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Hello Guys,

I have recurring problem with two php files under App folder Abstract and Config.

Is there any email I share with you my further details to see whether it’s a template issue or a hosting issue.

Many thanks,


I got it

Hello, I am testing order process, when I arrive to “Shipping Method”, I stay blocked, when I click “Continue” nothing matters, no error, nothing, cannot advance, it stays blocked in that step.

I’ve done it but I have the same problem

Is there another version? because the version I downloaded today is: Created: 03/24/2013 latest Update: 06/17/2013 Compatible with Magento: 1.5.x (,, 1.6.x (,,, 1.7.x (,, I don’t see compatibility with Magento 1.8

Ok, I tried to reinstall all the template files and VOILA!, Now the checkout works properly and also fixed many other small problems I had. It’s a BIG RELIEF. Thank you.


I have three categories with the name Spain. When I access the site with these categories, the template gets mangled.

See the 3 categories: What may be happening. Already reconfigured the 3, but not resolved.

After actualize the theme my slides are gone and now I can’t upload any slide. I go into “RevSlideshow / Slideshow”, in “Image” I push button and select file in my computer, I “Save & Continue Edit” and I see in the top “Slideshow was saved”, but in the bottom I see ” You have not selected any file” and question Mark in the thumb. What is wrong? Thank you

looking at the comment despite having like the theme :) i am not keen to purchase purely support response timing not good, also music store didn’t have demo audio player surely people want to hear/watch video clips before buy :(

Hey, I’m looking in everywhere but nothing to found, where can I change de text Quick View for another word?

Hi There

You can change it as change in Translate language

- Dzung

The weeks I request help on Ticket # 112433 please help me,

Hi, How can I add an additional mandatory check box on the checkout page?

Ticket #130247

Good day friend, 3 weeks I ask the help of you to simply create a Blog page, just in the example you gave there. Please I need a lot of help, will create only 20 seconds, and this information is not in the documentation.

Could i please know if i can have a copy of your demo store.

I tried One Click installer but it imports only some static blocks and nothing else.

Dzung, Can you please reply to the Trouble Tickets Raised i see you are active but just like that skip you are skiping the user queries.

Would appreciate if you reply and let me know the path and the way to install the demo data.

Thanks Much!

Hi There

I can’t see you online in Skype.

- Dzung

I have already added let me know when should i be online to get the demo data or if you can ftp link wold appreciate that too.

Hello, it would be possible to access the demo files to the store? It would be very helpful. Thank you very much.

What’s demo files?

Oh, I’m sorry! I’d like to say the same that rinkukadel “Could i please know if i can have a copy of your demo store. I tried One Click installer but it imports only some static blocks and nothing else.”

please contact me to skype: dzungnova. We will sent you full demo data.

Hi, How to add pininterest social icon on Block Contact Box next to facebook and twitter icons. I changed Block Contact Box code on CMS->Static Blocks. li class=pininterest a href= target=”_blank” icon name=icon-pininterest-rect/ a / li

What style files should I edit in next step?


I bought this theme a while ago but couldn’t managed to ever install it on my website. Mine was Magento – there was a note saying that it is compatible with Wordpress platform. It was very frustrating and I still could not install the theme…

I just noticed that you release the Wordpress platform. Is it possible to exchange the version to Wordpress platform one?


If you have any problem with install my theme. Please let me know we will help you install it.
But you need purchase Bearstore for Wordpress again to use Bearstore Wordpress Theme.

- Dzung

Hi, i have a Error if i try to open the homepage: “Fatal error: require_once() [function.require]: Failed opening required ‘’ (include_path=’/homepages/**/app/code/local:/homepages/2/app/code/community:/homepages//app/code/core://lib:.:/usr/lib/php5://lib/Soczed/less’) in ***/magento/MyeCommerce2/app/code/community/Soczed/Less/Model/Observer.php on line 17”

Had some one the same error and can help me find a solution? thx

Hi There

Can you please give me access to admin and FTP to check it.

- Dzung

great template….

i seem to have lost mij ADD to Cart button, how can i get it back? (pippelot/pippelot login)

Hi There

To show add to cart button please go to Admin >> Appearance >> Bearstore. In Woocommerce tab disable Shop Catalog Mode. It should work.

- Dzung

YAY it worked :-) thnx

Hi I have a couple of questions, do i have to use the magento shopping cart with this theme> and if not, if i used woocommerce, would it change the look and feel of the theme> Plus would I be able to integrate buddypress with this theme?

Does the theme come with magento?

Hi There

This theme just support Magento. If you need theme support woocommrce please check

- Dzung


My client bought this theme, and getting errors below:

1. You cannot define a correlation name ‘color_idx’ more than once 2. Mage registry key “current_category_filter” already exists.

This is in Shopping options in the left sidebar.

Please help. Thanks.

- Joseph

Hi there

Please go to app/design/frontend/novaworks/bearstore/layout/catalog.xml Find and remove
<block type="catalog/layer_view" name="catalog.leftnav.sub_header" template="catalog/layer/view_sub_header.phtml"/>

- Dzung

I’ll appreciate if you can tell me which file (which directory) to edit to edit menu of the theme?

I’ll appreciate if you can respond. Its been more than 24 hours. :/

What’s you need edit?

Hi Novaworks,

I would like to know if it is possible to do inline translation on your theme?


Yes! Of course.

I tried to do, but not working. I click on edit icon and nothing happened. Can you help me?

Hi, how do I uninstall the theme and all the theme files?