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Hi, a small problem regarding menu. I have tried to change menu fotn size from 30px to 20px. As soon as I did the submenu javascript stopped working. It would not be possible to click on submenu /it dissapears./ ANy idea?


If you adjust the font-size in css, make sure you also adjust the padding-bottom of nav li a as well. Search for below rule in css and change its padding-bottom to 49px to 59px.

//below code is in line 763 in syle.css
nav li a:link, nav li a:visited {
    color: #817F70;
    text-decoration: none;
//change below 49px to 59px if you set font-size to 20px
    padding-bottom: 49px;
    display: block;
    outline: none;

Thanks for purchasing this template, Shahul.

perfect. thumb up

I’m a bit confused about the font instructions. It says to download them because they are not included in the package but when I look there are already fonts there.

Yes, When the theme released free fonts are not allowed to add in package zip. But now themeforest allow to add fonts, so add fonts in update.

There’s a small problem if you have long strings in the footer section. They do not wrap around. Change the email address from ‘’ to ‘’ and you will see it spill into the next column.

Any update on this?

To fix this issue, add this following code in style.css

#pageFooter .address-details .email{
      word-wrap: break-word;

Thanks, that works.

Columns get messed up if there are not all the same length. To replicate this in services2.htm remove the text underneath the images in the last two columns of the first row.

You will see the first item of the second row jump up out of alignment.

Can you please send me url or files you working on. I will verify and add fix (including footer email address) and resend you. Our email address:

To fix this, just add “clear” class to fourth column. Check below example code.

<article class="one_third clear"> 
<!-- Note clear class added in above line -->
          <h2><span class="blue">Massage</span> Treatments</h2>
          <div class="frame_round"><img src="img/temp/featured1.png" alt="" /></div>
          <div class="content">
            <p class="shortDesc">Aenean euismod. Pellentesque et metus non magna viverra fermentum. Sed tincidunt. Morbi condimentum tincidunt massa. Phasellus pellentesque, elit vel ultricies congue.</p>
            <a href="services.htm" class="emboss_button">Learn More </a> </div>

Thank you, that appears to work.


Any news on the WP version, or did you abandon that project?


No, We already finished WP version. But Themeforest wants us to improve the design. So we are trying to the design bit more. Hopefully it will be approved soon.

Thanks, Shahul

mmmmm, that would really be a shame. I need something by tomorrow and would very much like to have my site in WordPress. and I love your “relaxed” design.

Any new fix to the Twitter Feed … this is the second time its went off in as many months. :(

I will update twitter feed and update theme in 24 hours.

Hi there, how do i slow down the speed of the testimonial slider please

great theme by the way :)


Thanks for purchasing our template. To change testimonial speed, open js/script.js and search for below code

Replace above code with below and change 2000 (its millisecond) to the milliseconds you want.
      autoSlideInterval: 2000,

Hi I’ve tried to contact you via support but had not reply so I thought I’d try here,

I have this website and would like to change the logo size, which it can do. However, when I increase the height if the logo the menu ‘current’ option is out of sync with the height. I’ve searched all the CSS and us files for this option to make the current page highlight be in the correct place but can’t find it. Can you please help.

Thanks Denise

Sorry for delay, i replied to your mail.

Hello, congratulations for the theme. I bought a few days ago, but I can not insert a link on the slider. Neither the title nor the paragraph or image. Can you help me?

hey, have someone there????????