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Hello Tanya,

I am having some issues but the urgent one is that even I install the plugins their status doesn’t change to installed. They still remain as uninstalled even the plugin’s folder gets created in the server.

I have checked for the permissions and installed it on my localhost too to see if there is anything wrong with the server but nothing.. I get the same issues when installed locally.

Fine, thank you! Welcome with any other question, if you will have it.

Hello again,

I see format options on the right hand side when adding a new post. But I see no difference in between. How can I use them?

Hello again! In this theme all formats look same. You may naturally use them for your own comfort of categorising posts by format but visual look will not change. Thank you!

Hi I have purchased this item – let me know if you need the purchase code

It appears that the zipped Themeforest folder does not have the folder. I would also like to insert your sample content and I don’t have the xml file to do so.

Could you please advise me?

Thanks in advance,


Hello, thank you. This is the content of the pack uploaded to ThemeForest:

XML (optional) was not included into package. I can resend or you via email or wait till next update.