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Hi , i need headermenu to be color by active as shown selected or current. It is not workin in css you .removeClass active ... Howe can I do it ? maby in custom.js ?


Hi, ok, figure it out in custom.js

$(document).ready(function(){ $(‘a’).click(function(){ $(‘a’).css(‘color’, ’#fff’); $(this).css(‘color’, ’#f20220’); }); });


Hi, I set my e-mail in the sendMail.php but nothing happens. I dont receive any e-mail. What should I do to configure the contact form?


Can the main text be changed to a logo PNG easy?

So I need to replace Beauty SPA with my logo PNG ?

yes, it can be changed easily.

I have created logo.png correct size but cannot get it to appear. Have checked CSS and see no ref to logo.PNG so this will never work? Can you please help me ASAP?


Can u please help me with my request?

just create facebook icon with the size 33×48 and place it in image folder with the name phone.png, it mean repalced the old phone icon, that’s it.

I need to change the text of the Contactpage Button: “Email Us Now!”

Where and how to do this?

Try this Open contact.js and find that text and change it

Hello, i really like your work and purchased this template, now i have 2 questions.

The first is not that important, i just would like to know if there is something missing in my download because you say: ““CSS3 background gradient” used for top header, so you can customize to your own skin easily with adding colors in places in skin.css” buz i can´t find no skin.css in my download…

Second, i would like to make the actual navigation point visually active, i guess like “netlex” did, but i just can´t figure it out, i am a designer and usually only changing very small things in javascript or php…

It would be really nice if you could help me, greetings;)

hi & thanks for your reply, i have just put that code in style.css but it still doesn´t keep the color…

also tried

.active{ color: #CC0033; }

or do i also have to put that code in custom.js, netlex was talking about? any ideas? thanks again for helping me with this…;-)

hmm, still waiting… didn´t even get a response on my last email, are you still trying to figure this out or just keep selling? this is taking far too much time for me (and my costumer) now, so i guess i will have to use something else, your template has too many aches and pains and it looks like you can not (or don´t want to) solve them… this is not working for me, is there a way to get my money back?

o.k., still no reply, i will complain now to the themeforest customer support.

DApit, I had the exact same problem, there were files missing from my download from another on of the templates by kayapati. I wrote and asked for help and was ignored. Just write customer service with your problem and they will help you. This person should not be able to sell here as many of the templates have problems and files missing and the seller ignores any requests for help. So by all means, contact customer service and you will get a resolution for sure. Good Luck.

This is what you have in your help file:
    <div id="myslidemenu" class="jqueryslidemenu">
        <ul class="mainmenu">
            <li><a href="#pgAbout" url="about.html">About Us</a></li>

so I would understand that the content would be loaded from an external file named “about.html” and loaded into the pgAjaxContainer element, but it doesn’t seem to work.

Hello kayapati, You updated Beauty. Can you tell me what the changes are? Regards, Toon, a Dutch designer

Active menu bug fixed.

Wich file do I have to chance

custom.js which is in js folder

where is the theme zip file ? I downloaded the folder but I don’t see the theme file?

its html version

Could this get blog html/css like the Word Press theme?

sorry, we have no plan to do html blog pages as its done long back, there is no worth to spent on this as already the WordPress version is working fine.

You have it already, I’m just asking for it.

no, I do not have.

Hi, The previous next navigation is not working on gallery / portfolio page. May i know how to set up?

portfolio light box image next and previous arrows do not work while the gallery should work. can you show me your gallery page link?

hello, how to change embed map in contact.html?