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Hi -

Very nice theme! Quick questions – 1) is it possible to change the entire site to a lighter tone? say white base. 2) what does it look like to have a post with photo slides?


Hey there, glad you like it :)

1) By default there are “Light” and “Lighter” background options for posts and pages. To have the default alternating dark tones swapped with light ones though would require some effort.

2) Depends on what kind of a slider you use.


Awesome theme and great support! I highly recommend.

Cheers mate :)

Could you show the light/lighter background screenshots?

It takes work to build a theme I’m sure, but it takes real guts to turn around and invest that time and work into really thinking ahead and trying to put some vision into it like this theme. Buying it is one thing (which I have), but I’m going to really try to do it justice with the title we publish as well. Thanks.

Now those are some fightin’ words :) Thanks mate!

You’re welcome :) I can send you the final link to our site if you like when it’s ready. I only have one strange question… when I first played with the live preview version on my tablet, the posts would “shift” with my finger as I scrolled up and down. None of the posts were fixed. It was a beautiful effect. For some reason that is no longer the case both on the Behemoth preview and on my site. Do you know why that is and what setting I’d have to change? I haven’t changed anything on my tablet since I first started browsing so I am really confused. Cleared cache, everything. But it’s just gone now.

I have no clue what shifting feature you saw :) There was never anything that I’d call that implemented on the demo site. Maybe you mean the slight opacity change as you touch a post with a background image?

But do shoot me an email describing the shift thing a bit further. Sounds intriguing :)

Great looking theme. I have a few questions:

1) Can the main page not be the blog? I mean, can it serve as just a showcase page…”home page,” and the blog page look like a standard blog w/posts?

2) Can the buttons to view more comments lead you to view another page?

3) Can the icons in the drop down menu be changed?

4) Instead of text where it currently reads “BEHEMOTH” can you replace with a logo? If so, will it look sharp on mobile devices?

5) How large do background images have to be to display sharply?

6) Is it easy to make changes on the backend?

7) Do you have dummy files?

Sorry about all of the questions. Thanks in advanced.

Awesome, what about typography/fonts. Are they easily changeable? Typekit? Cheers

There’s no font selector in the backend if that’s what you mean. But adding new Gfonts is easy enough.

No worries, thanks

Hey, I love this theme. But I need to have social media share buttons on my site. Any ideas for integrating Like / Tweet / Reddit / G+ buttons with counts?

And do you have a format for posts with an image and a thumbnail on the home page?


We can change the slug for you. Just shoot an email through my profile after purchase.

Your posts will be there like they are now if you switch to any other theme.

I guess I was asking about what color the background of the posts will be.

The default alternating dark/darker.

Hello, awesome theme! Can you tell me how to show summaries on the front page instead of full blog posts.


Nevermind, I found it! More tag!

Just purchased this theme, it’s great! Quick question, I uploaded a logo but it seems to go to the top of the box. How can i center the logo vertically?

Glad you like it :)

I guess your logo dimensions is pretty tiny then? Do this:

- head to Appearance > Editor - in style.css, find .site-logo-image { - under it, increase the first and last figures in margin:5px 40px 0 5px;


Logo is tiny indeed. Worked, thanks! Another question… What if the social media icon or the menu icon i want to use isn’t available in Font-Awesome? Can I upload my own (preferably an SVG i guess so it can scale depending on the resolution/device)? And what is the recommended size for the icons to use?

Adding another icon set would take some doing. That would fall under paid customizations; shoot me an email thorugh my profile if you want to pursue it.

Hi, amazing theme! Really thinking about purchasing, but I just have one question first:

Is there any place to put ads in the theme? I image I could place one in the widgetized footer, but would it be possible to place one in the header or anywhere else?

Thanks! :)

Hey mate, thanks for the kind words :) It would be simple enough to create a nice space between the header and first post for an ad (it can be visible on individual pages as well then, not just the front page). It’s the kind of quick change I’d be happy to do; just shoot me an email after purchase.


Great, thanks! Is it also possible to make the widgetized footer show on all pages (not just the front page)?

Yeah, that’s simple. Just contact me after purchase and I’ll do these 2 things as freebies.

Hey there! This is a REALLY great theme, exactly what I’m looking for. One pre-purchase question: Can the “primary” navigation be disabled and the “secondary” navigation used instead (for say, links like ‘about’, ‘contact’, etc vs. social profiles)? Love everything else about the theme but don’t really need the functionality of the “primary” nav.


Thanks for the kind words mate :)

Disabling the main menu isn’t a problem. That can be done as a quick n’ free post-purchase customization. But scrapping the icon menu on the right entirely and turning it into a text-based one instead would take more effort; so that would have to be a little paid customization.

