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Impressive template, good luck with sales ;)

Thanks a lot!

great work, gud luck :)


Thanks Manuel!

Beautiful design, Good luck!

I really appreciate it, especially from someone who has some of the best PSDs on ThemeForest in his portfolio. Thanks!

You’re welcome, you’re design is very well thought and beautifully executed, you deserve great response and thank much I guess I try my best :) All the best mate!

beautiful style elegent and funky waiting for wordpress version!

Hi. I am not sure what do you mean by “included”, but whole shop functionality is just static and you will need additional server-side coding to make it work. But things like reservation and contact forms, or Mailchimp subscribe are fully functional.

If you would like to use this template for your site (or client) and you don’t need a Shop section, you will just add your content, create custom color scheme (if needed), set some PHP parameters (for Twitter feed and forms), and you can go live (everything is covered in documentation). But if you need also the Shop section, you will either need a developer to do some additional coding, or you can wait for WP version (I definitely want to make it as soon as possible, but it will probably take at least month).

Have a nice day, and thanks for your interest in my template


Hello, WordPress version is available here.

woowww beautiful, I’m waiting for WordPress version


Hello, WordPress version is available here.

Hi, this is the which I looking for from 1 year;))) great work

best regards

Thanks for purchase. Please let me know when you find any issues or missing features. And don’t forget to rate 5* please, it will help me a lot. Thanks!


Good luck with sales ;)

Wow impressive in my collection and on my favorites wondering are u planning a wp version?

Thanks. WP version is in the plan, but I can’t give you any ETA right now.

Hello, WordPress version is available here.

Outstanding color combination ! GLWS :)


I just bought your very nice template :-) 5 stars!!

Great! Please rate this file under your account / downloads. Thanks a lot!

Nice theme.. On my wishlist..

Yeah Sure.. Will prefer Wordpress over HTML on any given day.. :)

Then stay tuned, I want to release it in month or two, so wish me a good luck:)

Hello, WordPress version is available here.

wordpress version would be great!!


Hello, I am working on it, should be ready within a month. Thanks:)

Hello, WordPress version is available here.

Great work!.

Does it include the php code for the contact and reservation forms??.

Thanks. Of course! Contact Form, Reservation Form, Twitter Feed and Mailchimp Subscribe are fully functional.

BTW, WordPress version should be finished within a month.

+1 for Wordpress version.

Hi. It is nearly finished, it should be available this month.

Hello, WordPress version is available here.

Hi Lubos when do you think we will see the wordpress version? And will it have a menu up the top or still on the left side? Can you notify me when you will have this version?


Hi, you can expect it this month. The menu stays as in HTML version, but it should be possible to change it to top menu (so it will look the same as in tablet version) by customizing the code, but it probably won’t be a trivial task.

I will reply to this message once the WP version will be available. Thanks for your interest!


hi, where change size of text ?

in the received email subject have the same problem.

It works fine even for the subject on my side. Please send me your testing polish sentence through contact form in my profile and I will test it myself.

great support!!!! :) buy this template :)

Amazing theme,

If purchased, you think you can set up demo look for me on my site?.


Thanks. This is just a HTML template, so this can’t be installed to WordPress. You will get it exactly as you see in the Demo but without images. Some HTML knowledge is needed to customize it. The WordPress version will be available later this month.


I know the Wordpress version is in the works, but do you have a approximate date yet? I am about to start on a new project for a client, and this theme would be perfect, but it has to be Wordpress.


Hello. I have submitted it yesterday, but the review process can take from few days to more than a week.

The theme will contain Shortcode Generator, Page Builder, detailed documentation and demo content so it should worth the wait!:)

Thanks for your interest!

Excellent, looking forward to it. :)

Hello, WordPress version is available here.

I need help, how to install this template in wordpress? is possible? i thought was a theme!!!!

What then, I lost the money I paid for the template? I know it was my mistake, thanks for replying. I’ll be waiting for the theme. Bye! (Sorry for my Enghish)

Unfortunately, it is not in my competence to make refunds, authors are not allowed to do that. You need to contact the Envato Support with this issue.

But who knows, maybe you will find some use even for the HTML version in the future.

Hello, WordPress version is available here.