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Hi, congrats for this nice theme. Can you please help me set up the contact and widget forms, I don’t receive emails…. Thanks


I’m sorry for delay. The contact form was fixed?

Cheers, WLM

The twitter username in the footer twitter feed is has an !important tag on the color of it (#twtr-widget-1 .twtr-tweet a). But, the css is on the document itself (element style). Where do I find it so I can change the color?


Where you have recent project images on the homepage, they currently load up on a lightbox. Can we link these to a new page instead?

Thanks, Chris

how do i set the maximum size the logo?

hmm… I see the support isn’t so good.

Hi there, Great theme!

I am about to buy it but would like to know if it would support a ‘bilingual’ site… with some plugins (of course)

best! Again good job for the site!


Yes, the theme has multilanguage support.

Regards, WLM

Nice but i see the supporter is not that nice, why? it will be always like that?


I have relocated to other country. I will have internet access and I will make support soon.

Best regards, WebLionMedia

Hi, i had a problem with the gallery.

When i give the code: [gallery postid=”1409,1410,1411” width=”100” height=”100” orderby=”title”]

i see all Pics from the Media and when i use the code

[gallery postid=”1409” width=”100” height=”100” orderby=”title”]

i see a empty frame.

in the Top Widget the email and website are right and not left-aligned why???

Can i make a Gallery on the Portfolio page without Thumbnails under the Description.

Your name and position parameters dont work for the Testimonial shortcode?

Does anyone have any ideas?

Thanks, Chris


Please open the file ’/functions/shortcodes.php’ and check these 2 functions if are the same and correct them with this code:

function theme_testimonials($atts, $content = null) {
        "title" => "" 
    ), $atts));
    return '
        <h3 class="sub-title" style="margin-top:-37px;">'.$title.'    <span id="testim_navi" /></h3>
        <div class="separator9" />
        <div id="testimonials">
add_shortcode("testimonials", "theme_testimonials");
function theme_testimonial($atts, $content = null) {
        "siteurl" => "",
        "name" => "",
        "position" => "" 
    ), $atts));

    if ($name) $name_output = '<div class="info_text"><strong>'.$name.'</strong>, '.$position_output.'</div>';

    return '
                <p><img src="'.get_template_directory_uri().'/layout/styles/images/backgrounds/ico/quote.png" />'.do_shortcode($content).'</p>
add_shortcode("testimonial", "theme_testimonial");

How can I get rid of the view mobile site at the bottom of the page when I look at it on my phone?

Hi. What do you mean? Please send additional details. Thank you.

Hi I’m having an error on IE8 and IE7 with the footer – it’s aligned itself over to the left.

Any ideas?


Hi. Please send your site url and I will check the footer. Our demo site also is displayed incorrectly on IE7 and IE8 for you?

http://towerbridge-jv.clients.flemingsteele.com/ – thanks.

The demo site works ok.

No I have checked your site and my and I see that our demo site works fine and your no in IE7 and in IE8 .

I will contact you via email to check a few things.

could you please tell me why the excerpt text is missing from the blog items in the blog page. The title and image is showing but the main post text with excerpt is missing. In the demo this bug is fine.

Please send page url of your blog. Thank you.

I’m having difficultly uploading the theme to wordpress, can anyone help? Got it saved in a zipped file but get an error message each time I try to upload the theme?

Hi. Which error did you got? Did you tried to upload the theme via FTP ?

Hi How can I work with columns using a Page with SideBar? When I put the code for columns ([one_half first=”first” title=”“]) this show me a page with out of square (i hope you can understand me).


Hi, try to use the shortcodes [one_third] in the page with sidebar.

CreativeMediaNI says

could you please tell me why the excerpt text is missing from the blog items in the blog page. The title and image is showing but the main post text with excerpt is missing. In the demo this bug is fine.

I also have the same problem!

This is a shortcode or page template? Please send page url of your blog. Thank you.

The excerpt text is missing from the blog… http://test.art2media.com/blog/

I have sent an email. Please check your Inbox. Thank you.

There is no support for this theme, and it’s full of bugs. Trying to get a refund from Themeforest but after a week they’re still not responding.

Hello. As I said earlier, I have moved with my family into another country. I had no internet till now. Now I’m available for support again. Please give me a few days to answer to all questions. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Sorry that’s not acceptable, this isn’t a cheap theme and no support for 2 weeks when there are a number of open issues is not a professional level of service.

We’ve been unable to finish our project due to a number of bugs and it’s weeks behind schedule. Please provide a full refund so we can purchase a theme from a more reliable developer.

Themeforest have also been ignoring our support request for a week now, if a refund isn’t forthcoming then we’ll be contacting our credit card company to obtain a refund on our behalf.

Hello. We can’t make a refund. This can make only ThemeForest, because you have made the payment to Marketplace not to me. Please contact them for more information. I’m sorry for this situation, but I had no internet one month because the big companies works very slow.