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lpenah Purchased

Sorry but I have problems with banner. When I select “Choose Image” nothing happen. Recently I sent a ticket for another problem, last Monday but I still waiting. Can you help me please. I need solve this issue, I can’t work. Thanks.

hello, what a beautiful design. I was wondering does your theme have tools to subscribe an email ? thanks

Hello yaski,

Thanks. I am pretty sure you can install a 3rd party newsletter plugin. The theme is compatible with most of them. Just write a support ticket if you need any help with that.


shinds Purchased

the theme does look great but between the theme has some serious bugs that has yet been address the banner is one of the big problems or better yet the lack of control you have for it. even if you follow there instruction which appears to be well documented the theme WILL NOT WORK. and the customer support is NO HELP AT ALL

We have replied to your support ticket by asking a temporary admin account so we could log in and investigate the issue. Also, we have kindly requested to renew your support subscription as the rules require so. The theme works fine. Just let us help you.

We just realized that the interior pages on a site we created with your theme shows the main page title as a h3 tag under the class of “post-title”.

<h3 class="post-title">About Pewaukee Veterinary Service</h3>

Is there a way to get those changed to h1’s?

It looks like my theme support has ended for your theme but I’m happy to extend it if you can help me with this issue.

Thanks! -CT

Hi, you will need to manually edit the theme files and change the h3 to h1 and upload the edited files under a child-theme.

Here’s a screenshot of single-content.php file you need to edit:

If you still need help open up a private ticket at

Thank you very much!

Is it compatible to WordPress 4.7+ ?


wdub28 Purchased

I purchased this back in 2014 for a client and it’s always run extremely slow. I thought it was server issues, and also other elements loading, but after testing and doing other recommended optimization tactics, it turns out a lot of js errors. All elements and pages work and the c panel is great, however the load time is so slow, even after cleaning files, pages, etc., that it’s detouring people from the site. I’m wondering, besides the obvious techniques, are there any recommendations you can provide for helping with the load time and js errors being generated with this theme? Has this been a recurring complaint or issue with this specific theme? Thanks!

Hi, I have a problem I update wordpress to 4.7.3 and the slider doesn’t load. Can you help me please? I noted that the latest update of theme is 15 september 2015. Could be a problem of the update of the theme? Regards Tania

Hi, any news about this problem? Best regards Tania