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Thank you, mate! :)

Hi Vlad & Alex, great work!

This theme will be a success :)


Thank you, mate! :)

Hello, Do you plane to add a megamenu ? Thank you

Hello, at the moment we don’t have such plans, but we will consider it.

Great theme…

At first glance it looked like you’re using Visual Composer but I realize you don’t – how can I make different homepage and page layouts? Is there endless possibilities or fixed layouts? Is it done by shortcodes?

Cheers Fredrik

Hi Fredrik,

it’s all made by shortcodes (e.g. shortcode for full width section with custom background, shortcode for recent works, shortcode for button, etc.), so you can use any block and combinations. All homepage examples in the demo website are acutally simple pages with a shortcodes. There is a visual interface for shortcodes generator, but no visual composer for the page itself.

Alright, thanks!

Very neat and clean. Well done!

:) Thank you very much!

Nice clean theme! Awesome ;)

Thank you ninzio :)

Bought this theme and installed on a fresh install of WordPress. I installed all required plugins and the demo content. I get this error when visiting pages:

Fatal error: Call to undefined function mb_detect_encoding() in /home/wpguru/public_html/wp-content/plugins/olevmedia-shortcodes/libraries/simple_html_dom.php on line 1240

Please advise how to fix this.


Update: It’s not all pages but the home page and a few others.

When I remove the content from the home page it loads without the error, so it seems to be related to a shortcode.


this error is caused by PHP because the extension “mbstring” is either not installed or not active on your web hosting. Please, contact you web hosting support and try to figure out how to enable this extension for PHP since it’s deactivated by default.

Meantime, to avoid this error while this extension in not active, don’t use “Logos” shortcode.

Thanks for the info. I don’t plan on using the Logos shortcode so it won’t be a problem. Thanks.

Just installed demo—looks great. On the blog page: – I want to remove the comments meta data – and move the text up – is there some html custom code to put in that would work – or could you help me with this perhaps? Thanks for any direction you could give.


there are two ways:

1. just disable comments for posts under “Theme Options – Comments”

2. If you want to preserve comments on the single pages and just remove an icon on the blog page – add this code into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS” field:
.blogroll .post-meta {
this code will hide all meta data on the blog page, even if it’s not chosen under “Theme Options – Blog options”.

Hi, thanks for this good theme, i´ve a problem with “contact us” page, the form make me a fatal error and show this:

[contact-form id=”581” title=”Simple form 1”]

what is the problem, in your demo web work ok.


see Shortcodes (green plus button in the editor) – Icons – Choose “vimeo-square” icon. Is that what you need?

thanks a lot, now run good, best post-service!!

Great, thank you! :)

Pre-Purchase question?

Are all the colors customizable or are we stuck with the 8 preset color themes that are in the demo


all colors are customizable via color pickers, so colors are unlimited.

Great theme, I am so excited to build the website off this theme! Thank you very much for your work, everything works as I expected!

I took a look through your themes and comments and noticed that you provide a strong support, so I hope you will help me with my question:

I see an option for every page to choose page title layout (color, background, margins) – it’s perfect, but I also see an option “Default” for page title layout. Can I customize the default layout so it’s applied for all pages by default?


thank you for such a feedback!

As for your question – sure, you can set Default Page Title Layout for all pages under this section: “Theme Options – Page Titles”

Might purchase this, if a mega menu will be added. Has a nice, clean design.


thank you for feedback, we will consider adding this feature.

That would be appreciated. Theme purchased.

Sorry for posting these ?s here – created acct. and logged into support forum, but couldn’t see how to post new topic. Anyway just a few more ?s: 1. Not sure if you can help with this one, but on my hope page: – you can see I have only 1 Layer Slider that I want for my home page. I have inserted the text that I want, and I’ll change the image later. But as you see, the text disappears after a few seconds, which I know is controlled by the slider. Do you know which setting I have to change to just keep the text up there – as this is my only slider? Just wondering if you were familiar with this stuff. 2. Below each entry on the blog list here: – you see the ‘Read more’. How can I change this to ‘View course details’? I’m just not sure where to go. 3. Also, if you view this same page on a smartphone, you will see the sidebar appear after the main page content. Is there a way to make the sidebar appear first, then the content? The sidebar contains the shopping cart and course categories – and I want people to see this first without scrolling through the entire page content. Thanks for all your great help!


1. Try this: for each layer which you want to keep go to “Transition” tab and in the section “Transition out” set value “0” in the “Show until” field.

2. This can be changed only in the theme files: open file includes/post-standard-footer.php, line 66:
the_content( __('Read more', 'om_theme') );
you can change it here. Also, open file functions.php, lines 114-137, find there “Read more” text (4 times) and replace it there too.

3. Unfortunately there is no possibility to do it. HTML markup needs to be changed to achieve it, but it requires too many changes.


I’m using your METRO Theme, can I switch easily to this new theme?

It looks great!

Best, AB


it’s not fully backward compatible with MetroStyle Theme. So you will need to go through posts/pages and review their settings. Please, write us via contact form ( ) I’ll provide you some additional information.

Hello I just LOVE LOVE your theme! Quick question? Is there a way to make the header menu / and the top menu’s background a separate color from the header background ? Thank you so much! Any advice in the right direction would be AWESOME!

Well, could you please make a screenshot of the issue, as I don’t see any issues with my IE11:


unfortunately currently I can’t reproduce this issue on my side. I’ve checked in IE11 with a couple of computer around me – and it works fine. Please, proceed to our support forum ( ) with this issue (please, create a topic to keep in touch) and for any further issues. Meantime just try to remove an animation from this block as a temporary solution.


I’m interesting in purchasing this theme. I have a question: can I create a menu for my paid members only? Basically my site will have two set of menus: one for visitors and one for logged in users.


Can you confirm it would work with that plugin? I used that plugin with the other theme that I purchased and it didn’t work. Thanks!

Yes, just checked it briefly and it works fine.

Anyway, I can guide you how to change few lines of code in the theme files to add a possibility to display alternative menu for logged in users without the plugin. If this way will do for you, please, post a query on our support forum ( ) upon purchase and I’ll help you with it.

wow, amazing animations, good luck

Thank you!

Hello! I tried to login to your support system but when I entered my licence I am getting back an error saying that it is “already in the database”.

Anyways, great theme! I am having a problem however – the main logo and embedded Vimeos are not responsive on mobile. Can you help?

Thank you in advance for your help.

PS – For those of you who are worried about not visual composer, you can purchase the VC Wordpress Bakery separately – I have installed it and haven’t had any issues yet.


sorry for the issue with logo, to fix it add this code into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS”:
.logo-box {
this fix also will be added with the next theme update.

As for the video: do you mean the video on this page ? If so, just insert the video via “Video Responsive Box” shortcode and it will become ok.

Are you planning on Gravity Forms and WooCommerce support?


we are working on WooCommerce support at the moment, I suppose there will be an update in a few days and the theme become WooCommerce ready. As for the Gravity Forms – probably we will consider it with further updates.