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A client of mine purchased BeautyMind and a child theme called Beautiful Child. The contact forms do not send email out. How does the theme send email via the contact form? The form action is ”#”. I’m used to the form action specifying a PHP script or some other more obvious means of handling the form submission.

Thanks in advance for any assistance.


Please contact the hosting provider an ask them to check the email security function on the server. For further assistance please contact me only from the account where was made the payment for theme. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi sawyerjw,

Hi Sawyerjw. I was contacted by the buyer, your client. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this! I need credentials to WP admin panel to debug and fix this issue. Thank you.

Regards, Weblionmedia

WebLioin, I am a licensee of BeautyMind, purchased from envato (themeforest). wawyerjw [above comment] is a pro developer who has been engaged by me to help with some issues I could not figure out. A different developer, also a pro, made a child theme earlier for me from BeautyMind called Beautiful Child. Both of these guys are very competent and charge me by the hour. I am the beginner.

The issue that is eating up a lot of time is that we are not getting email from the Contact page form or the form in the Top Widget though we have entered the correct email where indicated in the WP field.

~ We are receiving email from the contact links which are gong to the same address.

~ We’ve already checked with the host and tested a contact form plugin which works fine. The plugin does not work stylistically with the Theme so not a viable solution.

Please advise. Thanks. I appreciate your aesthetic. Very nice design.

Hi Kollar,

Thank you for letting me know. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer, I will help you with this! I need credentials to WP admin panel to debug and fix this issue. Thank you.

Regards, Weblionmedia


I’ve purchased the theme and I like it very much but I have some problems with the portfolio images:

1) Lightbox doesn’t work correct: in Safari there is no Lightbox – the image will be opened in the window – so the user have to use the back button / in Firefox there is a Lightbox effect, but you can’t close the image – you must also use the back button

2) Some images will be fitted to the correct image size (portfolio site) and some images will not ???

Thank you for your reply!


Please check the plugins, you have installed. Maybe one of the plugins make the conflict. You have my email, please contact me to it with the real site name at moment and credentials, so I will have possibility to debug and to test the issues. Thank you.

Regards, Weblionmedia

Hi there, thank you for this beautiful theme, i am just facing an issue i need your help in. the main menu keeps coming in two lines even after i edited the width of the main menu buttons.


please advice. yasser taha

Hi. Please, write me using the contact form in my profile. There we could take a look to this closer!

hi, can you tell me please how to change the “Link Color” at the moment they are blue, i would like orange!

“Site Tagline” I want to change the style und height

Thank you very much!


You can add in the “BeautyMind Theme Options > General > Custom CSS” this css code for link color:

body a {color:#F5BC09 !important;}

This is the css for tagline, find it in the css file in the folder /layout/styles/>

.tagline {
  float: left;
  margin: 11px 0 0 21px;
  min-height: 18px;
  padding: 11px 0 12px 23px;
  background: url(images/backgrounds/tagline.png) no-repeat 0 4px;

Best regards, Weblionmedia

Super! Link works property :-) with “Site Timeline” i meant to change the shrift-art now is italic and i want it normal-style and change also font size. Thank you!!!


This is the css line for Tagline:

#header-top a {
  color: #b0b0b0;

To make not italic style add this parameter:


To set the font size add this parameter:


Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hello! How I can change language for ES-es?


In the “wp-config.php” file from root web site path set:

define('WPLANG', 'es_ES');

Best regards, WPSTALL


Can you confirm if the most up to date release of the theme will work with WP 3.7.1?



I can confirm that BeautyMind WordPress theme is compatible with WP 3.7.1. I have tested and works without problems.

Best regards, Weblionmedia

My contact us page is out of place below the main navigation. There is plenty of space to the right for it to fit plus more.


Thanks for your help!

Hi. Do you mean that is lot of space between main navigation and contact form?

Please Update Wordpress 3.8 Assign Blog Page to a Category not working

Theme 1.4 Update not working Assign Blog Page to a Category, please re-check

sorry, i’m missing Assign Blog Page to a Category working OK Thanks Regards

I’m glad that works :). Thank you for letting me know.

Latest Updates

Version 1.4 (Released 11 January 2014)
  • Fixed Twitter API 1.1

Please Update wordpress 3.8.1 “button shortcode” not working text not display….

You have my email, send the content of this page to my email. Thank you.

Please check your mail. Regard

Hi Is there a way to make the navigation extend the width of the page?

I disabled the Search Function, but the Navigation still jumps a line instead of extending 100%

Hi. Edit the “header.php” file, find this code:

<nav class="twelve columns alpha" id="main-menu-wrapper">

and just remove the class name “twelve”.

Hi~ i need beautymind thme is, wordpress 3.8 support. Tablepress plugins 3.7.1 is not supported. beautymind theme footer column is error. upgrade your plan there?



I have tested and for me works the footer. Please send more details, screenshot with errors, also need the link to download Tablepress 3.7.1

Best regards, Weblionmedia


Which file do I change to increase the z-index of the navigation menu?

The dropdown menu is being hidden by the slider on the home page?



Use the css file ”/layout/styles/layout.css”. Try to add “z-index” for this class for the:




Best regards, Weblionmedia

Hi,i’m having problems with the Template, some items doesnt work properly like toggles, acordions and some buttons that doesnt appear, i sent you a message 2 days ago and i still dont have an answer and i have a customer waiting for the product, so please helpme to solve this problem, Thankyou very much.

Hi, I will check my email and will reply to you. Thank you for your patience.

Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to create my own homepage, including text and images, or I have to choose between the available layouts. Thank you


Is there documentation for your theme. I have installed but unable to get any widgets to appear. For the slider, I setup slides in the slides section, assigned a category, then assigned the home page options to display slides, but the only thing showing is text from the post content. Are there short codes?

All my questions could be answered with documentation



For support, please contact us only from the account where was made the payment. Thank you for understanding.

Best regards,