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Been a while since the last update….

Don’t say it doesn’t need it…

Will we see an update soon?

I will update theme, only if have a bug or problem. But for now there is no problem reported.

Ah, so. No need for improvement! This must be the most perfect theme ever! Thank you! <g>

Main Logo Size

In your BEAN demo, the logo size is 200px x 61px. When browsing the site the logo gets reduced. Is there a way to prevent this from happening as I design all my artwork pixel perfect and don’t want the logo to be scaled down.


Please create a ticket in our support system with your web address then I can check problem. Support: http://support.webbudesign.com

Hi there, I just purchased this theme. I also have the Aura theme and for some reason, the Webbu Framework & Shortcodes plugins that are required for these two themes disables all of the kitchen sink within the pages & posts of my wordpress website so I am unable to customize my text, add headings, add shortcodes & framework for this theme etc. If you could please help me out, that would be great. Thanks


Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com

hi i have a probalm i install the themes and when i try to change the menu to be on the right side the logo is not moving to the left side

this is the link to the site: http://mobile.sparkme.co.il/

please help me to fix it i try to fix it my self but its not work good like its should be

all the theme is not good i add 3 share buttens and it show me only 2 the other butten that not show in the reaguler way show only when i take the mause and move with him


Please create a ticket in our support system: http://support.webbudesign.com

when its possible to support arabic and rtl ?

Not supported.

I just bought this theme. I only want the mobile theme to work, not the desktop theme. So I installed a subdomain with the theme. So how do I redirect the content from desktop to mobile? Your documentation about this is very basic.

Please check help docs : http://d.pr/i/1iKYwhttp://d.pr/i/1kZkq

Hello I have some quetions. I can change icon on menu ? I need change icon to fit with my site. Many thanks

Yes you can change it.

Where can I find documentation for the Bean theme?

You can find in documentations folder. Please download All files and theme an then unzip. You will see folders.

Found it!

I can’t find Title Attribute to ad icons to menus.

Please check documentation.

Hi, this theme is compatible? with:



I don’t know. Not tested.


zazuda Purchased


Buy your topic BEAN

I CAN NOT, put icons in the menu




Please create a support ticket at http://support.webbudesign.com

Presales question: i’m using wordpress site and seeing high bounce rate on mobile so i think i need specific mobile site. My Question: is it going to be in the same installation (theme switcher) or i need to create subdomain for it (redirection) ?

You can use with theme switcher but sometimes our mobile theme and your desktop theme can have conflict about styles etc.. Then you have to use redirection method for integration.