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Hi, in chrome the room’s price is not visible. It works only with a single photo per gallery. thank you.

I’m sorry. i’ve lost an /ul

How can I add this loop effect? How can I change calendar language and date format?

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Hi, I bought your “Bed & Breakfast – Hotel Landing Page” and I have a problem I would create a thank you page to track access to Google Analytics. How can I do? Thank you

Please contact support if you need more help with that issue.

can we use this with http://www.phptravels.com script ?

It’s possible, although it would probably require several hours of work to do that. Feel free to request custom programming service via email.

demo site not working

Hello, I’m trying to add adults and children field (as a dropdown menu just as the roomtype) but for some reason the class is not working when I try to move it after the dates fields. Alsol the php mail does not send me the e-mail to the specify address, is there any support for this? please help!

Hi there, I just purchased this template, it’s perfect for my requirements.

Are you aware that on a Mac running Yosemite 10.10.3 using Safari 8.0.6 or Chrome 43.0.2357.81 and a PC running Windows 8.1 using IE 11.0.9600 and Chrome 43.0.2357.81, the smaller responsive layouts don’t work correctly with the text not being centred on the page.

Any ideas how to fix this? I can send you screenshots of your LIVE preview site not working if you want.

Brilliant template though, all I need now is to fix this problem.


I should qualify the above statement with the fact that the MacBook used above is a retina version. I believe that may be the problem. When I use a standard PC and not bootcamp the web pages are okay.

demo page is not found!

The Live Preview link takes to spam and phishing sites!!!