Discussion on BeautySpot - Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

Discussion on BeautySpot - Beauty Salon WordPress Theme

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This theme seems to be incompatible with PHP version 8.0.

Can we please get some assistance? We have tried updating the theme but the website already has the latest files installed.

Kind Regards Kyle

There is a reference to “Lsvr_Mailchimp_” widget, but that widget is no longer present in the latest version. When running the latest version, you can deactivate and remove all LSVR plugins and then follow the prompt to install them again, which will install latest versions.

Hi. Sorry for late reply.

So I did this and the error has gone away but there seems to issues still.

On the pages, the elements are not coming in and its just bombing the code on the page, for example the lsvr_carousel doesnt display and is just outputting the code like this:

image_rounded=”yes” inview_anim=”none” image=”500″ image_size=”medium” title=”Spa Packages” link=”services/spa-packages”]/lsvr_service/lsvr_service/lsvr_service/lsvr_service/lsvr_service[lsvr_divider whitespace_size=”m-medium” transparent=”yes” inview_anim=”none”]

The second issue is where are the “Theme Options” that were previously in the left hand menu of the wordpress dashboard? Has it moved to somewhere else in the new theme?

Thanks for the help.

It seems like you are using the old elements which no longer exist in the new version of the theme. As for the Theme Options, you can find it under Appearance / Customize. If you’ve updated from the v2 or older then please make sure to read through the documentation to catch up with the all the new features: http://docs.lsvr.sk/beautyspot.wp/


Would you be willing to help moving a site from them version 2.5 to the newest 3.*?

I already created a dev environment, installed all and upgraded to php8.1 The problem is the css of old vs new site


I am sorry, but I am not available for custom work, however feel free to share your URL and I can at least take a look at it and maybe give you some hints.


Thanks! The site is https://devmenew.thaispa.bg/ and https://thaispa.bg The new one is on php 8.1 old is on php 7.4 if that matters

You have lots of custom CSS in style.css file. First, any code like that should be in style.css of the child theme, not the parent theme. Second, I assume lot of this code won’t work with the latest version of the theme since it was made with the older version. So my advice would be to move it all to child theme, remove/comment it and keep only the one which you need and which works with the new version of the theme.

Generally, this is work for someone very skilled in the CSS, so your best be would be to hire a developer, for example at studio.envato.com.

Dear Team,... Why does your template cause problems with the menu on the iphone and the small ipad? It doesn’t go all the way to the edge and you can’t select the menu.

Look here: www.zauberer-saarland.com

Thank you for your help

There was also an LSVR widget in the footer! now it’s working. When are you doing the update? Would love to put the sidebar back in?

Will do my best to have it within 24 hours.

No problem! Have a nice day and thanks

do you theme support php 8 or 8.1 ?? i hope so


it works fine with PHP 8. Haven’t tested with 8.1, but I am not aware of any issues.


I want to sort the elements in the services section as I want



you can use Intuitive Custom Post Order plugin for that https://wordpress.org/plugins/intuitive-custom-post-order/


Hello, Website www.orakeibeauty.co.nz. Service pages are all broken, not sure what has caused it, wasn’t after any updates. Have tried updating theme, plugins, PHP, etc to no avail. Please advise what might be happening.

Thank you,


please check your standard pages in admin. It seems you have a standard pages for all your treatments, including the Treatments main page, but at the same time you are using built-in Services post type which you are also redirecting to /treatments URL and that creates a conflict. If you are not using those old treatments pages, then remove them and use only Service posts for that.


Hi, I’m happy to buy your theme, just installed in wordpress but now, please can you tell me the last steps to install the complete web page, I mean with the photos, icons, ... everythings we can see on the demo? I’m sorry at the moment I can’t spend other 50€ to pay you for installation. This web site is for my daugther, she,ll be tomorrow 18 year old and I don’t have moore money to spend. I hope you can help me, My license is: 8f95a8f4-5b26-4d0c-9cc1-38725d81e7f9 – 4 Sep 2021 Thank you very much…I hope you can help me. Best regards!


please follow the documentation on how to import the demo content, however please note that demo images are not included for copyright reasons. http://docs.lsvr.sk/beautyspot.wp/#demo-import


Hello Lubos,

do you have update for appointment page, that customer must pay before the booking accepted.

thank you


I am sorry, but something like that has to be custom coded.


Looking to make the white box on the LSVR slider be transparent about 50%?—I can only see in help how to remove it.

