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Very nice theme. Good luck with sale :)

I am getting nasty

404 Error Page not found

While dealing with NovaWorks setting withing magento backend. Any chance to help me ASAP ? Can’t configure my shop and it is offline. Thanks

I’ve fixed missing ; on line 368 in app/code/community/Mage/Catalog/Block/Navigation.php as it was showing it to me as soon as I’ve installed layout. Give me Your email or skype so we can chat there. Thanks. Sev

All iusses fixed in new update.

Hi there,

Love your theme and thinking to buy but wondering its easy to intall?


Hi thanks

Hi just sent you email, thanks

Hi there just sent you email from

WOW, Very nice theme

Thanks you man :)

Just curious if your product color option changes along with the product image…. color option > Blue ......Product image change from white to blue.

You change change unlimited image background, backgound color, text color, link color, and icon color.

I guess what I meant was this….. For example the following link has two colors for the polo. When you click on the colors it corresponds with the correct product image color.

Ah! Sorry! Our theme not have this feature now.

I really like your theme!!! I was interested in purchasing it, but I found a few error on the site when the responsive view is used…. 1. the quicklook still shows up, but it to large for the small screen. 2. the new product slider seem to not slide. 3. if a customer isn’t logged in and clicks the heart (add to wishlsit) the error alert is too big for mobile screens and cannot be closed. 4. the layout if really off on the login/create account page. 5. the shopping cart layout is messed up

also is this a theme or package? and the login with facebook doesn’t work for me?

It’s working fine with me. Pls clear more about this

I just setup facebook login for Main Store so just check it for Main Store.

I get an error, while clicked the Layered Navigation. I’ve sent you an email. Please reply.


Further, I got this error, when I clicked on NovaWorks – Manage Slideshows – Add New

Fatal error: Call to a member function setStoreId() on a non-object in /home/thehomec/public_html/app/code/community/NovaWorks/RevSlideshow/Block/Adminhtml/Slideshow/Edit/Tab/Form.php on line 52

Please advise ! Thanks.

I have reply you in email. Please check and get back to me. Thanks you

Yes, now it’s working. Please inform me about the edited files. I need to maintain the details of the changes.

Hello. I buy this template , I install it but slideshow don’t work. This is error: Fatal error: Call to a member function setStoreId() on a non-object in /home/pretty/public_html/app/code/community/NovaWorks/RevSlideshow/Block/Adminhtml/Slideshow/Edit/Tab/Form.php on line 52 when I add new slide

This issues we have fixed and update it. Now we waiting Themeforest reviewer review it. While waiting for new update pls go to /public_html/app/code/community/NovaWorks/RevSlideshow/Block/Adminhtml/Slideshow/Edit/Tab/Form.php file and remove this line. It should work. Thanks you

I fix it. Thanck you

Love the theme and would like to purchase. 1. Would you please add Pinterest on the footer section? 2. Would you please add Pin It icon next to FB and Twitter on the product page? Thanks!

Hi, when i replace your files in the root of my magento install, magento doesn’t work anymore, why?

i try to add the files and no reaplace it but i have the same result.

hey man, this theme have a lot of problems. I reinstal all magento, i didn’t reinstall the italian language, i’m working with the default settings.

magento doesn’t work anymore when I add a configurable theme.

if i add a simple product that work fine.


the 1st -> configurabel product with a personal attribute set the 2st -> a simple product


I think you should upload to live sever so we can check. Our theme should working fine any where.

I think i found the problem, the plugin image zoom chashes when the images in the products are bigger, ex: 2000×1000. If i disable the image zoom, the theme work fine. I try with with a 1000×800px image and the plugin doesn’t crash.

New Issue: Edit Shopping Cart does not work as intended. The “loading” icon/graphic stay on for ever.

Please fix this. Thank you.

Can you please give me url with open new ticket in . I’ll check and help you when I comeback from Holiday

We have followed the manual (/Documentation/index.html) provided with the theme during its installation. But we could not notice the desired result on the front end. While trying to manage a slide show from the admin panel Novaworks=> Manage Slideshows => Add New gave an error :

Fatal error: Call to a member function setStoreId() on a non-object in /home/artisind/public_html/1Amgcstxtnsn/_work/lucinacare/app/code/community/NovaWorks/RevSlideshow/Block/Adminhtml/Slideshow/Edit/Tab/Form.php on line 52.

The new products are not being shown on the front page even after setting them from the back end.

Pls download latest theme update. All issues had resolve?

Hi I am using the customer support system but not getting replies from you. Are you seeing my tickets?

We are in holiday. I’ll support you tomorrow. Sorry for this.

I really want to buy this theme, but some friends who have already bought told me not to. They say there are too many bugs in Windows version ( CMS blocks missing, Custom Pages missing, less files and Theming does not work.)

I would have to way till all windows version problems have been removed.


It’s working fine now :)


There’s still a problem with Soczed – Less Files – blank page = CSS color scheme not working. Windows version.

It’s fixed

Hi I purchased the theme but cant save my layer settings in the RevSlideshow. I make layers and they don’t save. Could you help troubleshoot the problem?

We need waiting Themeforest reviewer accept this update. It may take few hours to vailable for download

once I download the theme again, how do I update my site? Will I lose all of my current settings? Is there specific files I need to replace, instead of uploading the entire theme again?

Hi There,

Please download themeupdate and see changelog.txt file. You will see what’s file need update to resolve your problem.
With your problem:
Fixed edit slider layer:
Update: app/code/community/NovaWorks/RevSlideshow/controllers/Adminhtml/SlideshowController.php

Why does the quicklook window have a scroll bar and not expand to 100% height upon opening? The scroll bar is hard to use and especial on tablets? The quickview on the Shopper theme on themeforest works nicely. please let me know if you plan on fixing this. Thanks

We have plan to fixing it. I’ll try fix it soon

Ok, let me know when it is fixed and I will buy the theme :)

Good morning, on the dark theme, I can use a background image, without being black stoned? And the banner I can reduce the height of it right?

thank you

Thank you for the PSD, the theme I have the option to choose fonts too? because I’m from Brazil and I do not know if this source works accentuation.

thank you

Yes! You can change font in admin panel.

What is an example of the PRODUCT VIDEO? Is the video on the product swatch?

Do you do custom work?

Where are you located?

I’m from Vietnam. You can add my skype: dzungnova to talk. Thanks

Please email me.. Did not receive as promised for 2 days now

This theme is fantastic, in the Admin page you can set all about it! Assistence is really helpful! If you have some problem with settings, look for folder permission in your magento site.

Thanks you.