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Hi, great theme, i’ve some trouble with the menu… I’ve setter wide menu and i have more than one product, how can i show the menu? site:

Please give me access to admin to check it.

ok how can i send it?

You can open private ticket in or sent to email Please sent me FTP login detail also.

Hi, I have an open ticket and I have emailed you one week ago and nobody answer me. The custom menu doesn´t appear and I don´t know why. I gave you my magento information for check it out but I am still waiting. Please, could you answer me?. David

ok, thank you

We have plan update Mega Menu in future. You will receive email about update when we completed.

If you have any more questions please contact me again.

If you happy with our theme please give us stars for this.

- Dzung

Sure!. Thank you!


I got the fishpig wp install working and the menu showing the blog page. When i tried to associate products to the blog, i only see the wordpress side widget and the blog content. Do i need to change anything to have to associate product show in the posts? I did assign associated post in the product page already. Please advise.

Hi, any reason checkout not working on the demo? Or is it just me?

My server had problems. We will fix it right now.

Please Answer: BearStore – Responsive Magento Theme Ticket ID: 158


Im having troubles with the shipping calculator. It won’t give me any other options apart from flat rate, even though its setup other ways…Doesn’t give me the other options at all on the front end. Any help? Cheers.

I have replied your email few days ago. But no response.

I can’t access to your admin. Please check it again.

Never got the email. But i figured it out myself anyways.

One more thing. Whats the class on the demo for the nova product search in the “cart widget”. Mines overlapping in the Nova widget cart….


Hi there

This is class search-col and mini-cart

- Dzung

I have opened 2 weeks ago a ticket. Until now, no support. is there a problem with our Team ? Thank you Helmut

Hi There

What’s your ticket ID?

- Dzung

Hi, I have a problem in the paypal Express checkout When paypal back to the summary page in the my site Shipping costs are not set.(BUT SET) IMAGE BUG

Hi, i have added a product in the shopping cart. When the mouse hovers the cart icon (the one next to the search icon), a “view shopping cart” button appears. Can you please tell me which csv file contains this phrase to translate it to another language? I need to translate this specific “view shopping cart” button.

I tried with Inline Translation but i couldn’t make it.


Hi there. Community Poll is not display in main-home-page. But in every other page display.

Last time I ask you. You say “You can setup Poll plugin and add Poll widget.” I don’t understand.

How can I do?


I just purchased this theme, does it support magento


Hi, I installed this theme with demo data on my localhost. But in the admin panel, I cannot find a place to Install Static Blocks and Install Slideshow demo content…

Hi There

You need go to CMS >> Static blocks and click to Import and browse to staticblocks.csv

- Dzung

Hi, will this theme be updated to bootstrap 3 in the future?



Is Magento CE fully supported, or should we stick to 1.8?

Thanks in advance!

It work fine with Magento CE 1.9.

Great! Thanks :-)

Do you have native > 1080px support for the boxed layout yet?

Working at a max width of 1080px is many years out of date now.

Hi, I think there is a bug in this theme’s product detail image. The frontend product main page will be changed to tile image, if its size is smaller than the Main Image Width (px) and Main Image Height (px) setting… Please Help!

Hi There

Please give access to admin and FTP to check it.

- Dzung

Hi, i submitted a new ticket, please reply as soon as possible, because i have a checkout problem in a site that’s already running!


Problem Solved


Hi, I have a problem with the zoom and with th size of the picture.

Could you please tell me which is the size in pixel that I have to use ?

Thank you in advance,


Please upload product image bigger 477×653.

ok, done! I have uploaded image 600X800! Its Perfect! Thank you a lot! Best regards, Elena

Hello, my product image is very blurry… and when you zoom over it shows a sharper images. I create the product image at the size .. is there another setting that helps maintain the images.. it looks like its scaling up..

1. Can i totally disable the zoom.. because making it smaller doesnt make sense.

2. Where can i set the image resolution?

Thank you

I noticed that its using image cach folder.. that was not defined in the 478×654 folder.. those images are at right size it currently showing the image at

it should be going to

When i disable image zoom, why does the images size get very small.. When i mouse over the image and it zoom, the image is smaller.. i have called out the same size in the settings.. what am i doing wrong?

Because the product image small. You should add product image bigger.

Pre-purchase question please; do you have a built in repeat prescription option, where customers can reorder their last prescription?

Hi There

You can see this in my account page.

- Dzung