Thanks for the quick reply! And okay, I understand – it’s not a deal-breaker for me, anyway, just a ‘would-be-nice’ thing.

Also, any plans to make the nav sticky in the future? :)

No plans, but it’s an easy enough of a customization.

Fantastic theme! Very colourful yet minimalistic, great typography and some rather snazzy and useful features. Worth every cent and the exact thing I was searching for to jazz up my gaming blog :)

Praise. I revel in it! :D Thanks mate.

Absolutely first rate eBayer (All joking aside: great theme, great and fast support. Recommended!)

Thanks for the kind words! :)

Is this theme SEO Optimize? which so much important to have it.

Hey mate. No special effort went into SEO optimization, but needless to say it’s nice and clean code. If you want to go nuts on the optimization, there are a ton of (free and paid) plugins out there that can do this for you :)


I’m interested in buying this theme, however I have a few questions. First off, when setting this theme up as s static front page and then blog as secondary page, do you have any preview as to what a static page could or would look like?



One additional question, if I set a featured image it displays it on the site, but when I click ‘view full post’ I don’t want that same image to be on the background of the post. Is there a way to change that or prevent the image from being the background of the post, but still the featured image on the front preview?

That is certainly possible, though is falls under paid customizations. Shoot me an email if you want to pursue it.

I purchased this theme a few weeks ago and love it, thanks! Is there any chance you could install bbpress plugin and check your theme? There are a few minor styling errors that prevent bbpress from working correctly. For instance, the forum topic names do not appear unless you mouse over them.

Hey mate, that’s because Behemoth’s white links and titles are placed on bbpress’s white backgrounds. But there’s a quick enough of a workaround; I just played around with bbpress a bit,and all you need to do is add this to Behemoth’s style.css:

.bbp-forum-title, .bbp-forum-freshness a, .bbp-topic-freshness-author a, .bbp-topic-permalink, .bbp-author-name, .bbp-topic-freshness a, .subscription-toggle, .favorite-toggle { color:#888 !important }

That will make titles and some other things that were light on bbpress nice and readable. You can change the #888 color code to play around with the color as well.

Cheers mate.

Thanks! I’ll try this out.

Love this!

Is it possible to lock the header/navigation to the top of the browser so you don’t have to scroll all the way to the top of the page to click?

Hey there, glad you like it :)

Yeah, I can do that as a quick post-purchase customization for you, on the house. Just shoot me an email through my profile after purchasing and I’ll get on it.


awesome theme !

You mean you’d like to make the header bar scroll with the page? If so, shoot me an email through my profile, include some logins and I’ll jump and do this for you.


Ah, cool, don’t worry, it’s not so urgent, if you don’t mind i will bug you these days then.. Until then there are some things that bother me: 1. I see the contact is taken care of within the theme so i disabled contact form 7 and the captcha plugin but i see there’s no spam check.. meh.. 2. cannot figure out why it won’t display font awesome icons in the menu like but only as icon-facebook .. 3. i see w3 total cache auto minifying fails so the menu breaks. i will have to tune that by manual mode, i hope i will get it right.

The contact form has just the basics, yeah, like seen on the demo site.

As for the icon, Font Awesome released its 4.0 update to its icon set a few days ago. The “facebook-square” icon is a new one; I’ll be releasing an update for Behemoth with the new icon set included probably tomorrow or the next day. I’ll have to update the documentation too as they’ve went from “icon-facebook” to “fa-facebook” etc.

If you have more questions, shoot them to my email please. A support forum this is not :) We answer support questions via email.

Cheers mate.

I really like the theme. I am having trouble viewing the image of the infobox on my mobile phone. I tested it on my SGIII and when I hold the phone vertically the image doesn’t appear only the text, but when I hold the phone horizontally the image appears. Is there anything that can be done for the image to appear when holding phone vertically?

Hey there. The decision to hide the image in that particular shortcode on the smallest resolutions was made so the text could take priority. I may well put out an update though that would place the image above the text on narrow mobile screens for example.

And thanks for the kind words :)

Hello, awesome theme. can’t wait to download and start messing. I have one concern :o my logo (it’s 2 parts so it will work I think) but the text is quite long is that space easily adaptable?

I can probably figure that out, but I was wandering if I wanted to make my own icons rather then use font awesome is that possible?

thanks in advance

Hey James, glad you like it :)

Yes, the logo area’s width will expand depending in what you place in it.

And if you know how WordPress works under the hood as well as CSS then you can do anything. Nothing in the theme outright prohibits you from making any changes.


Do you have a plan to make this theme’s tumblr ver?

Nope, no Tumblr version planned I’m afraid.