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Great theme! GLWS!:)

Thank you!

Amazing theme :)

Thank you!

Looks great, friends ; good luck with sales.
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Thank you!

Buyer of Ace-Theme

Important note!!

Please notice that mopc76 doesn’t update his themes. The Ace-Theme was not updated since 27 September 2013.


we do update themes, if it’s needed (if there are some bugs or some new features which we want to add). Why don’t you say about MetroStyle or Expo18 themes? They were updated in January. At the moment there are no bugs noticed with Ace theme, and there are no new features that we want to add to this theme, so there is no update.

@Phillipp01 … Doesn’t update and still he has a 4.71 out of 5 star rating. That means he got good stuff otherwise people will complain. This theme looks great. GLWS mate!

Thank you, mate!

Another Great theme ! GLWS :)

It is a wonderful product, love to see this. The graphics are very good. Well done.

Nice Theme! GLWS ;)

Thank you very much for your nice comments!

nice theme but i cannot post comments on the demo, i want to see the thread style.. thanks.

Does this theme support WooCommerce?

Thanks! Great looking— GLWS!

Not yet. But we are going to add WooCommerce support in a week or two. Stay tuned :)

Thank you!

Beautiful job mate! :)

Thanks a lot! :)

Well, nice clear theme, I love this style and design. But when I thought to buy the ACE theme, I asked about of the one feature of that theme: dear Author, do you remember my question? It happened 5 months ago!

When I asked some similar deal from muffingroup, I have got the decision and the necessary update of theme from them in a few days (here is the link to my question concerning of the BRETHEON theme).

See difference..

As I follow all Ace/Metrostyle discussions, I can say, these mopc76’s themes are strong, power and stable products here. Hope, the new “baby” (BEEP theme) will continue their high-quality standard. But as potential buyer, I would like to see more attention from author to the simple customer’ inquires.


thank you very much for feedback! Unfortunately sometimes it’s hard to pay attention to all wishes, but we do our best to become better.

Great theme! I love it!

Thank you!

Nice theme but no page builder .-( Why? Is it tested and will it work with VC? Can I build my own layout (landing page like in demo) with VC?


for some reasons we decided to release this theme without page builder, but during brief test with “WPBakery Visual Composer” plugin we haven’t found any issues, so basically it should work fine if you install it.

Great work, glws ;)

Thank you!

Quick 2 ?s:

1. On this blog page: – can the meta info. be removed (categories and comments)

2. With the first post seen on this page (Great and Creative Post with Masonry Gallery) – can this image size be maintained in the individual post page – or maybe even a bit smaller. I want to keep the images very small – and place a lot of content on most of the individual post page. I know this post is really a gallery – but I want to keep only 1 image on the individual post page and have most of the page devoted to content from the editor.


Also, I just noticed that you use Raleway font in some of your content – one of my favorites! Does this come with the demo content? And as far as the ?s above – would this be an easier task to make the portfolio work like this instead of the blog?


1. Yes, it’s possible to remove meta info via theme options (see the screenshot: ). As for the comments – if comments are disabled for posts – comments icon disappear from the meta automatically.

2. Individual post page with a single image (Image format) looks this way: i.e. an image block is located before the content and it’s not a small block which is left aligned. If you need to place there a small left aligned image I can suggest you to use “Standard” post format, set a featured image for this post (in this case featured image will be shown on the blog page, but not on the individual page) and insert an image directly into the post content in the place you desire.

As for the font: yes, we use Raleway in the demo, it was included via Google.Fonts ( ) so everyone can use it, as theme supports inclusion of any font from Google.Fonts directory.

As for the portfolio, please, check out my answer about the blog above – probably it’s what you need.

Does this theme have a visual composer or does the ‘Front-End Live Customizer’ work in a similar way?


there is no visual composer for pages in the theme, but the theme provides visual interface for shortcodes generator. As for the ‘Front-End Live Customizer’ – that means support of “Appearance – Customize” feature of the WordPress, you can change some theme options (overall/header layout, colors, etc.) via WordPress Customizer and see the preview live.

hoho..i love it :D

Thanks a lot! :)