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WOW, this theme is DOPE!! I really like the possibilities this theme offers. A few questions that I believe is the case, but would like confirmed.
1] can each Page and / or Post have it’s OWN Full Screen slider / or Static Background Image?
2] Can each Page / Post have a different “Header” Color?
3] Any chance you can add some screenshots of the Themes Options Layout Builder
Excellent Theme, Good Luck with the sales

Hi, kaledonder! The theme is Template based so you can create numerous templates with different header colors or slideshows and assign them for a page or post. Here’s a link to the documentation file so you can see how this is done

Very nice =) Good luck with sales

Thx, StephanieHider

Awesome..congrat :D ..

Nice work. Congrats ;)

Looks fantastic, congrats :)

Appreciate, thank you @Bedros

Great theme! Thank you so much, man!

Thank you :) You’re welcome

Hi! Great theme! One question: there is a Romanian translation for it? Thank you. Multumesc.

Hi, there is no translation, there is only the .po file that allows you to translate the theme in any language you want.


I LUV your talents and designs skills!! GRT sites in every way and think this my Fav! One thing, is there Any way if I purchase I could convert the menu into a Smooth Drop down style (iphone big deal for me) and not the ‘Pop out bar’ that is in your gorgeous themes (on mobile view) Let me know and Congrats on AMAZING theme again (and it has drag and drop even?! -Sterling

Hi. thank you for your feedback. The feature you want will require changing the default mark up/style, is it’s not the way you want it.

So could the mobile menu be made a Smooth Dropdown for mobile? You have such a Gorgeous theme, that would make it Perfect!! Do you have email I could discuss about? THNKS

One other thing, is this compatible with woocommerce plugin (so can sell a few products, and is the best looking ecommerce plugin so would flow grt with your beautiful site!) THNKS

To be honest, we haven’t tested it on this compatibility, might need some tweaks, or could be some conflicts.

< Here comes another beautiful theme from CosmoThemes..

“Very motivating” design this time..


Good luck with sales!

Thank you @candeed :)

Enjoying the theme just have one question the menu that references the main menu is actually listing my blog category titles. any ideas? Thanks


Hi, check this screen please:

hope it will help you

Thank you

Thanks a lot. I totally missed the additional menu selector. On last question. For the Sermons and Members sections I seem to be missing a piece that can link them to the page when it’s displayed. I have the stock content still, but when I click on Sermons or the Members no content displays. Thanks again for the reply and I am sorry for keep asking questions.

Think I figured it out. Needed a bit more due diligence. Thanks again.

Great theme! One problem though… when I create a post under the “Event” custom post type, the post wont show and i see the 404 error page… any solutions?


btw, this theme is amazing. thank you again for such a great product. loving it.

You are welcome. Your appreciation means a lot for us!

Hello, thank you for the amazing work on this theme, I have a question, I can’t find out how I can get one or more Event category to show up in a side bar? I would like to get it to work but did not find the event category widget!

let me know if there is a way, And again many thank’s for the theme, not only it look very nice, it has a lot of features…

Hi, unfortunately we do not have such an widget at the moment. But we will try to add it in a future release.

Thank you for the suggestion.

Thank you for the reply, if you do add this, it would be very powerfull to add not only all categories, but also, some or just one…

and the same goes for testimonials, if they had a category, and a widget, articles or page on a minister, could have all the events of that minister on the side bar, and all the event could have the right testimonial on they side bar…

The theme is allready very very versatile like it is, but this would give it more power…

Thank you again for all the work you have put into it.

There is a new update that has a new widget that allows to list the latest, posts or events from certain categories.

Try it and let us know what you think.

right now I don’t think… I am greatfull for the Belief custom post widget…


will be back when I can think again

Totally love this theme, but am struggling with making a video post on the homepage look the same as in your demo. I’ve set it as videopost, assigned the post in the template, but there is a difference. Either I get a very large video with text beneath when I choose the “yes” radio button “display featured image inside the post”, or I choose “no” and have to use an iframe to display the video + the meta and like options are at the top instead of on the bottom. Using a 2 column / 1 row table messes with responsive layout, it creates scroll bars on phones and portrait tablets. What am I missing?


One other question. Would it be possible to automatically show the events sorted by date, instead of when the event is posted?

Thanks in advance

Regarding social sharing options for posts, where should I see what?

Hi, about the video post we are using list view for a video post. YOu can see what settings we have: You can assign a category or a tag to the post you are interested to be able to retrieve only that post.

At the moment it is not possible to sort the events as you requested, but we will add such a possibility. Thanks for suggestion.

If social sharing is enabled you will see the buttons bellow the content on single page:

But make sure that the global setting is enabled :

P.S. sorry for the delay.

Is there anyway to turn of the comments on normal pages?


First off, great theme! Hate to do this but after searching for the past 10-15 minutes I for the life of me cannot figure out how to make the logo bigger. I typically go in and edit the CSS but this is a little over my head the way it’s set up.

Is there a tutorial that would basically show how to setup my site with the demo you have? That is exactly how I would like to use the theme.

Thank you!!!

HI, for the logo you may want to use more columns for the logo if you need more space for it. Do that for all your templates – you may want to use more columns for the logo if you need more space for it. Do that for all your templates

If you want to have your site exactly as the demo then look for ‘XML + import’ folder in the downloaded files and inside you’ll find a file 00_instruction.txt

Read the instructions from that file how to import dummy content and settings. This will e a good starting point for you.

Thank you.

thank you! I will try that.

Ok all I can say is this is probably one of the easiest themes I’ve had to setup. By using your dummy content I was able to piece everything together just like the demo and our team was very happy with it.

Still sorting through little things, but overall you guys have done an amazing job with this! I’m sure I will be posting a few requests once I get a little deeper into the development.

Thanks again!

Do you have sample of people who have used this?

Hi. Unfortunately, don’t have any links. You could ask them on our forum to reveal their work :)