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I just wanted to know if your theme comes with a 1 click install that creates the sample pages and content like your demo?


we are sorry for the delay, just came back from our vacation!

Our theme comes with the demo contents and settings. It’s not one-click, there are few clicks more :) Cheers!

I didn’t see WP 3.6 in the software version. Any issues with Wordpress 3.6?

Thanks Mike

Hi Mike! We forget to check it. Our theme is compatible with WP3.6 . Cheers!

anyone know how to create the space on frontpage between the bottom of header and main content so that the background image can be seen? Thx Mike

Hi mike,

try to add a slideshow in Template’s header


Hi, am about to purchase this theme – does your theme have portfolio function to display church event pictures and videos in a filterable columns, with a picture slider, and video in lightbox?

Hi, nope – unfortunately no portofolios, unless you want to use simple posts. No filterable videos or in lightbox. Basically you can see all it’s options in the demo site. Cheers!

I’m receiving spam from the Contact form. Is there an option to a CAPTCHA to the form?


unfortunately not, please try to install a plugin that would give you contact forms with CAPTCHA. Cheers!

Great theme, I wanted to check if the Event feature have a full page calendar. So that active and future events can be browsed by date in the calendar. Thanks.


thank you for your kind words. Unfortunately, we do not have a calendar like that. The only calendar we have is just for displaying all posts, in archive pages. Or another widget that lists all events


Virusnac, THe even widget mentioned above is nice but I don’t see it in my widget area. Am I missing something?

It was one day, until now. We have some office-restructuring. I will try to keep up, hope you’ll get soon the answer.

Did not mean to imply was an issue. Was just curious. You have been super responsive and support has been great.


i absolutely love this theme (despite the fact that i can’t access the templates from my Mac) but i’m having trouble customizing the Contact Form. I could easily insert a contact form on my pages but where should the information go? How could I customize the information to go to my email?

Hello there!

We kindly ask you to use our Ticketing System for any of your questions. Just submit a request. It’s fast, free and it’s completely private (so you could send sensitive information too). Also, you can visit our forums too, maybe your question was already answered, or Tips&Tricks section! Thank you!

Its unfortunate that not all HTML files are included in this theme. Not even a contact.html !


here are the HTML files included: The contact form is added via shortcode, and is present in shcode.class.php file. Cheers!

Fantastic support ! :-) Thanks to cosmothemes and Nick !

Thank you Matt, I really do! Cheers!

We are enjoying the theme and looking forward to going live with it shortly. Are you guys behind on answering support questions? I submitted request #1382 five days ago (Search function not working) and it hasn’t been assigned to anyone yet.

I just jumped into it, sorry for the delay.

Thanks for the help. This issue is resolved.

Sorry – repeated question somehow…

Hi there,

I’m looking for the stylesheet to change the colour of the background on the pages themselves?

Can you give me a pointer?

Many thanks!



adding a color here and adding a CSS snippet in here like next:

will have these results:


I uploaded a PNG for the logo on my header… but it keeps loading with a white background. Any ideas?


maybe it’s just cache. Please clear all caches you have (browser/plugin/server/etc). If that will fail, please open a ticket at with a link to your site, and an admin account. thanks.

This was all me… my apologies for wasting your time. Thank you!

This is probably a moment of simply not seeing what’s in front of my face… but I can’t find where/how to change the map location under contacts. Would you mind giving me a quick heads-up? Thanks!!! Love the site!!!


thank you for the great feedback! We love when you love it! ;)

The map is a simple iFrame, taken from Google maps. You should just find your location, copy the iFrame provided by Google and paste it in the page’s content: and that’s it. It’s an WordPress feature, to support iFrames, by the way.


I knew it had to be something easy… I wasn’t entering the iFrame under “text” mode. Thank you!

Is there a way to edit the information on the Contact form?

If you mean to change all those words (name, email, etc) – you can do it by translating these strings, via the .po file, in “languages” directory. Thank you.

Thank you!

hello … I wonder if this theme supports woocommercer or other type of ecommerce, so I can make sales through the website. I wonder also has demo content for easy installation. thank you!


no, unfortunately Belief was not designed for WooCommerce, so it may have many unstyled things and faults. Yes, it has demo content and settings, to have our demo in 5 minutes. Cheers!

Hi there

I’ve submitted a ticket for this issue, but since I have yet to receive a solution, maybe someone else could help me.

I can easily insert a contact form on my pages however, I can’t customize where the information should go. Currently, the information is floating in cyber land and I can’t figure out how to change it. Could someone please help!

Please see this screenshot Cheers!

Love the theme only issue I am having with this is that the event categories, even when I add a new one will not allow me to add it to the menu so it will show as an events page. I submitted a ticket but haven’t received an answer yet. The church is loving it but we want to launch soon.

Going to your ticket right away. Sorry for the delayed response.


I’m an absolute Wordpress-Newbie. And my question is really basic. I bought the Belief Theme and after I install it it’s “naked”. I supposed that the layout would be similar to the Demo on the site. How do get a similar layout? Do I have to figure it out all by myself? Or is there a predefined css-sheet?

Best wishes Charismo

Hi Virusnac, I successfully imported it by reading the instruction. Now it looks very good. Thank you again.


Just one other question: Do I have the rights to use the photos in the demo? Especially the sunset-images look awesome. Can I use them?

Hi Charismo,

I think you’re good to go with those demo images ;) I’m glad you liked it!