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Posted a ticket with 3 issues in support over 4 days ago with no response yet. Ticket #116065.


Can you please give me access to FTP and admin to check?

- Dzung

My wordpress blog only shows up if I choose “2 column layout with right sidebar”. Even then, it does not seem to show up correctly. In my localhost just show the error “Fatal error: Class ‘Fishpig_Wordpress_Helper_Search’ not found in E:\jimmy\xampp\htdocs\magento7\app\Mage.php on line 546”?

Hi There

Please give me access to FTP and admin to fix this?

- Dzung

oh,I seem to have solved the problem,in the file wordpress.xml, ”<action method=”setWidgetArea”><area>sidebar-1</area></action>” Changed ”<action method=”setWidgetArea”><area>sidebar-2</area></action>” The”sidebar-1” is the bug?

Cause may Fishpig have updated new version for Wordpress

when I use “sidebar-2”,I choose “2 column layout with left sidebar”. It can show up correctly now! thanks!

How to get the sidebars to work in mobile responsive mode? Their not appearing when I goto the site on my iphone.

Hi! a little but important question, to change the text inside the search module in the top of the pages?

Why won’t your company respond to Tickets or Emails!!! This theme does not work, non of the homepage content works. I want a full refund! I did not pay to have a template that is completely useless!

I better hear back from you very soon or I am reporting this to my bank and having a chargeback issued on my MasterCard since this template is not as described…ie its damaged.

(Just so you are aware, a chargeback not only costs you the full $80 which I paid, but my CreditCard company also charges you a fee of $40)

can anyone tell me how the home page slider works? I know how to make slides but where do you put the shortcode? If I put it on the home page it doesn’t show up under the navigation it overlaps my main page content.

My tickets are being ignored too. There is a major problem with some css. The FAQ accordian slide has a bug. If you click the question to show the answer and then click the answer to hide it again, it will not show the answer again if clicked. This also happens on the cart contents page when trying to estimate the shipping costs or discount code. I am also running into problems with the “New products” homepage content not showing any products. I’m surprised with how many purchases there have been that others have not seen these same issues. Even on the demo store you can see the bug with the FAQ and cart content accordians.

I see the new products are working now, but still no communication. What about the FAQ accordian css issue?

I’m noticing an issue in your demo site. Whenever I click on the FAQ links and they expand and then I minimize them, I can’t click on them again. It basically kills the link. The same thing happens in the shopping cart for discount codes. Is there a fix for this?

sent in an email regarding issues with the lightbox but I still have not heard back. The lightbox does not resize the image to the resolution of the screen and if you are on the 3rd or 4th image in the gallery and you hit the lightbox button, it goes back to the first image. Please fix ASAP.

We are also running into issues where we cannot upload images in our backend. We need to upload images through the CSV. Also for simple products, the custom options do not show up.

We still cannot upload images and now we have another issue. For some reason we cannot checkout. I don’t understand why this template has so many issues and the support for this product is horrendous. Please look into all these issues ASAP!

NVM, I figured it out with the checkout and images. Can you look into the lightbox issue? We are willing to pay for an update on it if it is cheap enough. Thank you!

HI, I found all the products show “This product SHIPING FREE” even I closed the free shipping option , how can I remove this? Many thanks.

Hello friend,

Please verify Ticket # 112433

Hello friend,

could check the error in Rev Slideshow / Slideshow?

Check the Home Page, the 1st banner is traversed through the second!

Ticket #112433

Hi, I have following problem with your theme on mobile device equipped with os windows phone. Whenever I try to select links on main submenu, slide-down area with links escape from selection rolling up and hiding away. The same behaviour is concerning arrows on home page slider and arrows on additional small photos block under main photo on product page. Arrows are unavailable and customer can not see and select more photos of a product. Do you have any idea how to fix this ?

Hi There

Can you please give me url to check it?

- Dzung

I have sent an email to regarding a couple of issue about the theme but have no response yet. Please get back to me ASAP!!!

Hi, is it possible to set the zoom level on the product page? Now, the zoom goes a bit to far into the details..

thanks in advance!

Hi There

You can try in Novaworks >> Settings >> Image Zoom

This is a good Magento theme with a few quirks, but the developer does a fine job of responding to support requests. It is powering our Client’s store nicely. Thank you!

hi there, Ive followed the documentation to install it but the “one-click” installer is not showing up in the admin. Should I do anything else that is not in the documentation?

Hi There

Please make sure you have upload all files and folders in slide Theme_for_magento_1.8.x foler (do not upload Theme_for_magento_1.8.x folder) to your magento root folder.

Also please make sure you have cleared cache.

- Dzung

I purchased a bear store open cart theme for which now there is no support i mailed you guys.. about it but you never responded with a possitive note.

Now either please provide me with other source of same theme will not mind paying the extra whatsoever with ti.

Would appreciate if you provide me with the Magento theme of it.

Sorry! We may forgot your email. But we can’t provide you Magento theme.

If you have any problem with Opencart, please email me again I will support you


Thanks as expected.. that was a quick reply..

I dont have the version of it.

I purchased and downloaded once but not sure if that was the latest update what you guys did.

Can you please mail me the version of it.

Our theme deleted from Themeforest few months ago. But We will release new BearStore Openrcart theme with new framework theme. I’ll sent you it again when it available. Just few days next

I added this question to the support forum of yours.. for few days it was there and then i think you guys deleted it not sure why you did that.

Our theme deleted from Themeforest few months ago. But We will release new BearStore Openrcart theme with new framework theme. I’ll sent you it again when it available. Just few days next

Alright thanks buddy for the prompt reply. Would be waiting for the new version.

Thanks for the wonderful support and would be waiting for the new version of it.

All thanks.