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Beautiful work :) So many original elements! Good luck!

Many thanks :)

Glad you like it :) But it’s a theme, not a template :)

Wow, beautiful, great work!

Thanks mate :)

It would be nice if not awesome! Good luck with sales :)

adjust the price, and skyrocket your sales :) P.S. Concerning the menu, for my opinion better have the options available without clicking on the list button, just an idea. ;)

Price is set by Envato, not author ;)

And about the menu; if there are more than one sub-menu or a lot of items in sub-menus, then the menu would be awfully tall if they’re all open… If someone wants to have sub-menus opened by default though, then this would be the type of small change that I’m happy to do for a client :)

nice work.. good luck!

A really creative theme and a breath of fresh air!


Thank you! :)


Html Version ?

Hey there. No plans for an HTML version right now, but never say never :)


What is the optimal image width for posting photographs?

Did you increase the image height setting as well? Otherwise it will use that figure to keep the image proportions in check.

No. :)

My image size settings for large are:

Max width: 1280px Max height: 0px

Just looked at your site; 1280px wide images galore :) Seems you got it then?

<a href="" rel="lightbox[shoes]"><img src="" alt="It's all about the shoes" width="1000" height="666" class="alignnone size-large wp-image-388" /></a>

The image is 1280px wide, but displayed 1000px wide. No way you’re seeing it at 1280px wide? :)

Aaah, no new thread please :) Let’s keep it in one or just email me. We offer support via email anyway.

But to answer you; the actual content width has a limit, of course. The content isn’t full width like the background, otherwise post text and other content would run from browser edge to browser edge, and that’s no good :) If you want to increase it though, then that’s super easy; just have to make a quick edit in style.css. Shoot me an email if that’s what you were after all along :)

Love your minimal approach on your themes. Wish you many good customers.

Words highly appreciated; thanks mate :)

Is it possible to change the text in the upper-left corner to a image logo of some sort?

Absolutely. The WordPress logo uploader is enabled; just can upload your logo with just a few clicks of the mouse :)

I wanna purchase but just wondered if there was an easy way to make the homepage infinite scroll? Other than that I dig the layout

Hey, glad you like it.

No easy way probably for infinite scroll when starting from scratch, but maybe some plugin could do that for you (I haven’t tested any though). Or perhaps someone over at can take it on for cheaps.


Congrats! Your theme really stands out!

1. I would like to know if there is a chance of having a normal menu, without the “pop-up”. Would be great to have an open menu by default, instead of the social bar on the right.

2. Can I insert videos, gallery and text in one post?

3. Do you have full-width sections for post/pages as a shortcode?

Thanks best regards

Correct. The icons on the top-right corner will simply be replaced with text.

Sounds like music:-) Thanks for your quick response!

Sure thing mate :) When you decide to purchase, just shoot me an email through my TF profile and we’ll have that menu customization done for you.


Hey, any plans to integrate a newsletter widget. One that is built in and css’d to look good with your theme? That would definitely make it for me. :)

There are plenty of plugins out there that can provide that functionality; to make it fit in, it’s just a matter of styling a form.

Very nice theme. Good luck with your sales :)

Can I add text items to the upper right menu? Mix them with the social icons?

Font customization?

Custom front page with static posts that I choose?


Big breath…

Font editing in stylesheet.

The icon menu uses the FontAwesome icon set. It has over 350 icons to choose from. If that’s not enough though and you want to use another icon set then you’d have to integrate it on your own.

The widgets can be set to appear in the footer (1-3 columns).

As for static pages as you describe them, if I’m understanding you right, sounds like your needs go beyond the default capabilities. Best way to find out though is to make yourself a WP installation and play around with the default theme that comes with it; anything you can do there, you can do in Behemoth.

..and exhale!

And cheers for the kind words, always nice to hear :)

OK, thanks for the quick reply.

Sure thing.

This is a great looking theme,

Going to buy it now… have not decided what site to make with this yet!!

But I need this in my life :)

Now that’s praise :D Many thanks mate.

Thanks for the reply, I decided to use the theme for my own photography website Also just about to download the new update Thanks James

Looks good mate :) Loving what you’ve done with the main menu.

what a beauty! bravo!

Could you give me a quick rundown on how to change title fonts?

Sure. Shoot me an email through my TF profile and I’ll walk you through it.