Also, what is the CSS to change the SUB text on the LSVR slider?


here is the CSS to make the box partially transparent:

.lsvr_slide-list__item-content-inner { background-color: rgba( 255, 255, 255, 0.5 ); }

You can change the styling of subtitle with this CSS:

.lsvr_slide-list__item-text { color: #FF0000; }


hello, what software can i use to extend the appointment form. I want to avoid double appointments.


you need to custom code any additional functionality. If you are not a web developer, you will need to hire one.


Can i sell products in this theme?

I have installed woo commerce it did hide my bottom make appointment button and changed alot of settings


the Woocommerce should work fine. Please make sure you are using the latest version of the theme.

Please note that your support is expired. You can renew it under your ThemeForest account / Downloads if you need additional assistance. Thank you.


i mean how to set the Button on the home page…look like the pic…and i can change the word…and how to change the background, and set the address on the home page

how to delete” BeautySpot – WordPress Theme for Beauty Salons” of the each page

i see the doc ,Foter Menu can be managed under Appearance / Menus. Create a new menu and set its location to Footer Menu. but can”t change

There’s a typo in the documentation. You can edit that under Appearance / Customize / Footer.

In services pages, how can I can translate in french “More Info” ?


please read the documentation on how to translate the theme: http://docs.lsvr.sk/beautyspot.wp/#translation


Hi, I have 2 problems. First one : I loose the sidebar that was in right with the services list. In “Custom Sidebars”, I deleted the the “Services”, and I clicked on “Add Sidebar”. The new id is now “Custom Sidebar 5”. But how can I replace it on my services pages like : “OUR SERVICES” + icon list

Second one : In the services sidebar, I would like to rename “our services” in “Nos prestations”.


1.) just change it to the new one under Appearance / Customize / Services

2.) you can edit the widget under Appearance / Widgets


Okay, thank you !


I installed the demo site and this is my current home page: https://sazanbeauty.com/

Then created a copy of the home page to edit content. Added an optin box near the footer (using WP editor because demo content not appearing in Elementor editor) and the page broke by adding white-space:

https://sazanbeauty.com/home-1-3/ https://monosnap.com/file/HKbARBXnGPrDBr195OvHsvkrc8ntP9

Then I tried using Elementor editor and the page is completely empty aside from my added optin box: https://monosnap.com/file/ZdWzNMwWGcKbjOHyyLDMYJWxrX56SL

How do I edit these pages without breaking them?


I prefer to use what was pre-designed. As mentioned earlier, I tried to edit using the default editor and it still breaks the page. Downloaded Gutenberg but nothing changed: https://sazanbeauty.com/home-4/

You don’t have to download anything, Gutenberg is included with the WP installation. It seems that the page is using an incorrect page template, please switch to Fullwidth w/o Title. Please read through the tutorial above, there is a mention how to change the page template.

That worked, thank you!

Hi I will ask for a little help, we are moving the WP site to another domain and I will de-register the BeautySpot theme from the actual domain, and register when ready to the new domain/site.

How to do this?

Thank you


there is nothing to deregister, just install it on a new site/domain and that’s it.


So I must only install WP, install theme, child, plugs etc etc…add the Envato plugin, add Envato Token, then setup and personalize the theme and it will work again without activation process or ask a new activation…right? Great… Thank You

Hi. How are you? Please make it in BeautySpot Posts so that we can exclude categories or that we could select multiple categories instead of just one – https://i.imgur.com/krXgikL.png. Thank you.


I am sorry but I do not have plans for that in the near future. Your best bet is to hire a developer to customize the code for you, for example at studio.envato.com.


How come Author’s Name and Date are disabled?


Please let me know how to enable it.

I am sorry, but that’s not possible without some code modification.

What code can I add to Custom CSS to bring it back up?

That’s not about just CSS, you will have to edit the code of the theme itself. Since code customization is not included in the theme support, you will have to hire a developer for job like this, for example at studio.envato.com

How much would it cost to create an AWeber version of the MailChimp email newsletter plugin for this theme (BuzzBreak)?


I am sorry but I am not available for custom work. You can hire a developer for example at studio.envato.com.


Lubos, hello. How are you? I really hope all is well.

As an idea, very much missing element BeautySpot Products to display products by filter last, best selling, random and other – https://i.imgur.com/LC0huA1.png. Please pay attention to this.

Thank you.


I am sure there are some 3rd party plugins which can do that https://wordpress.org/plugins/


This can be done with Woocommerce Blocks, but changing the structure of the site and design, and for your blocks are ground for the whole site, everything can be configured flexibly.

You can also do this with BeautySpot Posts and display the latest products or random, or you can display articles by tags, not only by category.

I don’t insist, it’s just that if you customize it for Woo, then the customers will like it.

I really appreciate your help and your wonderful product. I wish you to create new products and plugins.

I currently do not have plans for that, but thanks for your feedback!