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On this page you are using full width but you have sections which are not displaying as full width (company ratings, pricing table etc) which appear to wrapped in a div called container with a width of 1200px

How do I add that div as I cannot find a shortcode which does this or do I need to manually add the div each time I want the content to come back down from full width?


[full_width_section] shortcodes should not be nested. Please, try something like this:


[rev_slider slider_name]

[one_fourth][box title="Box 1" icon="money" icon_style="border" icon_shape="circle" align="center"]Box 1 text[/box][/one_fourth]

[full_width_section color="#ffffff"]
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Also, if you use [one_fourth] shortcode – you should have four columns and the last must be [one_fourth_last]...[/one_fourth_last]

That has worked thanks – I did have four [one_fourth] but didn’t want to make the code longer than needed to show what I was doing so truncated it for simplicity sake

I’m going to be using call tracking on my site and need to be able to add some javascript to the header/footer which will contain a phone number pulled in from a resource pool.

Am I able to add this javascript without issues? Thanks

thats great thanks

oh I forgot to ask. Would it be possible to add the javascript containing the phone number to the call to action element at the bottom of the home page? i.e. The parallax section that says Call us today at…..

I suppose the best way is just to insert the code and check.

Hi there! congratulations for the theme, is very complete!! Just a couple of pre purchased questions… is it possible to use a background pattern for the header? as well as background image for a fullwidth page as it is in the “portfolio example”? also, can i remove the little arrows from the menu buttons? Thank you very much for your answer! María


1. For the website header via Theme Options you can set only the color, but via short CSS custom code you can specify any custom img pattern.

2. You can set any image for background within “Full width section” shortcode on the page (an in the “portfolio example”)

3. Arrows from the menu can be removed via Theme Options.

Thank you!! this is the one!

Hi, is it possible: 1. to use icons in header menu (e.g. a “House” icon instead of text “Home”? 2. to have a fullwidth submenus (items of submenu are spread below all items of a parent menu) – if you know what I mean?



unfortunately there are no such features in the theme. Probably they will be added with the future theme updates, stay tuned!

Hi mopc76,

Is it possible to keep the upper part of the page (from top to the end of the slider) and just place a simple grid (with WooCommerce) of products below that without any text or information (just pictures) like this Big Cartel shop did:

Thank you in advance


it can be made to looks like this:

Any plans to include a testimonial shortcode guys? I’m just looking to have a testimonial on my home page with some big speech marks around it. Cheers

excellent news!! thanks very much :)



Hi! I just purchased this theme, and had two quick questions.

1) I didn’t see any, but was wondering if you had Layered PSD files for the theme?

2) Is it possible to stop the motion of the content “flying in” when the main page loads?


Hi, thank you for purchase!

1) Unfortunately there are no PSD files (the theme layout was changed many times while developing, so the initial PSD files are far from the result)

2) Yes, just remove [animation] shortcodes which wrap some blocks.

Hello… I just got to setting up your theme for a client and I notice that the menu and the social icons on my version are centered and don’t look like your demo with copyright on left and menu/social on right. Sorry if I missed something but where do I set this so it looks like your demo? Thanks in advance.


please, check an option “Theme Options – Layout – Header layout”. If it doesn’t help you, please, provide me a link to the website, I’ll take a look and try to figure out the problem.

Great I found it, don’t know why I didn’t see it the first time. One last question please… is there any reason why my text on the Layer Slider wouldn’t be showing up? In the preview area I can see my text (titles) on Layer #1 but on the actual homepage there is nothing just the image.

Probably there is something wrong with “Transition” options of this text layer. Unfortunately I cannot say exactly until I have an access to WP-admin.


I am used to using visual composer for building sites, i like your theme however i need to know if your theme includes some kind of visual builder?


unfortunately the theme does not include visual builder.

Theme looks good. I don’t see any TESTIMONIAL options….shopping for a theme and the customer has a ton of testimonials he needs to be able to easily implement and update.

btw….looks awesome on a smart phone which is very important to me and my clients…

Testimonials feature is added to the theme. We will reflect it in the demo site shortly.

awesome…I hope to book this job today and get to work using this theme right away….

