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Is there a link for v2.0? I’m still on v1.4 and I’d like to upgrade incrementally.

Crap, I didn’t mean demo store. I meant is there a way I can load in this demo:

when is there going to be an update to this theme, because it is way out of date last july of 2015, every theme on themeforest has had multiple updates to keep current with issues as plugins are updated and wordpress is updated. Your theme has become useless and works like crap. I use to love this theme when it worked and over the past 8 or 9 months the theme has become more unstable, i have lost one of my primary clients who i designed there beauty salon by using your theme they use to have a lot of people on there site now there has been nothing for months and lost business because of all the issues not working. You need to also make your theme run on newer versions of php because wordpress runs and works better on newer versions of php. you are the only theme i can’t work with anymore. i have over 60 themes on themeforest that work just fine, you are the only one that doesn’t because your development team doesn’t keep up one. Loggin into my site isn’t going to fix anything, you’ve done that in the past and no results of any kind. I know i’m not the only one who has problems with your theme.

by the way you have to areas on themeforest with what was the last update, main sales page shows july 2015, and this area shows October 2015 either way way out of date.

what a joke, don’t reply to solve questions it’s always when something has expired support your ignored all together, when no such thing as a deadline on support the answers always the same no actual resolution to solve the issue. it’s plan and simple why is it taking so long for an update to the theme and it’s plugins, it’s so out of date it doesn’t work with the newest version of wordpress and the plugins are all vulnerable with holes in them for ways of being hacked because they aren’t up to date.

Hello, Please send a support ticket by using our support ticket system. support team will provide update plugin and framework for you.

Is it possible to get money back on this theme. Its way out of date and never seen so many bugs and errors in a theme. I am a developer myself and really dont have time to fix all that. Load time on a lightspeedserver with SSD disk is 8 sec.

I will not be using this theme, even with support

If you have an update that actually works then fine by me. I like the theme but ran into to way many problems with this one. Hope you understand :)

Will even change my feedback if you guys can make it work

Okay, I give up and will make sure to let themeforest know your really bad service. Thanks for nothing, this is a waste of money

Hi, if you still not refund so please download the latest update and check it.


metspa Purchased

Hi, For the next update can you please include support for Yoast seo breadcrumbs. Thanks

Thanks for your suggestion :) we will try to add this feature.

Hello, We just updated our theme with better breadcrumbs features, i hope you enjoy it :)

Hello! Showbiz plugin is outdated and is no longer available for the update. Moreover there is a vulnerability in a plug- and my site was infected . How Showbiz plugin can be replaced or when the update will be the theme ?

Please update the theme with latest version, we just drop the showbiz and added custom service and team carousel with visual composer support.

Hi, I’ve upgraded my Wordpres to v4.5. Because of this all kinds of errors appear. like “add_object_page is old and use add_menu_page() instead. in /..../public_html/wp-includes/functions.php on line 3662” , the media library doesn’t work anymore (empty page) and when I change values in the “Beauty Salon” settings page, no settings are saved. Can you please update the theme to support Wordpress v4.5 asap?

Hello, sorry for late to update please check the latest update.

I just installed the theme, there is no save changes button in warp. I have done all updates it asked for. how do I save changes

where do I do that?

I thought this was support

Yes this also but we need to check your admin panel, please send a support ticket via with your admin access so we can check what happen there.

are you able to solve the problem? if not so can you check with latest update please?

Hello! Visual Composer version introduced in the last update ver 4.7, it does not work with wordpress ver 4.5. Current as of today version of Visual Composer 13.04.2016 – ver 4.11.2

Hello, please update the theme and remove the visual composer and revolution slider via ftp or from plugin manager then you will notification for install the latest version then just install it again.

Hello! When you add a widget to the sidebar appears on woocommerce all pages of the site, how to make the sidebar only for the store?

Hello, please look on this doc:

Thank You

Welcome :)

For some reason this theme is really slow loading on and is a lot of options that so confusing. How do I get refund?

Did you enable production mode and compress your style and script from theme options? here some helpful docs: for understand theme options and settings.

if you want refund just send a refund request i will approve it.

Hi bdthemes,

Where can I send a refund request?

Refund done.

Hi, I am having problem with installing plugins: team and services. Any advice?

