.css, but it didn’t change anything. How can I change it? (Of course I cleared cache, etc.)

Hello again Flecks

First you must go to the: “BP Apollo13 Theme > Advanced > Use compressed CSS > Enable” and then you can change the CSS styles. if you want to change the title edit this class: ”.page-title {}”

And if you want to change the colors of the headers you must edit this style: #header

In case of any others questions please visit our support forum

Cheers Apollo13

Dear Apollo 13, i see your portfolio and is awesome!!! i don’t know what to choose…Bravo! pls help me on this … i love the hypershot as you already know, and i love Beach Please. I need your theme for a photographer, what you suggest? i need to be easy in customization for the customer and tohave mny options. I now that both themes are great for the urpose i want …i need your help to tell me if there is a signifivant difference between them or something i must know to help me choose…

Thanks Apollo…!!!

Hello again Xrisxal2000!

Ha … very good question ;) Of course it all depends on what you like. Both projects have a lot of options and they are very powerful but the “beach” is latest and this is advantage.

In many ways they are similar so the answer is not obvious which is better for you.

Cheers Apollo13

Thanks Apollo…i love the beach, is closer to what i want… KInd regards, xrisxal2000

and this theme support videos , not youtube or vimeo but mp4 , etc, right? Thanks again!!

Yes, like in the Hypershot. Best Apollo13

Dear Apollo, my friend needs youyr great template for a photography website, but he wants to be able to put in his server 5-6 videos wich each video is almost 1GB, so 6 videos 6 GB. This is possible? it will work or the size is too big for a server to handle. I told him about vimeo, yuoutube, etc but he wants the videos not to seen by everyone.

What did you suggest pls?

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hello again Xrisxal2000 and so sorry for the late reply!

In my opinion this is a very bad idea because it will kill the server. I’m pretty sure that users do not watch these films because each player will crash. Why these files will be so large?

Best regards, Apollo13

Hi apollo13, thanks for the response, i told him about vimeo…i think he will agree. There are videos from marriege etc. I think we resolve it. Thanks again for the Help. Support is for me the most sigificant point before purchase.

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hi, I’d like to buy this theme but I need the Masonry or Isotope gallery to show different image sizes (vertical and horizontal etc) where currently it shows all of the images the same size. How would I do this?

Also how would I change the images so they’re not so big?


Hello PaintGuy!

You mean something like this: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/gallery/test/ ? You can change thumbs size at any time.

Best regards, Apollo13

1) Yes, exactly. How do I get that to work like in your test example? You can email me. http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/gallery/test/

Also, in this example: http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/gallery/test/ 2) How can I remove the space from between the images? (no white space)

3) How can I have those images link to a “details” page (instead of an image) like this link? http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/work/lord/

Hello again PaintGuy!

You must email me first! ;) Send me the PM message here: http://themeforest.net/user/apollo13

Best regards Apollo13

Dear Apollo13,

i purchase it!!!! At last!! :-)

Thanks for the Great Theme!!!

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Great! :)

In case of any problems or question go to the support forum.

Best regards Apollo13

dear Apollo13 ,

i have a couple of questions…

1. in the Dashboard…how i change the “BP Apollo 13 Theme” in whatever i want?

2. how i can disable the update notification?

3. I upload the demo content, all ok just missing the social icons

Kind regarads, xrisxal2000

Hello again xrisxal2000!

You must visit our support forum because im not able to solve your questions here.

Best regards Apollo13

Hello there! Fantastic job, amazing template and c. panel. But i have a question. Is there any way i can put background image (single image) in “works-single scroller” page http://themes.apollo13.eu/bp2/work/posters-pack-ii/ thank you very much wait for your answer Regards Periklis

Hello Periklis and thank yo uso much! :)

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Dear Apollo,

i have the version 1.2.3 but i am keeping see the update notification…why?

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hello again xrisxal2000

It should be ok because on our demo there is no such notification. Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts will look on your installation.

Best regards Apollo13

I have post two tickets in your forum! Kind regards, xrisxal2000

I wait for the response…i have add tickets from 25th july. Thanks

Hello again Xrisxal2000!

Sometimes it may take longer because it is weekend right now. You can read more here: http://support.apollo13.eu/discussion/12/before-you-ask-read-this-#Item_1

I can assure you that in normal days your questions will not remain unanswered for more than 24 hours.

Best regards Apollo13

Ok Apollo i will wait…support is the most important factor before i purchase. I saw that your support is excellent. I will be here…:-)

Kind regards, xrisxal2000

Hi. Is there a way to have the description automatically visible when a Lightbox image opens?. Thanks!.

Hello Yeims

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Inserting the option to “recommend” the portfolio .. next to “visit website” button which is a heart? I thank you!

Hello. You must install this plugin: http://wordpress.org/plugins/i-recommend-this/. Best Apollo13


as a owner of Hypershot I like Beach please too :) I didn’t find an example for a blog post with more than just one picture. How does this look like?

Best Stefan

Thank you Stefan!

Sorry there is no slider option in the Beach Please blog post.

Cheers Apollo13

Hi, I’ve a problem with the slider, both in galleries and works. If I put single photo in the slider, when using keyboard navigation the picture disappears.

I’m sorry I have nothing to show you, I’m working in local.

Tanks in advance Dario

Hello Dario

It will be hard to investigate your problem without the live example but you can try to report this issue on our Support Forum

Best Apollo13

I love the theme, but the main menu doesn’t load half the time. I’m not sure why but it just doesn’t display. Please take a look: http://mymodernweb.com

Hello Dittmer and thank you!

Please visit our Support Forum and start a new thread. Our experts try to solve your problem and answer on every question.

Best Apollo13

Hi, I probably did something wrong but the link “the blog” actually leads to an empty page. How can I display all the post on the blog like in the demo ? Thanks in advance. Elodie

Hello Elodie!

Please check the documentation: http://apollo13.eu/docs/beach/#!/main_settings_menu

Best Apollo13

Hey liked your theme, especialy the lighter version. Well I had some questions in mind-

Can the lenght of the homepage be incresed with a footer, rather than a full page slider.

is there any page builder provided, like visual composer or so….

Are u going to release any new version of it soon, and when, I shall then wait n then buy.

Hello Rajshri123 and thank you for good words but we dont have plans to implements to implement such features.

With regards Apollo13

Hi there, quick question, when using the dark theme can i change the colour of the box which holds the info on a page layout. At the moment when you select dark it’s kind of a dark grey but i would like it to be black not grey??

Hope you understand what im asking for, great theme by the way!!


Hello Ricky and thank you!

Yes you can change the background of the header from dark grey to black and button color without any problems.

The same with the align. Of course you will have to change CSS style a bit but we can help you with this.

Best Apollo13

Changing the CSS isnt a problem this end, could you tell me which lines i need to change in the style.css if it is infact in there?

After the purchase of our theme, you’ll need to register on our support forum, where our specialists will help you with any questions!

Nice template! Well Done!

Thank you IdealU!