Discussion on Beacon - StampReady Email Template

Discussion on Beacon - StampReady Email Template

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this create a template for mac mail app?

I want to cancel the purchase, as in the description written about the designer of the template, but the archive only files from one template and source designer no. Therefore, this purchase I don’t need and is not for me any interest. Return the money.

Hey guys

I sent you an email, with a question regarding the scaling of the background images, that happens on different occasions.

Have you had time to look into it ?


Thanks a lot for your help and solving the issue!

Your welcome Yoganada!

We purchased the template but can’t seem to find a way to get a login for StampReady? :(

Hi Mikebloomfield,

Thank you for your purchase.

You don’t need a login. You can edit your template in the editor: http://www.stampready.net/themeforest/dashboard/

Good luck and if you have any questions, please contact us support@stampready.net.

Regards, StampReady support

Am having lots of problems getting this into Campaign Monitor. I just tried to import the dashboard ready version, and there are three errors, including no unsubscribe tag, and numerous repeaters with no editable tags. There are also images with undefined widths (a deal breaker in CM). All in all, I feel like this nice template was thrown together at the last minute and not tested with Campaign Monitor? Not too happy. . .

Hi Tinymill,

We would really like to help you solve the issue you have regarding Campaign Monitor. Please send us email at support@stampready.net.

Regards, StampReady support

I wish you wouldn’t claim things like “compatible with Outlook 2007” when the background image does not load at all and the buttons are not coded properly for padding on Outlook 2007. It looks pretty terrible.

I understand the drawbacks of trying to design for something legacy but I think you should let people know clearly how it performs in different email clients before they purchase. It’s a great design, looks really great on Gmail and Outlook 2011 from what I’ve tested so far but due to my audience I can’t ignore legacy Outlook.

He vkansanen,

Our apologises for the inconvenience. Background images per table indeed doesn’t work for Outlook and maybe we should have created and image instead of an editable html button.

Having said that, background images never worked on any version of Outlook whatsoever. And if we threw in an image instead of a HTML button, the other side of our customers would complain due lack of edibility. It’s quite hard to hit the sweet spot actually.

Due designs like these, we managed to spice up Email design quite a bit. Outlook and other email clients that lack proper support will never look accurate, unless we stay fixed on the standard styling, i.e. no background images and fancy tricks.

We’ll update the description reflecting the drawbacks of Outlook.

Once again, our apologises to you.


Hi Kevin, It actually works very well on Outlook 2011 on Mac. I hear you on your reasoning but I feel you’re misrepresenting how well it renders on Outlook. It’s still a great template if people can afford to forget about Outlook but … it’s still a major email client unfortunately. Thank you for you response.

Hi there, I’m having some issues after importing into MailChimp via the API. Am using latest version of safari, and it’s kind of a mess. When I click a block on the left to edit content, nothing happens. Here’s what I did—-is this correct?:

1.) Opened “Stampready Dashboard 2.) Imported Online Files (dashboard ready)/Mailchimp/index.html 3.) Didn’t change anything 4.) Export to mail chimp button. Entered my API code.

Then I go to mail chimp and it looks like this: http://note.io/1iBZW0f


Hi tinymill,

We also tried to export it again to mailchimp and it worked. Maybe you can edit it first with the StampReady Editor and then export it to mailchimp. Good luck with it and if you have any further question feel free to mail us at support@stampready.net.

Kind regards, StampReady support

I know this is not the right place to ask. But I am desperate and I hope you can answer. What framework or library are you using to create my own email template builder like you use on this template?

It takes a lot of time to get learn the knowledge I suggest you subscribe for a tuts plus account and start learning! It’s fun actually.

The builder has been designed and coded from scratch. It’s all custom code.

The screen keeps going to all code when I’m uploading photos… any fix?

Hi dNbright,

Can you send us a screenshot of the problem, we never encountered this before.

Kind regards, StampReady support support@stampready.net

I emailed and never got a response???

We have sent you an email.

Beautiful design! Any change I can modify the current textbox-widths and the font size to < 14 pt?

Warm regards from Amsterdam x

Hi Dppr,

Thank you! We just changed the minimum font-size to 12 points. The text box widths you can change in the html code. You can also sent an email to support@stampready.net so we can take a look at it.

Kind regards,


Hi there,

I’m wondering if I can disable the responsivity on the campaign? I’d like to keep the layout @ desktop width on all devices so that my background image in the header is consistent throughout all email clients.

How can I do this?

Possible! Eliminate the @media query tags inside the <style> tags and it’s fixed. :)


Hi, I just purchased the package and I can’t access the website template editor and when I try to open Sent Campaigns.app it says the file is damaged, must move to trash. I tried access website with Safari and Firefox, all other sites were working fine. I tried redownloading the files and still can’t open Sent Campaigns.app

Hi cardinalkpr,

Sorry to hear that you had some problems. We tested the problems you mentioned, but everything is working fine. If you could give us more info regarding your problem, we could look further in to it.

Kind regards, StampReady Support

hi there are PSD include ?

On it’s way!

cool so great


Congratulations for the design. I have several questions:

1. Are the fonts standard fonts on your live preview? It seems not, right? How will they really show on computers and mobile devices?

2. Do you plan an export to CampaignMonitor with their specific syntax to then use it as it is to send a campaign?

Best regards,

Hello RadCon,

Thank you. Regarding your questions:

1. You’re right. The font is called Proxima Nova and it’s not a standard font. However, email clients that do not support custom fonts simply rely on Helvetica (or Arial, depending on the OS you’re on).

2. Our developer needs to look into the CM developers guide, but it’s definately worth a look!

Best regards,


Hi rookie questions, can I use these templates instead of my wordpress email templates?


As long as Wordpress templates support valid HTML, nothing can go wrong if you use a StampReady Email Templates.

However, it may be so Wordpress requires specific merge tags ( i.e. the name of the recipient ). You’ll need to add that manually, but I am unsure wether Wordpress supports these tags.



Super clear layout, i like it so much! Good luck with sales friend ;)


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