Hello, please go to Beauty salon theme options > Layouts tab. there you can set your body, header and footer background (more details about theme setting look at here: use minimum width 1920px and height will be depend on your header and footer content. but you can use minimum 450px height for header and footer. 1080px height for background.

Thanks a lot

Welcome :)

I try to register on your support site and never got the registration email and your contact form is not working as well. Just paid for 6 month support, how I can contact you.

Sorry for inconvenience, actually it’s newly setup so you fetching some problem. i hope it will not happen next time. please write your problem first. if you need to send access so add a second reply with checked ” Set as private reply” for example:

I will not use it. Please send refund.

Ok, no problem send refund request please.

What’s happening? Your ticketsystem on is gone!

Hello, please use to get support.

I did. awaiting your response…

Just replied :)


I am trying to move my site made with this theme over to a different server. However, please look at this:

Old Link: New Link:

As you can see, the widgets where they say “FREE DRINK,” “GROUP PARTY SPECIAL,” etc., are no longer rounded. The header “OUR SERVICES” right under it is no longer a header, but instead, a full shortcode is displayed.

This is the exact same version with the version on the old server. I am not sure why it doesn’t work.

Also, in the Beauty Salon theme settings, there is no “Save” button. The site is installed freshly with no extra plugins.

Please advise,

Best regards,


Hi, please use Icon List Item element from visual composer so it’s not break anymore.

anyway if you need for install and setup theme so please post a request on support forum so support team can do it for you.

I already installed using the installer and just import the pages over from the old server to the new one. But the widgets are from the Widgets area “FREE DRINK”, “GROUP PARTY SPECIAL,” etc, and it is not an elements form Visual Composer. How can I make it look like the one in the old server?

I am not sure how you guys build the theme, but it has been very stressful from starting to import the demo, build the web site, and now to immigrate to another server. With other themes, I can just export the .xml file and the widgets and everything is done correctly. With this theme, even when I make sure all the plugins and the theme are at the proper version, it breaks!

Please advise,

Best regards,


Okay, Can you share your site access via support forum so my team can fix your site layout?


since a few days im triyn to improve the google pagespeed score, because its very poor (64 / 100 on mobile).

The reason for that are the following ressources: /wp-includes/js/jquery/jquery-migrate.min.js?ver=1.4.1 /wp-content/themes/beautysalon/cache/gzip.php?theme-86575829.js (Activated Compression and Minifying in Theme) /wp-content/themes/beautysalon/cache/gzip.php?theme-b24f688a.css (Activated Compression and Minifying in Theme)

If i activate async loading for them the page speed improves to 82/100 , but the layout / sliders etc becomes broken.

There have to be a solution for that.

Hi, if you are using W3 Total Cache so it’s better don’t activate theme builtin compress system. you can follow this tutorial for better optimize your site:

I’ve already tried that. But the entire Warp-Framework breaks if you doesn’t load them while blocking other ressources (wp-content/themes/beautysalon/warp/vendor/uikit/js/*-Files). Ive never had problems with blocking scripts, but here it is terrible. No chance to get more than 70/100 Points in Pagespeed Insights. I’ve already upgraded the Server, compressed all Images, played around 12 hours with the minifier Settings, but the Warp Framework Files and the Jquery-Files wrecks it down. They are the only critical points in Pagespeed.

Besides that its not true, whats written in your link. Jquery does not always have to load in the head (blocking). On my other Websites all is fine with async-loading and jquery.

Please find a solution here. The mobil-friendliness becomes more important than ever this year.

wait for next update.

Hi. I want to show categories above photo gallerie? Any idea? Let’s say just at stuff page but than without info under, just photos of the products and categories above. Thanks

Hello, Sorry it’s not possible it photo gallery. you can use any another photo gallery plugin for that.


metspa Purchased

Is there a way to make the main menu sticky?

Sorry, Now now but i will try in next version :)

hello i have a pre-sale question: can the home slider be set to full width?

Hi, Yes it’s possible you need to set it from slider settings :)

Hey. This is way out of date. Any updates? wordpress is now 4.5.3 doh!

Hi, No problem it will work well and we preparing for 4.6 :)

How do i display excerpt in Home page below service featured image. I tried excerpt function not nothing works.

Hi, I am not sure what you want actually, Can you share your site access so we can understand properly? please use our support forum for get help quickly.