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Good luck with sales mate! :)

Thanks a million.

Great stuff … you just stole my idea for template :-)

Damn mind readers :-)

Keep’em coming – Cheers

Great minds run in the same gutters :)

Neat work , congrats :)

Whenever I click any of the form fields and book button the select room type comes up. Can’t seem to get passed the selct room type. using ie9.

Awesome template, glws mate! ;)

Hi, Just purchased this morning and have website setup already and it looks well but two issues! The booking menu form at the top of the page does not seem to be sending the emails to me and in Internet Explorer 9 the booking form does not work very well every time I click on the date form or the email form the choose a room menu pops up. not sure why this is any help welcome!

Hi, and thanks for purchasing the template! We’re looking into IE9 issue right now.

Great work, but I see some issues in demo in Chrome. It seems second photo preview appears sometimes below the room photos. Here is a screencast: http://www.screenr.com/11y8

Thanks for spotting that. We’ll issue an update soon.

I saw that happen in firefox as well with the preview thought it was just me. Is the php mailer working for everyone? doesnt seem to send emails for me.

Got the Mailer working you need to edit the mailer.php file to put in your email address , no harm putting this into the documentation or you will get loads of booking to your own email lol

Hello, and many thanks for purchasing this template! Try looking for “Configuring Booking Form” in the documentation, everything is described there.


Congrats for the template, it is great. I would need your help to change the date format. I need it to appear as DD/MM/YY

I also have the issue in Chrome, second photo preview appear below as Vladimir spotted.


Hello. Please send an email to support@webdesignpla.net with your customization request and website details.

When I try to install this Theme, I get this error “The package could not be installed. The theme is missing the style.css stylesheet” and then “Theme install failed”

I tried both Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox with same result.

Do you know the problem … ?

Regards Gudm. Th. Egilsson

Hello! This is a standalone HTML template, not a WordPress theme (hence the low price).

hello, excellent template! I have a problem with pictures: when clicking the + symbol to zoom, the zoomed picture does not appear, just an empty windows saying BIG IMAGE . Can you suggest which format to upload in order to avoid this problem?

Hi, love the template! I added several packages to the booking dropdown menu, and the menu once it reaches the content div is hidden behind the content area. Just wondering if you could help me fix this. Thank you very much. Image http://www.use.com/dfb82d4089927662a381

Hi, the booking menu form at the top of the page does not work in Internet Explorer 9.

Hi, figured out the css edit on my own. I’m trying to change the booking form now from “To” to a “Time” text field. I have the field change on the form but it’s not sending me the time that I input. Thank you very much.

Also like Linux70, I just tested the booking form in IE10 and the dropdown menu pops up whenever you try to fill in the other fields. I could really use a fix asap. Thank you!


I recently bought your template. It seems that the theme is not working properly for IE8, IE9 and Firefox. I have problems with the image sliders and thumbnails on the main page. And with the dropdown from the booking form as well (it pops up when you try to fill the other fields, ). More or less what the others are commenting. Try: http://7moons.es/

I have screenshots available. Do you have a solution for me? Thanks and best regards, César