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You install the fontin font into your fonts folder on your home/office computer operating system.. make sure you don’t install jquery or lightbox or cufon in your wordpress plugins as one of them crashed my site… you don’t need to.

One thing to look out for if your site doesn’t seem to work is the possibility of a bad wordpress plugin. Try to turn off/ deactivate any plug ins you absolutely don’t need and it may repair your site.

All of the images are set up to be edited in Photoshop.. the trick is to click the eyeball on the right hand column to get rid of the layer you want to remove.. hit T for text on the left side and type away.. if you don’t get a Photoshop license there is a good open source program you can edit psd files with called Gimp 2 (not as slick but seems to work very well). Otherwise, you have nag menus and 30 days of free photoshop usage.

To make the contact form at the bottom of the page work you must install contact form 7 via plugins in wordpress. Then you must copy the code from the beatific documentation p. 7 and input it into contact form 7.

On my site, the contact form looks perfect at the bottom but the “Your Message has been sent” message is cut off. I will look for a solution to the problem in the edit/ css… Cheers!

in wordpress admin

go to appearance editor and then stylesheet css (style.css)

then scroll down to the footer section… the very first code is

div.footer { background: url(‘images/backgrounds/bg_footer.jpg’) repeat-x #343434; clear: both; color: white; height: 305px; overflow: hidden;

Change height.. .it will be 300.. I changed it to 305 and now the message appears… cheers!

Is there a SQL data info so I can load it to have the full site in the demo?

I like to work on a full site and start breaking things apart to get the structure I am looking for.

No, sorry, I can’t provide you with that, but the documentation has everything you need to know covered :)

I like the way the footer form looks and I was wondering, would anybody have a tutorial on how to do a Mailchimp or Aweber form for the footer?

I take it that there is no support for this template?

You’re wrong. :)

Anyway, why can’t I see “H1, H2, H3, H4, H5, H6” tags in IE9 ?

Weird, it works for me. It’s using Cufon to replace fonts, and it should work in IE. Try renaming cufon.js in the js folder, so it will not load but headers will be displayed with a different font.

Can you tell me what file does the logo, search and menu structure reside in?

It’s the ‘base-body.php’.

Hello Zoltan, I tried your suggestion on changing the cufon.js file. I did that but IE9 needs refreshing 2 to 4 times before the font shows up on IE9 Browser. I checked on my home computer and my pc at woirk and it still has the same results. I read it’s a common issue on IE9 but I can’t get it to work. Can you look into IE 9 cufon issues? It’s a known IE9 bug.


I figured the issue with the Cufon fonts not being able to be seen in IE9 . First of all IE9 Sucks.

Second the cufon.js file needs updating in the Beatific theme.

The Fix: Go to http://cufon.shoqolate.com/generate/ and once your on the page look at the site’s navigation and you will see a download button.

Right click the button and “Save File As” cufon.js and upload it to your beatific/js folder in your wordpress beatific theme. Make sure you name it the same as “cufon.js”

And that’s it. Go to IE 9 and enjoy your site.

Thank you for figuring it out, I will update the theme file accordingly!

Hi, nice theme. I’m having trouble with the blog page. When I choose the Blog template for the page, the header and navigation disappear and the blog posts do not load. See here http://joerhatigan.com/blog/. What am I doing wrong?

I could really use some tech support with the blog issue. I followed your instructions and it’s not working. Please help!

This is the worst experience I’ve had with ThemeForest! I asked for help almost 2 weeks ago, sent you a private message, and you still have not responded! I followed your poorly written instructions as best I could understand them and the Blog does not work.

Hi Courtney,

Sorry for the delayed answer, I was on vacation. :)

I think you did not set up the blog page as your “Posts page” under Settings -> Reading, like this: http://cl.ly/1A2M1S3u3K2X3h1l2l2z

Sorry about the delay again, hope it helps! Let me know if you have any more issues!

Oh, and by the way it is the only FAQ that this template has. http://themeforest.net/item/beatific-for-wordpress-4-in-1/faq/125733

So this is the worst experience with a buyer ever! Just kidding :)


Ive purchased the theme but it doenst work as it schould. The homepage, or any other page, is completely blanc. http://tantricchicks.com/ When i view the source there nothing beneath: <body class=”home page page-id-2 page-parent page-template page-template-template_home-php logged-in admin-bar home”>

Can you tell me what to do? Ive read the documentation and the comments of other people who purchased the theme..but still no progress.

Hope to hear from you soon :)!


The twitter feeder is broken on my site… probably due to Twitter updating the way they feed sites.

There is a line in the Footer section of the php that needs to be changed, but to what…

Thanks, George