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its giving me an error

The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet.

Please check your download file again. It should not be missing any files.

well how do i get it to work in wordpress

Sorry! But this version for Magento not Wordpress

Hey , thanks for you perfect work on this template.

I have an issue about checkout function. I get stuck on step of shipping infos, when i click on continue button, the payment function doesn’t load.

Have you an idea to fix this ?

So it not is Theme bug. Please check option in your magento site.

ok, I thought that it might come from a javascript conflict, but maybe the payment function is not properly configured; I’ll check on admin settings. Thanks for your time

I just checked with the default themes and there is not issue, but the issue come back when i set your theme.

I can’t figure out the image flip on the category pages. I have a product with two uploaded images. The product detail page show both in the gallery. But the category page only shows the first image and flips that on itself, rather than a second one?

What am I doing wrong?

I have installed the latest bearstore theme for magento 1.8, but I noticed that the New! and Quick View and image flipping is gone in product display. How can I fix this?

Can you please give me access to admin to check it?

hi nova, I was able to trace the error, it was with my customization and not related to your theme. Your theme stays awesome :)


can you please reply to my query ( which i had sent on 5th October, from email id’s – & ) ?


Hi. I’ve made a lot of small changes to styles.css. but they get over-ridden by _custom_store1.css, which ruins my consistency. I know this file can be changed through the novaworks/settings page. I can also edit the file directly to change bits I don’t like, but it seems to be over-written from the config sometimes.

how can I remove the _custom_store1.css forever so that the main styles.css is the only css file being used?

Hi There

You can go to app/design/frontend/novaworks/bearstore/layout/themeoptions.xml and remove
 <action method="addCss" ifconfig="themeoptions_theming/theme_presets/presets" condition="1"><stylesheet>css/presets/_custom.less</stylesheet></action>
 <action method="addCss" ifconfig="themeoptions_theming/theme_presets/presets" condition="2"><stylesheet>css/presets/_custom_dark.less</stylesheet></action>
Good Luck

- Dzung

My tickets were deleted from your ticket system :-(

I need to change the Headers and link colors but using Admin>Configuration>Theming has no effect. I’ve tried resetting cache on .less files in admin but still no effect. I need to be able to change these easily for my site. Please help!

Please give me access to admin to check.

sure, where should I email to?

Please sent to


please answer my email, I must leave the header logo with a width of 800px

Good afternoon guys, bought Bearstore Magento theme and I can not install at all, sends the documentation to install magento and afterward put the issue at the root of magento installation, however in my case it does not create the menu Novaworks within the admin. ..

What am I doing wrong?

Sorry for bad english!

Ticket #112433

I think you upload our theme incorect. Please unzip and upload all files and folders inslide Theme_for_magento_1.8.x or Theme_for_magento_1.7.x to your magento root folder. And check it in admin again.

replied Ticket # 112433

I purchased this template yesterday and tried to update my old theme. I have done 10+ other theme updates and this has not been easy. I copied all the files to the correct folders and clicked the One Click Install button and it does not work. My old them still shows and if I delete out the other template files, it reverts back to the default magento theme. I put in a ticket yesterday and still have not heard back. The lack of support is discouraging. Please advise.

I updated to and the menu works. The issue I have now is that I have errors whenever I click on anything in the layered navigation. Please advise.

Please give me access to FTP again.

I emailed you yesterday regard the FTP information and the issue is still there. I click on anything in the layered navigation and it errors out. Please advise!

Hello is this theme compatible with magento 1.8?

Hi there

Our theme supported magento 1.8

- Dzung

Hey, have you found a solution to the filter problem ? I would appreciate, if you could atleast provide me with some link, so that i can do it myself. Ps – I had sent you hosting information over email from &

We having issue on the checkout page the cross-sell items are not displaying their thumbnail pictures instead the height/width are automaticly set to 0 and the Magento default placeholder is there? I also noticed a few errors Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘collapse’ Uncaught TypeError: Object [object Object] has no method ‘accordion’ jquery.accordion.js:85

Any help would be great! Default-user

I fixed the images so now they display by editing the crossell.phtml file but the navigation arrows are just text and are hidden behind the images the slider works but I want the arrows to show? If you try to add the keyfob assorted it has a lot of cross sell products attached to it for testing

We will fix it and report you when update completed.

I could I have you support? I’m waiting for 3 weeks!!

My email address:

My problems:

1 – Fatal error: Class ‘Fishpig_Wordpress_Helper_Search’ not found in ../app/Mage.php on line 546

2 – No thumb shown in the slider homepage navigation thumbs.

Please help me! You have all my FTP and back office data.

Please check your server again. It down with me.

Sorry what do you need? I still have the Fishpig Fatal Error

We are upgrading our theme to work.

Will you offer your theme for Magento 1.8

Hi There

Our theme support Magento 1.8

- Dzung

I have used configurable products in my shop and when I add products as related it is not showing in the bottom right block as shown in the template. How can I get it to work?

Is there any effective way to change directory path which is shown on page source available on web browser. Is it possible to replace novaworks/bearstore pathname into my custom names. In other words how to change

<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”” media=”all” />


<link rel=”stylesheet” type=”text/css” href=”” media=”all” /


You should have knowledge about Magento develop to do this

- Dzung

you can put an external link in the menu?

I used Facebook connect but it doesn’t allow me to login because the table novaworks_facebook_customer is missing. May I have the schema for the said table?

Can you please give me access to admin and FTP to check it.