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Wow this one is so cool and unique, i really like it. Good luck :)


Great touches, original work.
Wish you a lot of sales,
Kind Regards,

Thank you

Wooooooooooow… Really beautiful. Animations are awesome, design is cool! Good luck with sales :)


Nice work! Good luck!


There are a “day version”?

Hi, no. Have a good day

Nice job, glws :)


Hi.. How do I add more teachers? There is only room for three teachers..

Hi, by default it’s possible to publish only 3 persons. In next update we will make possible more items. At the moment you can manualy add the items. Open the file template-about.php to add the items in the template. And onep the file aletheme/config.php to add more fields in Admin panel. In the files you will find examples how to add. Have a good day

Hi, really beautiful theme. It’s really what i’m looking for. It’s difficult to find some original theme for childrens. Is it optimized for mobile and tablette ? if yes i will buy it.Thanks.

Hi, sure, it is full responsive and compatible with mobile devices. You can test it on your ipad or mobile, just remove the themeforest iframe to load the original version and it will show the mobile version. Have a good day

Wow what a theme. Good job. Are you considering adding WooCommerce support? Would purchase if so :)

Hi, Thanks. I don’t know, may be in the next updates.I’m not sure. Have a good day.

Hi, can i easely insert some plug in or widget like music player or video player ? As musician wordpres theme.It’s very important with childrens. Thanks.

Hi, sure, the theme is compatible with all popylar plugins, and it should work with all plugins. Have a good day

Hi, is it easy to change the color theme? default demo is light text color on dark but i need the usual light background or theme. Thanks

Hi, the theme doesn’t have this option. You can change source css files if you need. But in Admin panel you don’t have the option to change colors. Have a good day

Ok, thanks. Such a good theme from the appearance :(

Thanks. Have a good day

Finally!! I’ve been looking for something like this. Love it!! Great job! ;D

Have a good day

Hi, I just bought this thems. Great work! I wanted to ask … where is the psd file with layout? :) I was sure it would be in the package… :(

Hi, the PSD is no included. But i can send it via email if you need. Contact me by personal message form. Have a good day

OK, thx! :)

Have a good day

I just purchased the Bebe theme. I really need the PSD file for this theme. I need to change many of the colors. I have contacted you by personal message form about this also. Thanks.

The link/page in your comment above is the Contact form that I have been using. I have submitted the form 4 times at this point. I guess… for some reason, you are not receiving these submissions. ?? I have looked through your WP theme, docs and receipt. I do not see your email address. ?? Can you please tell me which document has your email address? Thanks.

AH!!!! I found your email address! Emailing you now!

replied b\via email. Have a good day

Hi, Can I simply add a e-commerce page on this? As the client wants to sell kids products.


Hi, the theme is not compatible with woocommerce by default. If you have some skills in programing you can easy integrate it with woocommerce. Have a good day

I need to have the home page “Latest News” articles to have a read more link at the bottom of the text – where do I add that to the code – is it on the page-home.php page? What do i add to make that show up?

Hi, yes, it’s the page-home.php file. You need to add the_permalink(); to create a read more link. Have a good day

Slider doesn’t work. In addition to this there are two slides labeled sneak peek but can’t be deleted. I even tried creating a new one without any luck. Thoughts?

I did a fresh install of wordpress then did a wordpress imported with the xml file you have included in the theme download.

Hi, probably you imported twice the xml and it creaded more copies of sneak-peak. (The sneak peek is a default slide and can’t be removed). You should create a new slider and add some images, after copy the slug and paste it in theme options panel -> Slug field. That’s all. Have a good day


How do I add or change Map code?

Hi, just use the address line. That’s all, the map will be generated automaticaly. Have a good day