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Hello. I have bought your theme BeautySpot for my website on Wordpress. My website is in Russian only. There’s a problem in Safari browser with displaying the texts in Russian. Could you please correct it or advise me what to do? I’ve attached some screenshots to the letter.



I am sorry but your support has expired. Please renew it (under your ThemeForest account / Downloads) if you need my assistance.



bobdmb Purchased

Hello Lubos, I have my website running since April ‘16 and continually updated wordpress but not the theme. I am running 2.0.0. Now I updated to Wordpress 5.0 and it broke visual composer. When trying to update the theme, it will completely break my site. Are you offering paid support to update my site so it keeps running on WP5 and the current theme version? Thank you.


please read this first. You can find the latest version of 2.x branch in the full package in the Legacy folder. Read this to learn on how to update WPBakery Page Builder.

Please note that your support has expired. Please renew your support (under your ThemeForest account / Download) if you need additional assistance from me. However, I do not offer installation, customization or maintenance services. I can give you some advices if needed though.


I have the theme installed and get no theme options and no demo importer displayed! LSVR Framework is installed and also Redux Framework I have installed by hand! Both do not help! Please help

As I said, we have 100th websites and no one has ever done anything like them! I understand you very well

Good for you!

Bad for their service

Hi Kudos, there are problems with LSVR Elements and LSVR Framework. The LSVR Elements enabled site takes a long time to load and when I turn it off, then everything is fine. Please take a look.


Thank you.

Again, you are the only one who is reporting this, so it is not the case that it works good just for me. If you ned more assistance then please renew your support.

I don’t need additional support and you should learn to say thank you for the fact that your customers report problems with your products, and not any other products.

I recommend your theme to my friends and some even bought it. Also, I am also your buyer and I think that I do not owe you anything. Of course, when there are serious problems that we cannot handle, I will turn to you. Thank you for your help.

So far it is not at all clear the issue is really caused directly by the theme/plugin itself. Maybe there really is an issue in the code, but it is also possible there is issue on your server. Maybe some sort of plugin conflict or anything. The bottomline is that if you want me to help you with it then you are literally asking for a support. However if you reported it just as heads up and do not expect any immediate action form me then of course thank you. If I get more reports like this then I will surely will be taking a better look at it.

BTW, where did I said that you owe me something? If you do not want to extend the support then do not do it.

Hi, I had used your theme back in 2014 and it was a gorgeous theme – a cut above the standard so thank you! Ii recently updated wordpress with an older version of your theme. I also tried to update the theme but the site wasnt at all right, so i reverted to the old theme.

Afterwards the treatments page of the site which in the editor still has the page builder shortcodes, seems to preview a blog with no posts anytime i go to view page. this is also coming up now in the menu.

I cant fathom it as the editor looks correct but the viewed page is an empty blog? any idea? https://www.mimisbeautyroom.ie/services/

hi, apologies i sorted this by copying content into new page. There do seem to be issues now with page builder though. E.g. if i delete twitter handle on team member there comes up with error messages, if i use divider it doesnt appear and if i move over row, it doesnt seem to work – it’s greyed out nor can i add any elements to it? is this all because the theme needs to be updated?


if you are running old version of the theme, read this first.

If you are running 2.x branch, you can still update to its latest version. Just download the full theme package, unzip it and install beautyspot.zip from the Legacy folder.

I assume that by page builder you mean WPBakery Page Builder, right? If so, you should also update it as well, here is how. You should also install the Classic Editor plugin, since the older version of the theme was not really tested with the new WordPress block editor (Gutenberg).


Is there way to create pop up contact form like it was in v2.0?


not without some 3rd party plugin or custom coding.


Hello First of all I found your theme successful thanks. My problem is that when I do color management I just want the first color link of the background that this site does not affect other colors of the site. How can I do that?

For example: i want change color of header backround akcent1 but I don’t want it to change color elsewhere. Only in header

Use this CSS:

.header__overlay {
background-color: #FF0000;
background-image: linear-gradient( to bottom, #0000FF, #FF0000 );

Just change ”#0000FF” and ”#FF0000” to any colors you like.

Right! Thank you

Hello How can i change “services url” ?


under Settings / Permalinks.


Right, thank you


With what code can I make black icons, text and social media icons here(header bottom)?



try this:

.header-contact a,
.header-social__item-link { color: #000; }


With: .header-contact dt {

Thank you


beesyst Purchased

Lubos, hello.

Can you add the ability to leave comments in the Testimonials plugin?

Thank you.


some custom coding would be required for that.

Your support has expired, please renew it under your ThemeForest account / Downloads if you need my assistance.



beesyst Purchased

Thank you, Lubos. This is not critical, but it would be very good to implement.

Also, maybe you can implement related blog posts in the template? Many templates that I bought have this feature built in. Maybe you can think about it, if time permits. Thank you in advance.

Sure, maybe in the future.

How do I enable automatic slider switching?


edit the LSVR Slides element and set the Autoplay option.


Thanks but i cant see Autoplay option. Where is it?

Edit your page which contains the slider and click on LSVR Slides element.

How can i active WP Bakery?


you mean how to activate its license? You don’t have to do that to use it with the theme. Read more about bundled premium plugins here please.

If you are asking just how to install it, then you will find it in the full package / Plugins folder (js_composer.zip).


I want “add template” on Wp Bakery and WP Bakery want licence code for this

I am sorry but bundled premium plugins do not come with licenses. This is the same for all themes on ThemeForest. Here is the more info.

Hi, is support through the comments as suggested in the support tab of the theme info? If so, i was hoping to find out if it’s possible to change the pink/blue overlay on the left hand side.

From looking at documentation this seems to be covered under custom skin, but i cant seem to find the corresponding text in the default.css file. Is it possible that the new version of the theme makes this easier? in which i might upgrade first and then come back to change skin?


yes, this is the right place for support questions.

What version of the theme are you using?


Hello Why do I see my site corrupt? I didn’t do anything www.seciltasdemir.com

Again, try to re-create your home page. Go to admin, edit your home page, remove all elements and add them again, or create a new page, insert all elements and set it as homepage. This has nothing to do with the theme files.

I have tried many times but absolutely can not solve. Could you throw the shortcodes of the theme’s demo homepage?

Have you did it via WPBakery editor? I do not have ready to paste shortcodes for the home demo because it was built using the Gutenberg editor. But you can find the general list of shortcodes here.

However, it would be MUCH better idea to either use the default WP block editor or the Elementor plugin instead. Using the raw shortcodes is more like last-resort option.

But again, even the WPBakery works fine on my end, so there must be something wrong on your end. If you prefer working with WPBakery I would advice you to spend more time on investigating what is causing this issue. Make sure the WP and all the plugins are up to date, that you are using WPBakery 6.0.5, etc. If you haven’t had this issue few days ago, then there must be some logical explanation why it is happening now.

Hello How can i active services list? https://ibb.co/rmwWzWJ


create a new sidebar under Appearance / Customize / Custom Sidebars, then go to Appearance / Widgets and add a LSVR Services widget into this new sidebar, then go to Appearance / Customize / Services and assign this new sidebar as a detail page sidebar.