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Sorry, new at here. I just purchase the theme but why I fail to installed the plugin for layerslide from your zip file?


do you mean you get an error when trying to install this plugin using Theme`s plugin installator (Appearance – Install Plugins)? It should work fine, but if it doesn’t, please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll take a look and try to figure out the problem.

Can a click-to-call phone No be added to the header for mobile visitors?

Would the phone number syntax go where it says…. “Add your own text here. Bring your website to the new level with this theme” ?

Or would i need to edit the header php file?

This string can be edited via Theme Options, no need to edit php file, and sure you can use a phone number syntax there.

ok thats great thanks

Hi Guys

Nice theme, I have purchased Metro in the past. So a couple of pre-purchase questions.

1. What icon library do you use. Font Awesome?

2. Can the tabs also be vertical. I am more than lightly gonna need vertical tabs

Thanks in advance for your quick response. Hoey


1. Correctly. Font Awesome.

2. Unfortuantely there is no vertical mode for tabs available.

Do you have or intend to produce anymore home page templates? It would surely help people visualise the potential of the theme

Actually there are unlimited homepage layouts available. All homepages in the demo – are just examples, which created using shortcodes. So you can use any shortcodes on the homepage and build your own layout. But I suppose we will add more examples in the demo, thank you.

That would be excellent. It really helps to visualise the potential

On the 4 column example here:

How many of those colourful icons are included with the theme?

ok cheers

Thanks for answering all my questions guys, I’ve done a fair bit of research to find a new theme and this has ticked all the boxes. You’ve got yourself another customer :) Purchased!

Thank you, we are pleased, that you chose us! :)

Pre-sale notification : We can’t enlarge images on the ipad mini retina or iphone 5 ?!! Impossible to do that !! example here : Home / Works / Portfolio / textile design

Your Beep theme is really nice ! Just an other question : the position of the menu is not fixed at the top on Ipad mini retina. Is it possible to fix it ?! Thank you and keep up the great work !


as for enlarge – the click to enlarge images was disabled for touch devices, but recently we changed it and currently the update of the theme is awaiting ThemeForest moderation. Once it’s approved we will update the demo and the click to enlarge on touch devices will work.

As for the fixed at the top menu – this feature is disabled for mobile devices for better perfomance. At the moment we don’t have plans to enable it.

I’ve been working with Beep! for a few weeks – I like it very much. I’m working on another site, though – and would like to use tables that are similar to what you offer in your theme. May I ask you which plugin you use for your regular tables – found at the bottom of this page: ? Or is it custom? Thanks.


these styles of tables are a part of the theme, not plugin. You can use our plugin “Olevmedia Shortcodes” separately, but it provides just one regular table style. Only in combination with Beep! theme it offers three styles.

I am installing the theme new release 1.1 and getting a blank white screen after activating.

I have tested on a new wordpress instance with NO plugins installed

I have increased PHP and WP memory size to 128M

The file was uploaded via SFTP, all files uploaded successfully.

Any options here? Using latest wordpress version.


it’s quite weird, please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll take a look and try to figure out the problem.

Just popping by to say that this theme is absolutely amazing.

Even without a drag and drop page editor, building layouts is super quick and intuitive. The portfolio settings for each page are the best i have ever seen in a theme – the possibility to have the media fit 1/3, 1/2, 2/3 or full width makes it very versatile.

Absolutely love it, finishing my first project now and will definitely purchase additional licences in the near future!

A well deserved 5-star rating! :-)

Thank you very much for your words, we are very pleased! :)

Hi, very nice theme! Just a short question. What I need is a customer specific header and menu bar (with tabs and they have to be integrated as graphics) that looks like a scribble the customer gave us. Is it possible to manage your theme like this with custom css? Do I need other plugins, e.g. to handle the look&feel of the menu? Cheers, Rainer


there is no possibility to make these changes via “Theme options”. I.e. there is no option to integrate graphics menu or choose the layout of the header which differ from shown in the demo. But sure it can be achieved by customizing theme files. But you will need to change much code and you should have some PHP/HTML/CSS skills to do it, so, it’s your decision are you able to do it or not.

I am happier then a tornado in a trailer park! Best purchase ever! 5 GIANT stars :D

That’s great! Thank you very much for feedback! :)

Needless to say, this theme just blows my head out, dude! Nice piece of art! I have just one question. I need a sign in form on home (possible on header) and a sign up next to it. Is it hard to implement? Can you help me with it?



unfortunately there is no native shortcode or something like this for sing in form, but I suppose you can use some plugin to implement it.

Hi, Do you have a page or short code for testimonials?


unfortunately there is no testimonials feature in the theme. We will consider it with further theme updates and probably add such a feature.

Hey! very nice theme. I really interested to your theme and want to buy it. but is there any RTL support on this theme?

thanks :)

Hi, thank you! Unfortunately there is no RTL support on this theme at the moment, but I suppose we will add it with further theme updates.

This is THE BEST THEME EVER!! I have used many themes from different platforms, some FREE but most of them I have paid for…and this one just surpasses them all. Thank you

Thank you very much for your words :)

Hello!!! How do I remove the fading on the drop down menu? some people don’t wait for the drop down menu to load..


to remove fading – open file js/custom.js, line 195, remove the block:
if(jQuery('html').hasClass('no-touch')) {
        if(!jQuery(this).parent().hasClass('omHover')) {
        var i=0;
also, if you want to reduce the delay before menu drop down – line 182
delay: 500, 
change the delay value.

Hello, great theme.

I’m having an issue with the portfolio. Each portfolio shows 404 Page not found after publishing. (Figured this one out)

I tried searching the forum but it says my purchase code is already in the database. (need help on this issue?)



please, try this – navigate to “Settings – Permalinks” and click “Save changes” to rewrite rules. Probably it could help. If it doesn’t, please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

As for the forum – also, write us via contact form and provide your username on our support forum, we will check what’s wrong.

Hi, if I buy a theme, is it possible to install it first on one domain just for my testing and then uninstall it from this domain and install it on another domain where I will use it? So I just want to test it first on another “testing” domain, because I won’t ruin my existing webpage in case I find out it doesn’t really suits my needs.



yes, it’s possible.

I purchased the theme, the images are not fitting in slider. No matter how i resize these images, it always crop it and show in zoom.


please, write us via contact form ( ) and provide temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll take a look and try to help you.

Hi…Awesome Theme! I am currently loading the demo content. Is it awkward for it to take more than 30 minutes to import? I’m worried its stuck, but afraid to abort the import. I’ve been sitting at 51/97 for about 20 of the 30 minutes…..

Please, write us via contact form ( ) provide us your website URL and temporary access to WP-admin, I’ll try to figure out the problem.

Got it! Weird enough…I just installed the demo without the files and it shows as if I installed the demo with the media files…all in all…I’m Uber Happy because all of the demo content (media and all) seems to be showing! Thanks so much!!

Probably you’ve got 51 files of 97 and see them, but nevertheless I suppose it’s enough for the demo.