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envato alerted me that there is an update , can you please advise as to what the what the update entails? i have Belega installed on my server . how do i update it? do i have to delete it and re-install again?

Hi, yeah sure, the update fixed a small bug of CKeditor, before, if you change the images size of the template, only change the inline css style for the image( width:px;height:px), and will delete the ATTR width and height value, now fix it, what you should do is to upload the [ digith_template_builder ] folder onto your server to cover your current file, that’s all, [ html ] folder no need to change. best regards!

HI I purchased this template, i use Italian Language. I try tu use <meta charset=”iso-8859-2”> but i can’t see italian accent and special char. There is a way to have corect iso for italian? Bye Alex

Hi, the builder use utf-8, it should show italian language ok, and the CKeditor include it.js, can edit italian language well, i am not sure about your problem, there is a way to change the format to iso-8859-2:

1. Download the file first, click download button on the left sidebar-choose version-click download button to get your file

2. Use some editor (e.g. dreamweaver, notepad++ to change the format)

3. Edit the content

Please try, if still has problem, never hesitate to letter me , i will help you, good luck!

I am thinking about purchasing this template, curious about 1 thing. Are the “Read More” buttons editable to make them say other things?


I have two questions:

Am i allowed to modify the builder code? I wont redistribute it, i just want to make some changes.

When i buy more templates from you, can i use them in one builder installation or do i have to make an own installation for every template?

Kind Regards

I just bought this template but can’t download. When i tried to download it failed after sometime.

Please help to add Google Font. I would like to use Roboto font, but cannot find the way to do. Thank you!

Hi Digith, I sent the question 8 days ago! But i don’t have any support!

Hi Digith! How to send email when design finish template ?

How is it possible to add some own modules? We miss some important ones and want add it byself. Please let me know ASAP, thx.

Hello is this item still alive? Looks like your builder is down!

Can I use this template in Mandrill ?