I can’t use hyperlink on the homepage, the links doesn’t work at all as they are not clickable when I insert hyperlink, is there a shortcode for that? how can I get it done, Tnx


please, see this topic on our support forum (you need to register to have an access). Is it your case? If so, you just need to follow the instructions and swap the shortcodes.


1. Trying to update, but it won’t let me install v.1.2.0

2. Can we remove the color overlay hoover effect of images, blog and portfolio items?


Thank you for finding few bugs :) Please, try this code instead of the one I gave above:
.container-100width article > div > p,
.container-100width .ompf-portfolio-single > p,
.container-100width .ompf-portfolio-single {
I hope it helps.

Perfect. This worked. Thanks for the help and the quick attention.

Great! Sorry for these issues.

hello how can i download the icons images


icons provided with the theme are not images, it’s a font:

my template is not working on my site. i uploaded it and imported the dummy data and it’s all broken ?


Server returns an error from LayerSlider plugin “Call to undefined function mb_eregi”, but mb_eregi is a standard PHP function, which should works if it was not disabled.

Looks like your hosting provider has disabled the mbstring extension in your server. They’re not supposed to do that. Please, contact your web hosting support and ask them to make function mb_eregi callable.

Hello! I just LOVE LOVE your theme! Great work! One issue though…The logo isn’t responsive on mobile devices..Its stay huge..How do I fix this?



this issue was fixed with the latest theme update, so, please, update the theme to the latest version or just add this code into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS” field:
.logo-box {


Thank you very much!! :)

Is there documentation for using testimonials? I don’t see anything and have search forums. They are not showing in my website.



we’ve just added testimonials with the latest theme update and unfortunately haven’t added any info about them into the Documentation yet. To use them just add testimonials under “Testimonials” section of WP-admin and insert on the page via “Testimonials” shortcode or “Testimonials” widget.

Aw … ok thanks!

I have another question. How do I change the size of all heads, menu items, and type. I see nothing in the Theme options to do that. Do I have to edit the CSS file? If so, a little disappointing to have to recode after purchasing.

The documentation here is very limited from other themes I’ve worked with. I’ve been on the forums too and don’t find answers. Is there more documentation I should know about than what’s in the folders received.



you can control fonts, font size and line height under “Theme Options – Styling” – scroll down to the “Fonts” section. To change the size you just should choose the “Font scaling” percent and all font sizes on the website will be increased or decreased proportionally.

If you have any other questions we are ready to help you.

I didn’t see that. I will look again. I’m not used to using scaling for fonts but whatever works is fine with me! Thanks for your prompt reply.

Just purchased and installed this theme. WOW! I’ve purchased about 20-30 themes on TF over the past 4 years and this is by far the best and easiest theme to install. Looks very easy to customize so far too.

1 quick question though…I’d like to change the font size and font face of the main menu. Usually that’s an option in Theme Options > Menu. But I don’t see it. :( A little help?

Thanks! :):)


thank you for feedback! :)

As for fonts: some font settings you can find under “Theme Options – Styling” – scroll down to “Fonts” section.

Thanks. But this section at the bottom is universal (base font type, font scaling for all, etc.). I ONLY want to change the size/font type of the navigation text.

To change the font of the navigation text add the code like this into “Theme Options – Extra code blocks – Code block for custom CSS” field:
.primary-menu {

Love this theme! Quick presales q: is there an option to make the menu sticky in mobile?

ps. on your portfolio site, everything looks fantastic, but “We Love White Mouses” should be “Mice” unless you were trying to be ironic?


unfortunately there is no sticky menu option for mobile devices (it was not added for few reasons). As for portfolio, thank you for notice, we’ve overlooked it!

Hi mopc76,

your Theme has a great clear look. I´m interested in use a picture you add to sample content. The picture I mean is based on the url: . Is there any possibility to buy this picture?

Thanks for your support.