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very nice work, awesome ! :)

Thank you.

amazing design :) nice work

Thanks ;)

Hi zeljic, Nice work man, i have a question: How can i increase the number of slides to 5 ??

I’ll let you know when I finish.

Uploaded. I created three different templates with 3, 4 and 5 slides. But you can customize number of slides only with HTML. (Read documentation ;) )

Thank you so much zeljic :chuckle:


Nice coming soon page ! Just have a question : how can i change your images (magic stick, bubble etc …) ?

We use “Awesome Font”, check this:


How hard would be to connect the subscription form to mailchimp for example?

Never did such things, and I’m interested in buying this Coming soon page. Congrats on the design :)

Hi, thanks.
So, you can use “Import feature on mailchimp”. Everything about that you can read here How do I import my list?

Oh sorry, I think I didn’t make my self understood. I wanted to know, how hard would be to send the information from that Email Text form to MailChimp thru their API :)

I never worked directly with MailChimp API. I will explain you how this script works. So, when you submit form, PHP script will save email address in “text storage” file. And you can import that storage into MailChimp. I don’t know how MailChimp works, but if you need direct submit to MailChimp, I think this script is not good for you.
Anyway, thanks for interesting.

I’m getting errors when trying to install this theme. Is there a video somewhere in the documentation to show me how? Usually all you’d have to do is upload it but it says the CSS sheet is missing . Having a hard time transferring files

Hi, “Bee Coming Soon Page” is not WordPress theme/plugin. It is Simple HTML template. You don’t need Wordpress to show this template. Just upload it on server.

Hello zeljic,

Can i change the colour to blue (like in your Preview) or I need Ruby for this?

Thanks, Gabriel

Hi, yes you can, at location assets/css/ are several .css files. One of them is blue. Try with that file in your index.html file.

Hello zeljic,

Thanks for your quick reply! :)

Kind regards, Gabriel