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metspa Purchased

Hi, Please update the theme to sticky menu. Also to menu does NOT work well with Revaluation Slider. When I place a slider into the wiget area the menu gets messed up when I click a different page. Please update the theme or release the new version ASAP. thanks

Yeah i am working on it. soon you get an update.

Downloading install package from…

Download failed. Forbidden

Please help

Hi, can you send a support with site access so support team can install all plugin for you?

support link:

Theme updated required. Please update.

I am working on it. need few days to completed it.


I built a site using your theme sometime ago and the client didnt want to pay for ongoing maintenance…they have now come back to me wanting everything updated.

My question is how bad is the site going to break given that they are using version 1.4.0 and Wordpress version 3.5.1.

Is there a way you recommend to do the update to avoid the breakages I think are going to happen or am I going to basically have to rebuild the site from scratch?

Thanks for your time!

something can be break, it’s better backup your site then start upgrade it. so you can restore it from backup.

i had been using this theme for a client of mine and it has come with some badware viruses etc ? i have also installed scurri too still its messing around how to resolve down ?

No way, maybe something happen there. anyway latest 4.7 update coming soon.


StanJ Purchased

When i update Visual Composer with the version from the update-folder… the VC-shortcode ‘vc_teaser_grid’ doesnt work. How can i fix this?

Teaser grid was removed from new version of VC. please use team or service element instead of teaser grid.

when is the new update coming for this template?

Hi, sorry for late reply. i am working on it. update you get on 5th January 2017

Hi. the site was hacked. After I reinstalled the theme, version 3.5.0, I no longer use visual composer (now 4.5.1 version). Would you be kind enough to show me how to proceed to solve the problem?

Hi, sorry for late reply. i am working on it. update you get on 5th January 2017

Thanks a lot. Cheers

welcome :)

Today upgraded to theme version v3. Re-arranged all the widget as suggested. All fine and well. Im having trouble placing the logo. Could you tell me in which widget or place I need to put the logo? Kind regards,

Hi, we just move them to customizer for better usability. please look at customizer.

Found it! thankyou!!

Welcome :)


ateacme Purchased

Hi, after last theme update some important widget areas have disppeared: - logo - logo small - footer So I can’t find where to put logo and credits texts (in footer I need a more complex text than just “copyright+site name”)... Furthermore in services pages I don’t have the sidebar anymore. Can you tell me how to fix these problems? (at the moment I’ve upload again previous theme version.)


ateacme Purchased

ok, thanks a lot!


ateacme Purchased

Hi, any news about breadcrumbs bug?

Not yet, sorry for it. actually i am busy with another project for that reason it’s delaying.

hello i have purcahse theme and now i am geeting errors on. check you plz check it

Please download the latest version and update it.


ateacme Purchased

Hi, suddenly the beauty center I did the website for can’t see anymore its statistcs on Google Ananlytics. In order to fix the problem I checked theme settings page but I can’t find the ADDITIONAL SCRIPTS box….what can I do?

Send a support ticket with site access so support team will fix your problem.

Are you still supporting this theme? When are you going to release an update? Have you fixed the “breadcrumb bug”? Thanks!

Yes I support this theme and continue the support :) Breadcrumb issue fixed and fixing some minor issue for better performance. if you need so hurry so please send a support ticket, support team will update your theme today.

Dear team,

are the pictures of the page ‘our services’ included?

Sorry, no picture included with this theme :(


Maansy Purchased

does the theme work well with wp 4.8 yet?

Can you send a support with details of error so support team easily fix them? support url is:


Maansy Purchased

after i click install all the required plugins i get this warning for every plugin: wp-admin/includes/class-bulk-upgrader-skin.php on line 154

Please send a support ticket with access, because we did not get this type of error.


niro123 Purchased

How do I update the Theme? I am trying to update the theme from 3 years ago version, but I see everything has changed, and all my services and Team members pages are gone when I do the update, also the site crush and I see only blank page, can you please advise about the steps how to update theme successfully?

Which version you are using now?


niro123 Purchased

Right now it’s on 2.0.0

Please send a support ticket with site access and FTP access so support team can handle that.

Dear team,

How do we change the menu colors?

Hi, Do you purchase our theme?

Oh I’m sorry, Yes we did, but with an other account. (we have a lot haha)

Anyway, Please look at here:

You can change all content color from here.


Maansy Purchased

Where is the child theme?

Sorry this theme not included child theme, you can make it your own by follow wp doc: or wait for next update we will add child theme in next update :)

Hi, I have changed the Slug from the Services. Now there is a Notice: “Notice: Undefined property: WP_Post_Type::$taxonomy in /wp-content/themes/BeautySalon/layouts/content.php on line 42. Where I have to change the ‘permalink’? And I would also remove the footer Link “Theme Designed by BdThemes Limited”. Where can I change this? Thank you!

Please send me access of your websitel for slug issue.

Follow this doc for remove powered by:

There is no option like in your screenshot. I have the follow version: Beauty Salon 3.6.0 Warp Framework 7.3.33 Where can I send you my access?